Captain America red, white and blue interviews

Another exciting time of it. Many of us were able to watch the Richard Armitage interviews streaming live online and they are (or were) available for repeat viewing at the Marvel and Livestream sites. Others have posted the videos, but I like to close-caption and transcribe so I am joining the crowd! 🙂

First, here is a screencap of Richard Armitage wearing sunglasses. 😛 It’s a bit fuzzy but for good reason: he was shaking with laughter. Wow, he looked and sounded incredible. I hope this is the first of many Hollywood red carpet appearances.

bccmee screencap Richard Armitage red carpet

Here is one of the interviews. The transcript is provided by Karyn and is also on RichardArmitageNet.Com. A big thanks to her for her work and her permission to use this transcript! I will try to fill in any blanks, and your input is welcome. It’s difficult to hear with the background noise.

Edit: I still haven’t added closed-captioning to the top video as I’m awaiting input on the unintelligible parts.

Here is the transcript:

Marvel interview with Richard Armitage, Captain America premiere
19 July 2011

M: Hello hello.
RA: Did you want me to sit down?
M: Sure, if you’d like to, I know it’s a long march down that red carpet.
RA: I’d love to sit down…
RA: Ah, that feels good.
M: So, how are you feeling today?
RA: Fine thank you, it’s good to meet you.
M: Good to meet you as well. So what makes someone like you want to be part of a wonderful franchise like this?
RA: Well, you know, I didn’t grow up with comic books, but um, in more recent years I’ve seen most of the Marvel movies and it’s such an honour to be part of the franchise like this. Seeing what they’ve done with this particular story is really exciting, it feels like a (frantic period of WW2) as well. You know, they’ve got a really good mix of… um, action, and… (fantasy mixed in?).
M: You’re known to be a very, very detailed actor. What did you do to help prepare for this film (role?)
RA: I found a novel based on a, it was written by a German called Erich Gimpel. He was one of the last Nazi spies to come to America to try and sabotage the Manhattan project. Visually there was such a great photograph of him. Then we discussed details of him that we could bring to the character so it wasn’t just a part (inaudible). You know, even for myself on set…(inaudible) was happy to have something to really (inaudible).
M: That’s something the fans don’t know, that when you’re on set there’s actually a lot of time to sit around. How did being immersed in the period help you stay in character?
RA: Um… it’s really those things that you do when you’re preparing for the role to try and keep your head inside the world, you really do have to load yourself with all the information. When you’re on set waiting, it’s fine because I love watching the filming, the director (inaudible…) I mean, it’s part of the craft (inaudible).
M: Tell me a little bit about working with the director, Joe Johnston. He’s done so many amazing things (inaudible)
RA: Yeah. He is… he’s very, very detailed, he’s quite amazing because he doesn’t kind of shout, he doesn’t lose his temper, when he’s delivering his notes he’s very, very specific about what he wants, which I respond to (inaudible)
M: Well, thank you so much for talking to us, talking to the fans. Can we give a shout out to our fans?
RA: A shout out?
M: A shout out, yeah.
RA: What’s a shout out?
M: A shout out is when you say, “Hey, and you say your name, and then you say Marvel, your universe right to them because ‘cause they’re watching you live.
RA: Right. Hey. I’m Richard Armitage… Marvel at your universe.
M: Thank you so much, have a wonderful time tonight.
RA: You’re welcome, thank you very much. Bye!

Here’s the second video. It’s easier to understand and I have added the closed captioning. I opened with some music because there was a gentleman talking while RA was waiting in the background laughing and wearing his sunglasses. 🙂 There is some choppiness near the end of the video but that comes from the source.

Here’s the transcript:

Reporter: All right, we’re going to let Louie go and we’re going to speak  now to Richard Armitage who plays Heinz Kruger in the film.

RA: Hello, how are you?

Reporter: Oh my, look at you. You look so different!

RA: Nice to meet  you.

Reporter: All right, so Captain America: The First Avenger. What do you want people to know about this film?

RA: I want people to be inspired by an all-American hero. Something that we’ve grown up with as kids and see it in 3D full glory. Amazing technology happening. And a great performance by Chris Evans who I think is, you know, an inspiration and you want to be him.

Reporter: Amen, absolutely.  And a really nice guy. I spoke to …

RA: Yeah a really good guy. And really really did…really played that part. He did most of his own stunts. It’s astonishing. I saw him on top of a taxi that I was riding in…yeah, he’s a great guy.

