Lee Preston vs. Sir Guy

Welcome to the 16th day of our graphic challenge. We’re pitting two Richard Armitage characters against each other in silly competitions. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Today’s contributions come to us from Judit who asked for a faceoff of “pleading eyes” between Lee Preston with his girlfriend and Sir Guy of Gisborne asking Marian to be his wife. Judit asked, “Who wouldn’t give in?” Who indeed! Thank you very much, Judit!  😀

Here are your screencaps from RichardArmitageNet.Com:

Here’s your graphic which you can click for full size:

The Beseeching Bunch

Richard Armitage characters really know how to emote with the eyes! It was a lot of fun poking through the screencap galleries to find more pictures to add to this composition.

Now it’s time for your poll: Who has the better pleading eyes?

Can you find any additional “pleading eyes” screencaps?

I used to watch The Brady Bunch when I was a kid. What were your favorite TV shows growing up? We didn’t get many imported programs. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Skippy, an Australian show about a boy and his kangaroo.

We’ll see each other on Monday! I had planned to finish this project today but due to an internet outage, I had to skip a day so Monday will be a makeup day. 😉

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38 Responses to Lee Preston vs. Sir Guy

  1. Holliday says:

    I had to vote for Guy. Those eyes speak volumes. Love The Beseeching Bunch. Richard can say so much without uttering a word.

    I watched The Brady Bunch as kid(I always likened myself to Jan because I was the middle sister too and I wore glasses). I had a lot of favorite shows when I was a kid. The Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels, Family Affair, Space 1999, Chico and the Man, Bonanza, Emergency(Randolph Mantooth was so dreamy), The Donny and Marie Show. I also discovered this British show called Doctor Who and have been hooked on that ever since(I used to write my own episodes). Then there are the Saturday morning shows. The Superfriends, H. R. Pufnstuff(Witchiepoo was the best), Hong Kong Phooey to name a few. Wow, it sounds like I lived in front of the television as a kid. I didn’t. I got outside and played quite a bit too.

  2. servetus says:

    Wow, this is adorable!

  3. Emma says:

    I wasn’t quite awake when I opened this, so at first I thought it said “The bcc bunch” (seems fitting) 🙂 Great job finding all those similar images. Sir Guy is the definite winner in this contest!

  4. smitkit says:

    How about this one, from RH series1 episode 9?

    Yes, I remember Skippy on tv as a child too, also the Monkees, Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeannie, the Addams Family, the Munsters and Dr Who of course!

  5. jasrangoon says:

    WOW! I love the Brady Bunch thing you’ve got going with this one. Although, now I’m singing the theme song. 😉 That pic of Guy has always been one of my favorites. Richard really conveys those emotions so well.

  6. titianminx says:

    Beseeching eyes are sooo good. Think Guys wins for me. Fantastic pics. I remember watching Wacky Races, the Banana Bunch, the Muppets and of course Dr Who.

  7. Luciana says:

    Oh, these eyes…

  8. Judit says:

    Hello, bccmee! Thank you for this lovely collection of “pleading eyes” moments from the chaRActers! I’m afraid poor (?) Lee is losing this competition quite badly…. I voted for Guy too! 😉
    After all, Mr. Flirty Girty only wants to get into Ramona’s bed, whereas Guy is offering his heart and soul and life to Marian here! How could Marian say “no” to him is beyond me! Well, when I was growing up (in the 70s) we only had cartoons from the Soviet block, Polish, Czech, Russian etc.And lots and lots of Hungarian cartoons of course. There was only 1 TV channel and only for 6 days a week (there was no TV on Mondays!). Whenever I talk about this to kids these days, they think I’m pulling their leg! Thank you again for your creativity, Bcc! 🙂

  9. Carolyn says:

    Oooh, Guy, of course! Thanks for the great graphic! He says volumes with his eyes!

  10. vec170203 says:

    Sir Guy, whatever you want, yeah!!!
    As a child my favorite TV series were mostly of anime: Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Candy Candy….

  11. beengizzied says:

    Skippy: [Softly] Tut-tut-tut-tut, tut-tut-tut-tut-tut tut-tut-tut.
    Sonny: [Excitedly] What’s that Skip? Poachers are stealing native bird eggs for illegal export, there’s a bush fire threatening the whole wombat population in the National Park, bank robbers have stashed their loot in a cave with indigenous significance and you have your sketch of the suspects in your pouch? I’d better tell dad!
    Honestly, I always thought Sonny was Skippy’s pet.

