Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 26

Hey everyone, what’s been going on?   😀  Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Today’s picture of Richard Armitage at the New York City premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger comes to us from snicker’s mom. She has a new Tom Hiddleston blog: The Hiddlestonian. Thanks for your contributions, snicker’s mom! Oh Loki looky, it’s Richard Armitage’s beard again!

Here’s your base image:

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here’s your graphic of the day:

I ♥ RA

First of all, I fired up the music recommended by snicker’s mom, “What’s Been Going On?” sung by Amos Lee. The lyrics made me think of the city outside my apartment window: New York, NY! There’s always something going on. 😀 I love my city so it was appropriate to illustrate my affection in this siggie.

To start off the graphic, I cut out Richard Armitage. I definitely wanted to include the skyline which I never tire of:

To match the gray jacket worn by Richard Armitage, I chose to add some effects to make the buildings black and white and more abstract. I used the Cutout and Colored Pencil effects which are built into Adobe Photoshop CS5. I added some lens flares and then created a solid black layer above the background and set it to the Hue blend mode to desaturate the skyline.

For the caption, I chose to modify this famous New York city logo using the King font.

I applied the Cutout and Colored Pencil filters to Richard Armitage’s image but much more subtly. For the finishing touch, I added beams from the Empire State Building which shine on Richard Armitage’s face and create heart-shaped light atop the red heart.

When he’s famous enough, perhaps someday there will be an “I ♥ RA” spotlight beaming into the night sky like the bat signal in Batman! 😉

The heart logo is very ubiquitous. A friend and frequent commenter, april73, posted an image on facebook of a t-shirt given to her as a gift. She kindly gave me permission to post this photo here on my blog:

If you literally bumped into Richard Armitage somewhere in the world while wearing such a t-shirt, how would you react? If he asked you where you got it, what would you say in response? No fair saying you wouldn’t dare wear this. It’s all make-believe so pretend you’re writing a fictional story or a movie if you can’t imagine the scenario as yourself. No excuses for chickening out of this hypothetical question, LOL! 😀 😛

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34 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 26

  1. lovemrthornton says:

    Fun graphic, BCC, and you already know I dig the beard, so I love it.

    As for the response to the question, “Where did you get that T-shirt?” my response would be, “Come with me and find out.”

  2. cdoart says:

    Wonderful idea, bccmee. Snicker’s Mom, you absolutely have chosen my adore-photo ;o) I love the combination of RA and New York!
    I think, I already did mention the ‘meeting’ scenario once, when writing about my first bag and when I would have it and RA came along. He would know something was amiss long before he even spotted the bag or in this case the T-shirt, as I would be so red in the face to even send red signals ;o) I would search for the next hiding hole as fast as I could (and it should be obvious, as I would be unable to speak or ask for directions ;o)

  3. Beautiful RA CANY Premiere image–it is my absolute favorite picture of Richard Armitage, bar none! Sighhhhhh! Snicker’s Mom, we’re holding your RA Fan Club Card for you in case you decide to return. Ha!

    And the siggie is perfection! And thanks for sharing how you made it, Bccmee. It is really helpful.

    As to Bccmee’s question regarding my response to Richard Armitage ogling my t-shirt with him emblazoned on it? Well? I’m rather blessed in the endowment department–but not to Dawn French’s extent. Ha! Therefore, the t-shirt graphics and wording might be difficult to read in “3-D” without the appropriate glasses. So, I would invite him back to my hotel for further study. Giggles!

    Cheers! Grati
    P.S. Of course, the above scenario would be for a single, unattached gal. And I am neither–being happily coupled with my hubby for nearly 24 years.

  4. gracie says:

    Richard AND New York? That is heaven. Love that pic, love the NY skyline, love the song, love you. lol

    I would so wear this shirt. I would love to be wearing it if I were to bump into him. I would love to see his reaction. Chances are he would be more uncomfortable than me. Ha.

    If he were to ask where I got it, I would simply say that Bccmee’s friend April got it as a gift and Bccmee posted it on her blog, and btw, has he checked out Bccmee’s blog and seen the pic that Snickermom’s submited? Snickermom’s is a now having a fling with Loki, but not to worry she will be back when the Hobbit comes out and does he want to come back to my hotel room so I can remove the T-shirt, etc, etc, etc. LOL

  5. Faboamanto says:

    NY, NY – if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! I’m already thinking of a Hobbit NY premiere!

    Another fabulous RA graphic, what could be better than RA and the New York skyline! Perfect match.Thanks Snickermom for one of the best RA in NY pics.

    If I ran into RA wearing that T-shirt, knowing his sense of humor, I hope he would laugh and I would laugh in return, and I’m sure we both would be equally embarrassed and hopefully amused. If he asked me where I got it, I would tell him the truth about April 73 and your blog Bccmee. If he wanted the shirt, I would of course give it to him, and would take him back to my hotel room so we could exchange shirts in private 😉

  6. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l graphics!
    Quite immediately, it made me think of the song: “Englishman in NY” !!

  7. Teuchter says:

    Yay!! I love this picture of Richard. Great choice snicker’s mom!! He looks so gorgeous, so relaxed and the picture of beardy good health with his eyes fairly sparkling!! 🙂 I liked that he chose to go tie-less for the occasion so we get to see more of that lovely neck of his!! I actually have a copy of this picture that I use as a book-mark in my daily journal!! 😀 He looks perfect in this latest graphic against the NY skyline. The “I love RA” is so appropriate and the beams which shine on his face are a lovely touch! 🙂

    • Teuchter says:

      Sorry! I forgot about the T-shirt question. I think I would tell him that I’d had it specially made and was very proud to wear it! I would also say that I am only “one of many” from all over the world and from all age groups who think he is one of the nicest, most gorgeous and talented actors we have ever had the pleasure of watching. I would hope he wouldn’t be too embarrassed! 🙂 I would also hope that I would manage to talk in a coherent manner and not make a fool of myself in his presence making him flee as fast as those gorgeous long legs could carry him!! LOL!!

