Monday, Monday – Tanni Tani

Hello again! Hope you had another great week and weekend. Things have been super busy for me but I do anticipate another collaborative challenge for the month of August.

Today I’d like to feature a wonderful graphic artist, Flash animator and game designer. I have long been an admirer of Tanni Tani. She is very modest and a great example of a Richard Armitage fan. After much cajoling, she agreed to allow me to feature her wonderful creations.

Here is a biography of Tanni Tani:

Tanni lives in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine and works as an advertising manager. Among her duties, she writes text for the labels on gum and candy. Tanni jokes that everyone must notice this beautifully written content. 😉 While she is not sure anyone actually reads her work, it is a way to earn a living. Tanni wishes to find a more interesting job someday.

She has loved to draw since childhood and currently enjoys making fan art featuring Richard. While Richard Armitage is virtually unknown in Ukraine, it is Tanni’s hope that this will change after The Hobbit appears on the big screen in a few months. Tanni knows a little Photoshop and is currently teaching herself Flash. Many of her Flash activities are very playful and fun, such as the Shave Richard game. 🙂 Clearly, Richard Armitage is very inspirational!

Tanni’s favorite role of Richard is Lucas North. Although she has never visited the country, she likes the art and culture of Great Britain. One of her dreams is to travel there someday.

# # #

Good luck on your wishes and dreams, Tanni! I certainly trust that with your talent and enthusiasm, you will achieve your heart’s desires.   🙂

During one of our collaborative projects, I designed a flash banner of John Thornton. Tanni posted a comment with her updated version that had me howling with laughter! You can click the text links below to compare and contrast.

bccmee’s version

Tanni’s version

Below are a couple of my favorite Tanni Tani creations. Please keep in mind that they are robust Flash animations and could take awhile to load. They are worth the wait! As you may already know, Flash will not work on iPads, iPods or iPhones. Please click the image or text links.

Tanni’s shave Richard game

Tanni’s animated Hobbit wallpaper

Now here’s the link to Tanni’s website featuring several of her wallpapers, games and flash animations: Tanni’s Richard Armitage graphic art. It’s a veritable RA playground! What are your favorites?

Thanks so much to all of you for your ongoing support and I’ll see you in a few days!  😀

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Richard Armitage’s Housework Helpers

From bccmee: Greetings, all! Hope you had a lovely week and weekend. Today we have a guest blogpost from our friend beengizzied. Thank you very much, beengizzied.

Richard Armitage’s Housework Helpers

Laundry Add Thorin to Spin Cycle

Grocery Shopping See How John Measures up in the Supermarket

Ironing Let Guy Bring the Heat

Cooking Harry Has Lots of Recipe Books

Washing Up Dr. Track Will Snap on His Rubber Gloves

Toilet Cleaning Epiphanes Comes With His Own Toilet Brush

Decluttering Lucas Has Storage Solutions

Bed Making Paul Will Smooth Your Rumples

From bccmee again: Massive thanks to beengizzied for her guest post! Here’s a question for all of you: What are some other household chores that Richard Armitage characters can do for you?

P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, please be sure to check out Peter Jackson’s video blog #8 on facebook!

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Comic-Con whirlwind

Yesterday was very busy for the Richard Armitage community with the appearance of cast members from The Hobbit at the San Diego Comic-Con. Were you surprised he kept the beard?

Richard Armitage – Entertainment Weekly interview

For your convenience, I have some interviews with just the Richard Armitage bits below with their transcripts and closed-captioning. While others may have posted these already, I have captured, edited, and boosted the sound in addition to captioning and transcribing them. We are a team and your corrections and additions are most graciously welcome! 🙂

Here is a very short clip from Entertainment Weekly with the just the introduction and the Richard Armitage segment:


Host: Hi this is Anthony Breznican with EW.COM. We are here at Comic-Con with the gang from The Hobbit, our recent cover boys. Thank you very much for being here with Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Phillipa Boyens, co-writer producer, of course Mr. Peter Jackson, the ringleader of this circus and Andy Serkis, an actual “Serkis.”