  12. Hi Bccmee and Judit!
    The Beseeching Bunch was totally inspired! Giggles! Richard Armitage has such expressive eyes. Who among us could deny him whatever he might ask of us? Sighhhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->
    P.S. Disclaimer: Well, there are a few things I might deny him. Since I am a very happily married woman. Dang it! Ha!

  13. Beachbaby says:

    Love the set of beseeching eyes. How could anyone not say Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Skippy? Oh my goodness, did we really inflict that on the rest of the world? 🙂 I do admit to watching it though – Tony Bonner was very cute 😉
    Other shows? – my favouite Martian & Dr Who!

  14. Ania says:

    I love the pictures selected by Judit, and your graphic B.! Of course, voted for Sir Guy, because his gaze is more honest and has more to offer, and this is my favorite episode of “RH”.

    Looks like I’m a similar age as Judit, and when it comes to cartoons / tv series I have similar memories. At that time I loved Polish series “Black Clouds”, “Janosik” (something like Robin Hood), “Four Tank Men and a Dog” and I suppose these titles do not tell you anything 🙂 so I add that I loved the “Robin of Sherwood” with Michael Praed as Robin and the wonderful music of the band Clannad.

    • Judit says:

      I used to watch a lot of Polish cartoons but I don’t remember the ones you mentioned in your comment Ania (or weren’t they cartoons?).. I do remember “Lolek and Bolek” though! 🙂

      • Ania says:

        Oh I’m sorry Judit, it’s my fault because I mentioned only the TV series, not a cartoons. But I see that you have a good memory 🙂 and thank you for reminding me the cartoon “Bolek i Lolek”. I also remember “Reksio” – the adventures of a small dog, “Teddy Bear Uszatek” – I don’t know the English name of the teddy bear, but it is a tale about a teddy bear and his friends, and Soviet cartoon “The Wolf And The Hare” 🙂

        • Judit says:

          Yes, we watched a lot of The Wolf and the Hare too! 😉 I remember the one with the dog as well! He was cute! And then there was the little boy with the magic pencil! Everything he drew came to life. Was that Polish as well?

        • Ania says:

          Cartoon of a boy with a pencil that was “The Magic Pencil” (in my language “Zaczarowany ołówek”) and it was Polish, too … sweet times:)

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  16. Mezz says:

    I’m sorry I missed this collaboration while I was away, but it’s been fun seeing everyone’s contributions and what you’ve done with them, B. This would be my favourite and it has to be Guy hands down!
    As for TV shows I watched as a kid, I’m really going to show my age here! Ones that come immediately to mind are Disneyland (the original with Mousketeers such as Annette Funichello), Dr Who, My Favourite Martian, Robin Hood (with Richard Greene), Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best …all in black and white of course!!

  17. Judit says:

    Yes the contest was too easy, I’m afraid! My fault! 🙂

    • Judit says:

      Too easy for Guy, that is! 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      @Judit: Actually, in the book Shark vs. Train, many of the contests were unevenly matched. For instance, in the ocean the shark could swim, but on railroad tracks the train had the advantage. So your suggestion was in keeping with the spirit of the original! 😀 Thank you again.

  18. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Ooh you found some nice additional “pleading eyes” pictures, thanks!

    I definitely had favorite TV shows as a kid. I watched The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family and the aforementioned Skippy. We didn’t really have a lot of choices in programming with only 3 stations that went off the air at night. No 24-hour TV channels. In the middle of the night, there was only a “test pattern.”

    Have to admit, I’ve never seen Dr. Who in my life. 😮

    Loved the cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner. I could never understand how Wile E. Coyote could survive all those explosions and falls off cliffs, LOL! Then I met John Porter. 😉

    • Judit says:

      I remember the test pattern! 🙂 We had that too! Btw, we didn’t have a colour TV until 1988! Now you mention it, I remember watching Roadrunner growing up, I loved it! We did have some US cartoons in the 80s but the Eastern European cartoons were in majority! 🙂

  19. april73 says:

    Bravo Bccmee for these great graphic and Judit for the nice pic choice. 🙂

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