Reporter: So I keep saying, “God bless America” although I am British and my family’s from the Middle East and I have people all over Europe.  So this isn’t just an American film.  As someone  who’s British I take it, talk to me a bit about that and the international appeal of Captain America.

RA: Well it did surprise me that it was being shot in the UK because I would’ve imagined that this type of film would be shot here, but I’m really honored to have been part of it. It was probably a 50/50 mix of Americans and British people. And I think that we grew up with much less aspirational comic books than Marvel comics. They were there but we didn’t have them so I think there’s a real discovery happening in England and in Europe with Marvel movies.

Reporter: Some major super-hero films to watch right now. All right. Mr. Armitage, we have now passed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge getting married. England has a huge thing coming up in a year.  Have you purchased your Olympic tickets? Will you? And what do you think about what’s about to go down in the United Kingdom?

RA: I do think it’s great for London. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be there. I’m going to be on the other side of the …. The city is being transformed so it’s very very exciting.

Reporter: Thank you so much for your time.

RA: You’re welcome.

Reporter: Congratulations on everything.

RA: Nice to meet you.

Reporter: Thank you.

RA: Thanks for having me.

Reporter: All right, we’re going to now take a look at the carpet, see who we have next. I see the director down the way.

By the way, I tweeted the reporter a question for Richard Armitage. She read my question on film but did not ask him the question, LOL! I don’t mind, but I wish she asked something more interesting than that question about the Olympics.

Here’s the sound clip of the reporter reading my question:

Here’s the direct link in case the Sound Cloud player doesn’t work:

And here’s a transcript of what the reporter is saying.

Reporter: All right taking a look now at some of our twitter questions.  Bccmee wanted to know what British actor Richard Armitage, uh, how he’s going to celebrate his birthday next month.  I love the question. If I get  him back again I’ll be sure to ask him. You should know that he will not be attending the Olympics. He will be in New Zealand shooting.  And now I’m looking forward to more questions. Please feel free to hook me up. We’re looking forward to everything everybody has to say.  I love these questions. They’re rather amazing.

What will surprise us next? 🙂 Perhaps some more red carpet interviews will emerge too…fingers crossed!

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52 Responses to Captain America red, white and blue interviews

  1. RAFrenzy says:

    Now there’s what I’m talking about! 😀 Those videos look great and so does he of course!

  2. tyme4t says:

    I got all giddy when the AP interviewer read out your name & question – I was like “I KNOW HER…I KNOW BCCMEE!” 😎
    I missed the Marvel interview live so thanks again for sharing
    He looked so good & hot & HOT! Love the tie!
    I am planning to go see the movie on Tuesday (cheap nite – I’ll pay full price for The Hobbit since RA’ll be in it more 😉 ) The only problem is you can’t rewind the movie in the theatre….maybe I can storm the projection room and just keep replaying the RA bits…. 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      I’m bwahaha-ing with laughter, tyme4t! Totally brilliant thought re: storming the projection room. I’m going to probably have a flashback to your comment and laugh inappropriately during the movie. The teen boys will have to shush me! 😉

    • Oh tyme4t, if you do so, please let me know and I’ll fly there and help you storming the projection room 🙂
      I was also sequeeing when I heard very loud and clear the reporter spelling B C C M E E’s name LOL and your question! Pity that she didn´t get that on time, it would have been an improvement on the question about the olympics 😉

    • Christianne Bailey says:

      I’m sure somebody could write us some software that we could use to hack into the cinema’s computer system to put all RA scenes on a loop 🙂

  3. I will be devouring these vids once I get home. So excited for him!

  4. RAFrenzy says:

    I actually squealed when the interviewer said your name. My family came in from the other room to see what was wrong with me. LOL!

    • bccmee says:

      I saw you and the others tweeting about the question, but I didn’t hear it till I was trying to get the best quality video gathered together for upload. LOL that you squealed! Hahah, wish I could’ve heard that!

      • pv says:

        we all squeeled :D, everyone in the chat room and also on twitter. Its our bccmee!! 😀 I wish she had asked that question, his answer would have been priceless!! 😀

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  6. Traxy says:

    Don’t have headphones at work, but I read the transcripts (thank you for adding those!). Can’t wait to hear it all too. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  7. Christianne Bailey says:

    Thanks for sharing these. Brought some sunshine in what was starting out as a rather (emotionally) glum day 🙂

  8. grendel's mum says:

    Thanks so much for the videos and the transcripts! Very much appreciated, as always!!

    • bccmee says:

      You’re very welcome, grendel’s mum! Could you please post the URL of your blog so I can pay you a visit?

