Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 24

Welcome our 24th graphic of the month!

Today’s photo is contributed by Holliday. She also recommended the song “You Should Be Dancing” by the Bee Gees. Thank you very much, Holliday!

Here’s your base image of Richard Armitage way back in 2003 for a promo shoot for Cold Feet:

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here’s your graphic of the day:


Is it possible to explode with joy? I had such fun making this graphic, it’s unbelievable! The song made me grin the entire time too.

To create this graphic, I first cut out the figure of dancing Richard Armitage. Then I duplicated this layer twice. To the background dancers, I used the Puppet Warp tool to change them a bit. Although I could have simply used other images from this same photoshoot, I wanted to play around with tweaking the same picture.

To make it a bit more symmetrical, I flipped one of the background Richards by using the Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal command. Then I scaled down the two Richards in the background, duplicated them and added motion blur to give a sense of movement.

In the background, I added a purple layer and used the Filter > Noise > Add Noise command to provide a bit of texture.

Atop the purple background, I added this 3-way mirror:

I set the above mirror layer to the Luminosity blend mode so it would match the purple background.

Then I added this disco ball:

The disco ball layer was set to the Lighten blend mode so it would melt into the background. I put some RA faces behind the ball for fun. 😀 I replaced the lights with musical notes.

Finally, I added the caption “PRANCING” using the BellBottom.Laser font. To the letters “RA” I applied a Stroke and other effects to make them stand out a bit.

If Richard Armitage was cast to star in a biographical film of a famous singer, dancer or actor, who would you like that to be?

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41 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 24

  1. Elaine says:

    Thanks Holliday and bccmee for this fun graphic! “exploding with joy” is the perfect way to describe the photo and the graphic is the BOLD print version. Great job!

  2. Giggles Bccmee and Holliday!
    This is such a joyous image of Richard Armitage and I love the siggie featuring it!
    Cheers! Grati ;->
    P.S. I’ve joked now and again that since these dancing photos of Richard Armitage were part of the smouldering 2003 Cold Feet Promo pix, that Richard dancing was actually him trying to delay unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his fabuluous abs. Ha!

  3. april73 says:

    Thanks a lot Holliday and Bccmee for this great and very funny photo and siggie !!! 🙂

    PS : I will be absent from tomorrow and be back Tuesday. I will perhaps have an internet connection, but I’m not sure. 😉

  4. kathryngaul says:

    What time is it at your house, Bccmee? It’s 10.33pm Thursday in eastern Australia.

    I’d like Ricahrd to play an English dancer….failing that…Peter Allen?

  5. kathryngaul says:

    Love the graphic…those pics from the photoshoot were a hoot, weren’t they

  6. kathryngaul says:

    Have you ever made a gif of this? It would be great fun to be able to show it to my family. 😉 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      @kathryngaul: Somebody else has already made an animated gif of this photoshoot. I’ve seen it but can’t find it at this time. 😀

  7. Judit says:

    Fun siggie, fun music! 🙂 Loved it! (Rest in peace, Robin Gibb…)

  8. Emma says:

    Holliday, your music choice was perfect for the original photo. bccmee, you made a strangely awkward photoshoot so much better!

  9. ItsJSforMe says:

    Groovy!!!! Totally dig this latest graphic, bccmee!!! 😀 Great pic and song, Holliday!

  10. heurodis says:

    LOL, I’ve never liked this promo pic but your sig changed my mind! I love the faces in the disco ball! Thanks for sharing, as always!

    By the way, I’m “grendel’s mum” but Gravatar didn’t allow me to use apostrophe so I changed my username to “heurodis.”

  11. Giggling like a teen here 🙂 🙂 🙂
    GReAt pic, music and gRAphic ladies. Gotta love pRAncing Richard 😉

  12. jeanniegisborne says:

    Enjoyed the show, Holliday! Well done, B 🙂
    (RIP Robin Gibb)

  13. Kathleen says:

    Really a great pairing of song and picture Holliday and I love the mirror ball. Another fun graphic triumph!

    I do not know whether there is a great demand for a movie about Gregory Peck’s life but he had a great voice and was tall, dark and handsome too. This role is made for RA.

  14. Faboamanto says:

    This is the happiest and funniest graphic yet Bccmee! What a great choice of pic and song Holliday! Takes me back to disco days, especially RA’s suit. Really brightened my day. Thank you both!

    I think I would love Richard to star in a movie biopic as Vernon Castle. I love classic films and Vernon (who was born in the UK) and Irene Castle, They were the greatest dance (ballroom) team in the early 20th Century and their life was made into a film in 1939 with Astaire and Rogers. But a serious remake of their lives (Vernon was in WWI) with Armitage would be lovely I think.

