Ian Macalwain vs. John Porter

Welcome to the seventh day of our challenge in which we pit two different Richard Armitage characters against each other in competitions.

Today’s contributions come to us today from jasrangoon who requested Ian Macalwain and John Porter in a face painting faceoff. Jasrangoon is a fellow blogger: Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage. Thanks, jasrangoon!

Here are your screencaps from RichardArmitageNet.Com:

Here’s your graphic:

Nagycirkusz / Ian vs. John Porter

As you can see, I went with a circus theme. I tried to make Ian into a clown but he looked scary, so instead I gave him a whipped cream beard and a cherry nose. He could either be a tasty clown or a victim of a pie in the face. Porter became a mime. While visiting Nice, France I was walking past a mime performing and he bopped me on the derriere with a loaf of bread, LOL!

I think it’s very cool that Richard Armitage performed in a circus when he was a teenager. Some fans get tired of this question in interviews but it’s an interesting factoid that not many people have experienced. I certainly wish I could’ve joined a circus! 😀

During a trip to Budapest, I booked a hotel which by pure chance was next to the park with the circus where RA performed. Although I’m not the type of fan to try to walk in his footsteps, it was too much of a coincidence to pass up. So obviously I took a picture!

photo by bccmee

My life is a series of accidents, LOL!

Now it’s time for your poll. Here’s the hyperlink if needed: Who has the better face paint?

If you could be anything in a circus, what role would you choose?

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32 Responses to Ian Macalwain vs. John Porter

  1. Hi Bccmee and Jas,
    I love the sad clown/mime face on RA! So sweet! As to my circus role? Probably a juggler–since I juggle so many things in real life. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->
    P.S. I’m having a devil of a time seeing WP sites–including my own. I’m amazed I got in here. Is anyone else having problems?

  2. april73 says:

    Your idea for a graphic with John and Ian as clowns is very original, I love it !

    Great pic choice Jasrangoon. 🙂

  3. Ana Cris says:

    I love the fabric/ tissue acrobatics, I am not sure whether to call it in English. I love John :0)

  4. OMG the dreaded RA and the circus. Just love it! Now I see Porter doing the mime standing in front of invisible glass act!
    I loathe the circus, always have done. There’s nothing freakier than a clown! Watching “IT” based on King’s book didn’t help 🙂 That’s why, I have to go with… I’m miming shots, can you guess?… That’s right, I vote for Porter!

  5. vec170203 says:

    No doubt, John Porter!!! He doesn’t need speak to impress. Have I already said John Porter?….
    Well, a circus act? probably some acrobatics 🙂

  6. Leigh says:

    I played at being a trapeze artist when I was a child… Now, I could dream of Richard catching me.

  7. I voted for Porter too, what a sweet clown he has become!
    Great idea you two: BCC and Jas. This challenge is really one of the most original of the event!

  8. servetus says:

    Great pic!

  9. ItsJSforMe says:

    Porter makes a lovely mime! Thanks Jas and bccmee! 🙂

  10. phylly3 says:

    This is so hilarious! I really love Porter, but since Mimes freak me out, I think I would rather lick the cream from Ian’s face! Can’t resist the cherry on his nose either! 😀

  11. Teuchter says:

    I think Richard looks amazing in face camo, particularly as John Porter, naturally!! 😉 It just seemed to make his eyes even more beautiful, impossible as that may seem, so thanks, Jasrangoon for such great choices. The graphic is wonderful as always although I’m not normally drawn to clowns or mimes, but with Richard under the “makeup” I could be persuaded!! 😀

  12. Judit says:

    Hey, Bcc, which hotel did you stay at? Do you remember? I’ve only been to the Circus on your picture once. I enjoy watching contortionists, so I think if I could be a circus performer I’d like to be a contortionist! 🙂 As for the siggie, I had to go with Porter- he’s just so beautiful even with a white face…Great work, Bcc, and thank you Jas for the picture selection!

    • bccmee says:

      @Judit: I can’t remember the name of the hotel. It was right near the city’s big central park and it was mostly residential but there was another hotel across the street. Not sure if that information helps, LOL!

  13. jasrangoon says:

    Love it bccmee! I had to vote for Porter as clowns have always given me the creeps, even RA as a clown can’t change that. 😉 Very cool that you got to visit the circus where he worked!

    • bccmee says:

      @jasrangoon: I understand what you mean about clowns. Trust me, the clown face I initially put on Ian was freaky scary, LOL! Thanks again for your contributions. 😀

  14. jeanniegisborne says:

    Porter as a mime has a sort of Goth look about him. Thanks Jas and B!
    As to being in a circus, I would be walking the high wire as sometimes life seems a bit like a balancing act! 🙂

  15. Holliday says:

    I had to pick Porter. I liked the look of him as a mime. During my last semester in college I saw a paper on one of the bulletin boards about going to clown college. Whenever anyone would ask the inevitable question “So, what are you going to do after you graduate?” I would tell them I was going to clown college and joining the circus because it sounded more interesting than “I don’t know.”(my office sometimes feels like a circus, don’t know if that counts though). I would have to stick with being a clown. I’m not good with heights so I couldn’t be a trapeze artist or do the high wire.

  16. Melissa says:

    Love porter in anything. My wordpress is not working properly either

  17. Ania says:

    Oh, Ian with cream beard looks very appetizingly 🙂 but I voted for John.
    Excellent work B! Thank jasrangoon for great pictures!

  18. beengizzied says:

    I think you’ve been reading
    My circus job? I think I’d have the snack concession.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Great face paint job! Had to vote for Porter!

  20. tyme4t says:

    cool graphic today with the mime face for Porter…looks like I’ll have to get in line behind Phylly though for my job at the circus….whip cream face licker :-p

    • kathryngaul says:

      Hmmmm…..maybe Ian did get the better paint job after all! 🙂

      But I’d prefer to lick off proper whipped cream, not that awful fake stuff in a spray can….yuck! ;(

      • phylly3 says:

        @Kathryngaul – Ah! But they DO make real whipped cream in a spray can! May I introduce you to Reddi-wip? 😉 Only the best (of the bad) for me! 🙂

        • kathryngaul says:

          I’ll bet my bottom dollar that it’s available only in America! 😉 I’ll try some next time I visit Melanie in Oceanside, CA.

          I have to admit that it’s been years since I tasted any canned whipped cream so it’s bound to have been improved in the meantime!

          OK, then, let me at him! 😉

  21. Brooke says:

    Out with the truth, Bccmee. ||Laughs|| I think you wanted a hotel next to the circus. Actually, I believe you because you’re very honest.
    I have to agree that clowns are scary and Ian has the best face paint. He kind of looks like a homeless man who put face paint on himself after stealing a bottle of an alcoholic drink.

  22. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Once again, your comments make me laugh! Not sure if “whipped cream licker” is a circus act suitable for all ages, LOL! Very fun ideas for your performances. I’d like to be a ringmaster or a clown. I wouldn’t rule out any job though!

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