      • grendel's mum says:

        Oh, here it is:
        Sorry, it’s all in Japanese, but comments in English are very welcome!(^o^)

      • grendel's mum says:

        Oh, here it is:
        Sorry, it’s all in Japanese, but comments in English are very welcome!(^o^)

        PS, On second thought, you may not be able to figure out where to put your name, LOL.
        The first box is for you name, the second is for your email address, which you can ignore, and the third says “URL” so no problem there, and the bottom box is for your comment. I removed a spam filter temporarily for you, because it required you to write an answer to the question I set in Japanese.

  9. AmeliaWatson says:

    Thank You so much for the transcripts and videos! =o)
    It would habe been GREAT if that reporter could have asked him your question!

  10. Musa says:

    Thank you so much for all Karyn and Bccmee! You’ve made my day.

    I could see him yesterday but couldn’t hear him on the Livestream, either from AP or Marvel, though I was glad I saw him LIVE! So thank you, now at last I know what he said.

    How great that they used your question B! Congrats!

    • bccmee says:

      Definitely huge *snaps* to Karyn! It would have taken me ages to try to decipher the interview with all the background noise. Thanks for your comment, Musa!

  11. Ana Cris says:

    What a party for all of us!
    Thank you, Bccmee. ;0)

  12. fabi says:

    Nice work as always, Bccmee. It’s so helpful for non-English speakers, like me. Thanks!

  13. Felicia says:

    He looks wonderful!

  14. Tedgirl says:

    Again, thank you for the vids & transcript! It’s also endearing to know RA’s got Japanese fans..

  15. Ania says:

    Many thanks! Bccmee you are a true treasure♥
    I admire Ra for this that he answered on questions with such calmness. He is really amazing guy.
    I’d love to hear RA, in answer to your question

  16. PoliCBA says:

    Ditto for everything ladies have already said. I so so much appreciate the transcript.

    Thank you so much, Bcc Mee! *HUGS*

  17. CDoart says:

    Thank you, Bccmee!!! You are absolutely wonderful. Time difference and a hard meeting plan today made it impossible to see him live, but your footage and the transcript are life saving ;o)
    I am sorry that the interviewer read your question after she had RA in front of her microphone. I would have liked to know that too, but am quite sure he would have given one of his very polite evasive answers ;o)

    • bccmee says:

      You’re right about his politeness, CDoart! I didn’t want to ask anything too personal, but I wanted to hurry my tweet. I sent it before her interview but he was one of the first down the red carpet so I’m sure there wasn’t time to read all the questions submitted. 🙂

  18. Carolyn says:

    Thank you, Bcc Mee! I knew you would come thru with some great videos and transcripts. Thank you for the pic of him laughing! Laughed out loud when the reporter mentioned your name! He looks amazing!

    • bccmee says:

      Haha, I was a bit astonished when I saw people tweeting that they heard my question asked. I didn’t hear it live, but obviously I caught it later in the rebroadcast. 🙂

      I love to see him laugh too. ♥

  19. Lady Rose says:

    Yeeeee! Thank you so much Bccmee! I am so excited right now. Haha!

  20. pv says:

    Fantastic work! Bccmee, as always! you are awesome! Love how diligent you are. I must say i am so happy to get to know you all a bit thru RA, i was thinking last night, how much fun it has been in this very short time for me. Its been a while i have laughed so much, discussed, with earnestness, about something so much. Took part in every kind of fun poll there is on twitter or your blogs, its just been loads of fun. So Thank you, all of you for it.

    you guys rock!!

    • bccmee says:

      The “little community” is a fun group, and overall very welcoming, pv. I enjoy interacting very much, although sometimes I don’t have enough time, LOL!

      I really appreciate all your participation! *HUGS*

  21. IngeD3 says:

    Excellent work, as always Bccmee!!
    Your transcripts are brilliant – Even if I’d understood what he said, I would have been too busy staring at how gorgeous he looked. This beautiful man has such incredible style – I’m impressed, every time!

  22. pv says:

    btw i love the pic of him having a laugh with his agent! adorable!

  23. Teuchter says:

    Thank you SO much, bccmee!! It was so hard to hear the dialogue when he was being interviewed for Marvel that it was a treat to read the transcripts. Didn’t he look Marvel-ous?? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) It’s just a pity that the interviewer from Livestream had such poor questions and comments. She asked him nothing pertinent to his role as Heinz Kruger and although the former US Deputy Secretary of State has the SAME name with the SAME pronunciation she still got it wrong!! Anyway, I thought he looked stunning in that great suit – and those shoes!!! I’m guessing Italian but I may be wrong. 😉

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