Host: Tell us about Thorin Oakenshield. Who is he? What do we need to know? What are his vitals?

Richard Armitage: He’s the exiled dwarf king from Erebor and he’s taking his people really back on a journey to reclaim the gold and effectively the homeland.

Here is an interview of Richard Armitage done by “Quickbeam” on TheOneRing.Net:


Quickbeam: Hello there, Richard. How’re you doing, sir?

Richard Armitage: How are you?

Quickbeam: Good to see you.

Richard Armitage: Good to see you, too.

Quickbeam: You spent some time with our friend Larry Curtis.

Richard Armitage: I did.

Quickbeam: When he was visiting. It was a little while ago.

Richard Armitage: Yes.

Quickbeam: Actually I was there myself 3 or 4 weeks ago and you were very very busy.

Richard Armitage: Was I? Oh no, I did say hi to you.

Quickbeam: Well you were very “in mode.”

Richard Armitage: Was I in crazy mode?

Quickbeam: Actually you were in “Robert DeNiro mode.” You were very focused. It was fantastic. And I had a nice talk with Mana, your double. He’s an old friend of mine.

Richard Armitage: I so love that with my stunt double.

Quickbeam: Isn’t he great?

Richard Armitage: I watched footage and thought it was me. And it’s nice when you don’t recognize yourself. That’s when you know your stunt double is amazing.

Quickbeam: He’s a tall drink of water, that guy.

Richard Armitage: Yeah, I want to take his number. I want to work with him every time.

Quickbeam: He’s very very cool. I’ve heard from listening to the conversations you had that you read the books when you were very young.

Richard Armitage: Yeah.

Quickbeam: Which fills my heart with joy. And the fans as well would like to know you have an organic connection to the story. We’re really looking forward to seeing the films and it makes all the difference that you know the story.

Richard Armitage: Well I think that when you grow up with characters like this, they change as you get older, they evolve. Going back, I’m 40 years old and they were read to me when I was 7. And it feels different. These characters feel different. And then actually putting the costume on and trying to make that character live and breathe and walk and talk. It’s like you’re given this responsibility to every other person who’s read them, who’s just reading the books for the first time or who has read it when they were 7. That’s the responsibility and you have to own that for everyone. And I’ve tried to take that on, but I’ve only got my own imagination to work with. It’s served me well in the past so I think it will do again.

Quickbeam: I believe it will. From what I’ve witnessed, it’s served you quite well. I was very impressed with everything the team was doing on the set. But let me ask you something about the staying power of myth. Why do these stories have such a holding power on us?

Richard Armitage: That was one of Tolkien’s great achievements. He didn’t really create myths, he created legends. And that’s what his full intention was, to create something that felt like it was of this earth, not somewhere else in the same way C.S. Lewis did. If you read any of the early histories of the evolution series it comes through, you realize that you’re looking for something much deeper, much more English actually.

Quickbeam: Yes.

Richard Armitage: He wants to create a universe that you think may have existed. He created a religion of languages.

Quickbeam: Seventeen original languages Tolkien invented. Which is crazy.

Richard Armitage: And I think his passion for language and the way he used Nordic mythology is why the books feel so real and sustain over a long period of time. And will do. I would be very surprised if any of these stories get remade again. But I think Tolkien will be visualized on film. Maybe Silmarillion or something like that. I mean that would be a great honor to see that come to life.

Quickbeam: It would.

Richard Armitage: And it would be a tragedy if it didn’t.

Quickbeam: Indeed. Well, Richard, thank you for your time.

Richard Armitage: Nice to talk to you.

Quickbeam: Congratulations on all your good work.

Richard Armitage: Thank you.

Quickbeam: Cheers. Well-done. Ladies and gentlemen, that was Richard Armitage. Thorin Oakenshield himself right here on TheOneRing.Net. You guys got to talk to him before anybody else. And look at that. A few yards away from us is Sir Ian McKellen.

