Richard Armitage Hobbit Interview

Below is the Richard Armitage Hobbit interview and transcription

Thanks for all your support. Also, I appreciate the corrections and suggestions to improve the transcript.

transcribed, edited and uploaded by bccmee

Note: the transcription below will make it easier for you to translate this page. Google Translate is my favorite.

Announcer: Richard Armitage, Thorin

Announcer: Aidan Turner, Kili

Announcer: Rob Kazinsky, Fili

Reporter: Richard, we haven’t heard from you yet. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

Richard Armitage: Yeah I’m playing Thorin who is the leader of the dwarves, of this particular group of dwarves on this particular quest.

Reporter: Can you tell us about yourself?

Richard Armitage: Me as a person? Would you like to be a little more specific? I’ve got 40 years to talk about.

Reporter: Why do you think you’re suited to this role?

Richard Armitage: That’s a good question actually. That might be one for Peter, Fran and Philippa.

Reporter: Why do you want to play this role?

Richard Armitage: I just think it’s just a really amazing opportunity to take a character from a book that I was brought to as a child. I mean my first experience onstage was in a production of  The Hobbit.

Martin Freeman: Really?

Richard Armitage: At the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. And I played an elf. And Gollum was a little papier-mâché puppet with a man offstage on a microphone.

Off-camera: Michael Sheehan, then?

Richard Armitage: Yeah, his voice was not that much different.  So it’s kind of been in my childhood very prominently so to come to it as an adult, a middle-aged man, and have another look at it is a brilliant opportunity.

Reporter: Richard, you mentioned about papier-mâché Gollum. Are you looking forward to acting against green screens?

Richard Armitage: Yeah, I was in the mocap studio yesterday which is a first for me. I’ve  never quite understood the technogy behind it but it really does appear that it’s like being in Avatar the movie and I quite look forward to that. But also I think with this film in particular there’s enough creative genius in terms of the art department and the technological department but at the same time I think we’re going to get out there in nature and really experience this possibly more so than a purely technical film which is really exciting. It’s a good marriage of both I think.

Reporter: And you’re all going to be covered in prosthetics. Are you looking forward to that?

Richard Armitage: We don’t know yet actually.  It’s still up for grabs, hence the little bit of experimentation in the facial hair department.

McTavish: (off-camera) Yeah, we don’t all normally look like this.

54 Responses to Richard Armitage Hobbit Interview

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks much, B! I don’t know how you do it, but as always, you’re right on top of things. You keep me in the know, and I really appreciate it:)

  2. Mo says:

    meant to say hard work but you got the idea B! lol

  3. Katarina says:

    Great work as always B! I am amazed by yout talents!

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  5. Jonia says:

    Thank You Bccmee 🙂 For movie and description 🙂

  6. marie21 says:

    Hello! Although I’m a member of C19, I can’t post right now (problems with my computer, I think) but I’d like to thank you and all the people who have made it possible for me to see all the videos and pictures of RA and this conference!
    Thank you so much for the transcription of this interview. I had difficulty hearing all the questions of the journalists, even if I guessed what they were, thanks to RA and the other actors’answers. Thanks a million! Marie

  7. smitkit says:

    Thanks Bccmee, you’re a star for this!

  8. yoko says:

    Thanks bccmee! You really are a star!

  9. Mary says:


  10. Musa says:

    Thanks so much for this and for all your efforts and work so the rest of us can enjoy!

  11. khandy says:

    Thanks so much Ibeing deaf I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Wonderful to read the transcript

  12. Phylly3 says:

    Wonderful! Thanks so much! ❤

  13. Carolynd1 says:

    B, you are the best! Yeah, I think you are a fan of Richard’s. LOL

  14. ‘middle aged man’ No you’re not Richard! Don’t say that, it kills fantasies and I like my fantasies!!

    Thanks for finding all this B,I’m slowly working my way through it all.

  15. Jane says:

    Thanks for making this available (again)!

  16. Jacqui says:

    Thanks Bccmee!

  17. Deb says:

    Thank you so much, Bccmee!

  18. Traxy says:

    Ohh so THAT was what the question was! Cheers! 🙂

  19. Kimmy says:

    Well done, B! You are SO a fan of RA, just like the rest of us!

  20. OneMoreLurker says:

    Thank you for re-uploading this vid.

    OML 😀

  21. Teuchter says:

    That was brilliant to have the transcription along with the video. Thank you so much for doing this for us. It was a pity that they didn’t film his “testosterone charge lope” and focused on Martin Freeman instead so that we only say him arriving at the table to sit down 😦

  22. Phylly3 says:

    @Teuchter — I agree! I love to see his walk.

  23. Tedgirl says:

    Thank you so much for RA’s part of the interview. It bored me watching the others who I think just gabble, gabble unless asked with specific questions. RA’s answers were sharp and detailed with his vintage voice’s inflection as if reading book audios/ads.

    The transcription made it more worthwhile cause some of the words (press)were quite inaudible at times.

  24. MillyMe says:

    Thanks for being so quick off the mark and securing this for us. I became quite desperate once I understood that the original Youtube video was no longer available.

    Richard is looking good, rested and healthy and I like the beard. I thought his performance hit just the right notes, no grabbing of the limelight, sitting back and letting the others have their say and then answering questions eloquently in that deliciously deep voice.