  8. Thais says:

    Great picture, snicker’s mom! I love Amos Lee’s voice. It’s just amazing! Fine recommendation! 😀
    I’m really enjoying all these graphics with RA wearing beard, Bccmee! I confess I’m not so fond of beard, but RA’s really sexy wearing it. The effect you put on NYC skyline picture is marvellous!! Beautiful!!! I’ve never been to NYC but I hope I can visit it soon! Nice weekend everyone! 😀

  9. Elaine says:

    I’m a big fan of the bearded RA as well, snicker’s mom – it just looks so right on him. The NY skyline was a great choice, bccmee – can’t wait to see it myself in a little over a month. Will be in touch closer to the date!

  10. Holliday says:

    Great graphic! Love the New York theme(I live in Rochester, NY). The skyline goes so well with the picture of Richard. Truth be told, I can’t think of too many things that wouldn’t go well with a picture of Richard.

    I would totally wear that shirt and if I ran into Richard while wearing it I would hope he’d be happily surprised by it. I would think it would be a great conversation starter. If he asked where I got it, I’d tell him it was a gift, then hand him a pen and ask him to autograph it. Although where I’d have him autograph it could get interesting. :o)

  11. Judit says:

    Beautiful photo, gorgeous sig, as usual! 🙂 Thank you for april73 for letting Bcc share the photo of your wonderful T-shirt! Maybe I’ll email it to my friend to give her a hint for a b’day present for me come October! 🙂 OK, so say I’m wearing a similar T-shirt and I run into him, he’d ask me about it, and I’d honestly reply that I’m wearing it because I’m nuts about him and would he please marry me ASAP??? And since it’s all make-believe he’d say “yes, of course, you gorgeous creature” and we’d live happily ever after! End of fairytale. 🙂

  12. ItsJSforMe says:

    One of my favorite RA pix, snicker’s mom! Excellent choice 😉 Love what you did with the skyline, bccmee, and the lens flares!

  13. beengizzied says:

    Classy graphic Team #26.
    If I was sprung by RA wearing that t-shirt I might say:
    “I got it from Marlborough Mills. I only ever wear 100% cotton! “
    And then invite him to feel its textile properties. (Maybe)

  14. Summer says:

    Wow very New Yorkian! love our handsome RA in NY. Hopefully you get to see him in the NY Hobbit Premiere 😉

  15. Ana Cris says:

    NY looks so good!

  16. Snicker's Mom says:

    This looks great!!!! I’ve been waiting to see my graphic and I love it!!!!!!!! If I ran into RA wearing the shirt, I’d be all “I had it made to spread the love. I can’t keep you all to myself” 😉 Then while he blushes and doesn’t know what to say…well, you know what I’ve said I’ll do if I run into him….

    • bccmee says:

      @Snicker’s Mom: Glad you like our graphic. Thanks again for your contributions! If a meeting really happened, I wish I could see that meeting, LOL!

  17. jeanniegisborne says:

    Even though he’s bearded and his hair short, I will always love Richard ❤
    love the skyline to, B. 🙂

  18. Carolyn says:

    Lovely siggie! RA in NY! If I met him wearing that t-shirt or one of my own, I would probably forget all about what I had on when seeing him..then if I remembered, I would probably laugh and ask him to sign it. Wouldn’t mind having that t-shirt you have pictured.

  19. mersguy says:

    I have been staring at this picture for a solid 10mins in a complete state of bliss ♥
    Beautiful graphic, beautiful city, beautiful man…..swoon ♥
    Enjoy what is left of the w/end ladies *hugs*

  20. Beachbaby says:

    I am so smitten with beard love. Just love the pic, great choice Snicker’s Mom and gorgeous sig Bccmee.

  21. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: You have a brilliant imagination! Love your answers to the question about running into RA while wearing a t-shirt in his image. Some of you would give away all our secrets. 😮

    As for me, I’d probably have my head in the clouds if I bumped into him and would not realize who it was until I started wiping off the orange juice I spilled on his shirt. Then I’d offer to let him come over to my house with the blue door to get cleaned up. Oh wait, that’s a scene from Notting Hill, LOL! Well, Richard Curtis should consider writing a movie for Richard Armitage. 😉

    • Judit says:

      He so should!!! Wouldn’t RA have been great in Notting Hill! I wish I could say to RA, “it was nice to meet you.. Surreal, but nice!” Love that line! 🙂

  22. Ania says:

    I love NY and RA combination. Beautiful!
    Thank you, april73 for the opportunity to see your lovely gift. 🙂

  23. april73 says:

    Excellent pic choice Snicker’s mom ! 🙂

    Bccmee, I love your RA/NY siggie. I’v been in New York in Summer 2007 and I’ve enjoyed my holidays here. 🙂

    It’s a pleasure to see my t-shirt here. 🙂

  24. april73 says:

    Oops, I forgot to answer your question : if I literally bumped into Richard Armitage somewhere in the world, I don’t know exactly how Il will react. For sure, I will be speechless for a few second and after, I will ask him an autograph and if I can take a picture with him.

    If a was certain that I would say “yes”, I will ask him if he wants to drink a coffe/tea/etc with me, lol.

    I’m only wearing this t-shirt at home because it’s a little too big. Unfortunately, it’s not a “women” t-shirt, it’s like a “unisex” t-shirt. 😉

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  26. Nat says:

    I’d love to run into RA wearing a SFR t-shirt, while wearing an RA charm braclet, holding an RA mug and carrying an RA tote bag. 🙂

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