Thanks in advance for any help on the transcriptions! 😀 See you soon.

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Richard Armitage – Tornado of Love

Yesterday it was announced that Richard Armitage will be co-starring in a new tornado movie which begins filming on July 23. Here’s the story: The film also co-stars Sarah Wayne Callies who may be playing his love interest. We don’t know anything yet, but it’s fun to conjecture!

On twitter yesterday our conversation twisted and turned, LOL! Although the working title of the film is Category Six, I thought a possible name would be Tornado of Love.

Just for fun, I decided to make a mock movie poster using this picture of a sexy shirtless Lucas North shown here with his girlfriend Maya:

Promo picture courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Below is the fake movie poster which you can click for full size:

It blew away his shirt …and his tattoos / It caused her flyaway hair / Tornado of Love / Will it throw them together?

I even included a green shed. I got the idea from Spooks season 9, episode 3:

Screencap mine

The idea for the graphic and movie title came to me when I found the picture below which I used for my base:

What do you think would be a good name for Richard Armitage’s character? Can you think of another movie title or tagline? What are some other things that could be flying around in the tornado? Inquiring minds want to know! 😀

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Full size Hobbit panorama

Hello. I just got a Google alert recently about a new panorama for The Hobbit. I decided to capture the entire image which is a whopping 6000 x 808 pixels.

This is just a small portion:

Part of the panorama includes Richard Armitage as Thorin in a barrel!

Click the image below to be taken to the full size on my imageshack account. This is the original high-resolution source.

Here’s the source site:,,20399642_20610399,00.html

How many times has Richard Armitage been in the water for one of his roles?

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Thorin Oakenshield and the Arkenstone wallpaper

By now you have likely seen the latest Thorin Oakenshield image from the iPad version of Entertainment Weekly magazine. I could not believe the beauty that is Richard Armitage as a Middle Earth dwarf! ♥ It looks like it could be all Richard Armitage’s own beard. I just want to stare at this new promo picture all the livelong day!

Again, I couldn’t help making a new graphic. Here’s your base image courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com:

Below is your wallpaper which you can click for full size:

Heart of the Mountain – Arkenstone

This graphic went through several incarnations. I created a very complicated version but it didn’t have the right flow so I started over and kept simplifying. It’s impossible to improve upon the beauty of the subject but I had to fill in some space to make it wallpaper sized, LOL! My false starts took awhile but when I found one particular mountain image, everything moved quickly to the final draft.

Below are the component images for this composite:

I never thought a Middle Earth dwarf could have so much sex appeal. Peter Jackson is a genius for letting Richard Armitage shine through.

Are you going to purchase any Hobbit or Thorin-related merchandise such as action figures, jewelry replicas, Legos, etc? If so, which items will you buy? I want an Orcrist butter knife. 😉

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Thorin Oakenshield and Orcrist wallpaper

Hello again. I can’t seem to stay away. 😀 Thanks again for joining me in our little challenge which ended yesterday.

Last night a new Thorin Oakenshield image appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s website along with several other promo pictures from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I wonder where Richard Armitage’s beard ends and Thorin’s begins.

Below is my own capture but it’s also the Picture of the Day at RichardArmitageNet.Com.

I couldn’t help myself so I made a new wallpaper of Richard Armitage as Thorin with his sword, Orcrist. Please click for full size.

Below are the components.

On a visit to the island of Madeira, I went up into the mountains and the clouds rushed down the mountainside like a waterfall. I’d never seen anything like it before or since.

Have to confess, for the wallpaper I just piled on layers till it looked like a story of Thorin’s quest for treasure. That’s how I cook too, LOL! 😛

The man is beautiful, even as a fictional dwarf. ♥

How many times do you plan to see The Hobbit? I’ll see it once or twice in the theater and I’ll definitely buy the Blu-ray disk for vidding and screencapping. 🙂 What types of extras do you predict will be on the disks? What extras do you hope to see on the disks?

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