  25. trbabe says:

    That voice those eyes and the way he speaks with such intelligence and knowledge! Always a delight to get these real glimpses of the real Richard. Thanks Bccmee. xxxx

  26. Ann Marie says:

    Reading the transcript make sense of what was unintelligible questions from the reporters. Thank you so much for making this available. He comes across, once again, intelligent and with humor.

    Love the new banner!

  27. Summer says:

    Thanks so much for everything! You really made The Hobbit Press Conference very special..unforgettable!

  28. mulubinba says:

    Glad I’ve finally found this website!! Thanks so much for this excerpt and the transcript 🙂

  29. Karen7 says:

    HI! Loved the transcript and your edited video.

    However, I think you have one small error, due to a strong accent.
    The voice off camera didn’t say”Michael Sheehan”.
    He said “much the same, then” to which Richard laughingly replies “Yeah, not that much different.” It’s fast, accented and they’re messing about, so… thanks again!

    • bccmee says:

      @Karen7: Thanks for your help. That correction sounds right! I have changed the transcript accordingly.

      • Karen7 says:

        Glad to be of service! (Yup, just like the “self-satisfied” doors, in Hitchhickers Guide to the Galazy.) 😉
        Thanks again for editing & posting both the video and transcript. You’re awesome!!!

  30. Amandajane says:

    Thanks for doing this B *hugs *

  31. Myra says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!! I have been trawling for it for hours, and here it is. (The official press conference released in the US is so boring). Sorry, but I’m not interested in any of the other actors. Ditto Anne Marie on her comments.

  32. Myra says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!! I have been trawling for it for hours, and here it is. (The official press conference released in the US is so boring). Sorry, but I’m not interested in any of the other actors. He certainly is modest, sharp, witty, and gorgeous, isn’t he?

  33. Amelia says:

    I heartily second all the thanks offered above. (Why was it removed, I wonder?) I was impressed with Richard, as usual. Some of the others were so eager to hog the limelight and make an impression, (not always favourable, I might add), but the quiet man waited to be asked before making one. When he finally opened his mouth, something meaningful was said – and said gently and beautifully. I will never tire of listening to that dark and honeyed voice. I felt the impression he made was quite startling and very positive. The reporters lost a great opportunity to coax him into further insightful comments that would have greatly enhanced an otherwise rather mundane press conference. Plenty of ego on show – but, as ever, none emanating from him! I really like that aspect of his personality. Love the beard! It really suits him!

  34. Michele says:

    First time on your site – AWESOME!! – I’m a HUGE RA fan (isn’t every woman???)and this video is great, and then you gave the transcription. Priceless! Panicked when Youtube took it off, so thank you, thank you, thank you. You are amazing to have done all of this. Will visit your site more often. Cheers!!

  35. Shanna says:

    Love this! Thanks for making it available. Is it just me or does the beard make him look so much like Gerard Butler? Not that there is any comparison beyond that but I’m just asking. The sexiest thing about RA is his intelligence and providing the transcript was brilliant. Thanks again.

  36. IngeD3 says:

    Thank you so much for this!
    As many others have said, I could listen to that voice for hours…
    I do think the reporters missed a real opportunity to actually ask some more insightful questions than: “Why do you think you’re suited to play Thorin?”
    I, for one, would have loved to hear about his audition for the role and about how he’s preparing for it. He was reading Frederick Forsyth and John Le Carré as reasearch for Lucas North, so what’s he reading now?
    Thanks again!

  37. Sandra E. Glasgow says:

    so very glad i found this site…thank you, thank you for letting us see RA’s part of the interview…his voice, his eyes, his intensity leave me weak….more, please!

  38. Pamela says:

    Thank you so much for this. Richard looked & sounded magnificent. His reticence & lack of pretentiousnes really resonated with me. He is definitely unique in this industry.

  39. bccmee says:

    Thank you to all for your kind comments and continued support. I’m so delighted the video was returned to YouTube. Richard Armitage definitely needs to be seen and heard!

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  42. I am fascinated with how you create the art here. As I am new to Richard Armitage (apologies to all these fans!), I’m exploring with very naive eyes and attitudes. Would love to know more about what prompted your blog. I also really enjoy reading about your technique–how your transform the pictures–although I don’t understand much in detail. I’ll say one thing, RA is enjoyable to look at!!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “My cat owns me, my clutter stymies me, my writing frees me. Word maven loves—and learns from—ordinary life.”

  43. mariana says:

    Thank you so much for the transcription of this interview and for the video! I agree with you, “Richard Armitage definitely needs to be seen and heard!”. He is a great actor.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I have heard in other forums people talk about Richards voice being “put on: for the role and in this interview. It makes me wonder how many times they have actually listened to his voice. There is nothing put on by this actor. Peter Jackson knows talent when he sees it. For six years i have watched his career and have seen everything except :”Between the Sheets”. What is most difficult is having to wait another eight months to see him in this film. He is a real treasure.

  45. Mariana says:

    Yes, I agree with you, Richard Armitage have a real, great talent! Yes, “he is a real treasure”!

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  47. Annie says:

    Thank you for such a laid back interview with a wonderful charismatic man. I could listen to his voice for ever! You are not middle aged Richard..relatively young I would say, totally gorgeous and very talented.:) I have had a” Richard Armitage “week and enjoyed watching many of the things you have done. I am now looking forward to future activities. I don’t know how long I have to wait to see the next film as I don’t live in the UK but it will be worth the wait to see him on the big screen. Richard Armitage is indeed a treasure and as such a man to always be valued!

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