  15. Ana Cris says:

    Hi Bcc,
    A question for RA: Shall We Dance?

  16. Humming along to the song and picturing RA dancin’ 😀

  17. jazzbaby1 says:

    This? This is the definition of rad! Great choices Holliday and great job B! I think RA should do Mr. Rogers but that’s only because of his clothing choices so maybe I shouldn’t get a vote there…

  18. titianminx says:

    LOL. Throwing some shapes!Great music choice, “singing” along and smiling.

  19. Beachbaby says:

    Fantastic graphic & song to wake up to! Great choice of pic Holliday. Now I am pRAncing around the kitchen & shortly off to work with a HUGE grin on my face 🙂
    THUD at the thought of Richard on the big screen singing & dancing. OMG that would be perfect!

  20. Summer says:

    “You should be pRAncing” LOL Fantastic Job, Love it!! :))

  21. Holliday says:

    This came out AWESOME!! I love it! I have been dying to see what you were going to do with the picture I chose. What I like about the base picture is that it shows that Richard has a silly, playful side to him and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I’m so glad you had fun with it(it shows in the siggie).

    As for who he could play in a biography, I was thinking either Richard Harris or Peter O’Toole.

    • bccmee says:

      @Holliday: I’m thrilled you enjoyed our collaborative siggie! Thanks for your wonderful contributions. Yes, we see RA here acting a bit silly, which I also love.

      Ooh, great choices for who Richard Armitage could play in a biopic. 😀 I appreciate your input!

  22. beengizzied says:

    Team 24, your result is Solid Gold! I love his cameo in the disco ball.

    I think Richard would be perfect to play Ivor Novello.
    “The problem was to find someone as beautiful as Ivor to play opposite him,” (Adrian Brunel)
    And you know those silent movie stars wore black eye liner!!!!!

  23. Mezz says:

    This photoshoot has always seemed awkward to me, but you’ve done a great job of improving this pic of Richard, bcc. What a fun graphic, and great song choice Holliday! RIP Robin Gibb.
    I love Fabo’s suggestion of the ballroom dancer Vernon Castle as a role for Richard. 🙂

  24. Carolyn says:

    What a fun, happy and uplifting siggie! Well done!

  25. Thanks Holliday and bccmee. This collaboration made me laugh lots and what a great choice of song. I too have never been keen on this set of pictures but you’ve done a great job with it bccmee.

    I would like RA to play James Mason or Gene Kelly. Two of my personal favourites. ♥

  26. PS Off to view all the other siggies I’ve missed over the last few days.

  27. Brooke says:

    I loved the ideas and the graphics. I don’t like his hair because it doesn’t suit him.

  28. phylly3 says:

    Wow!! That is so RAdical!! I was never a disco fan but I loved the Bee Gees — It’s so great to see him pRAncing and laughing! You do such gReAt work!
    I think Richard could play Laurence Olivier!

  29. Teuchter says:

    I really needed something to lift my spirits after visiting very sick friends in hospital and I assure you that this worked as I had been feeling totally drained. 😦 Originally this wasn’t one of my favourite photoshoots but you have managed to change all that! Bravo!! 🙂 Love the Bee Gees! How well the music goes with your graphic, Bcc! The disco ball with his smiling face in it is the crowning touch ! Thank you Holliday and Bcc!!

    • kathryngaul says:

      Hi Teuchter…….what was it about that particular photoshoot that you didn’t like? Just curious. 😉 A few others on here have said the same but I’m NOT one of them! I love the cheesecake pics – such fun! 🙂

  30. Mariana says:

    You are so inventive Bccmee! Beautiful graphic. Yes, I would like to see a movie with Richard dancing and singing.

  31. debra says:

    Another wonderful siggie! I love this photo!!! It shows another side of RA we never get to see….a joyous, fun, irreverent side! It always makes me smile! I would have LOVED to have actually witnessed this photoshoot!!
    Again, your creativity amazes me, BccMee! Great Job!!!!!

  32. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Thanks for your lovely responses to this graphic. It was such playful pleasure to make.

    Lots of great ideas for a biographical film: Peter Allen, Gregory Peck, Vernon Castle, Mr. Rogers, Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole, Ivor Novello (with eyeliner!), James Mason, Gene Kelly, Laurence Olivier. The Mr. Rogers suggestion makes me laugh!

    I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments!

    Yes, it’s a shame about Robin Gibb’s death. On a positive note, he left a legacy and we can celebrate his life and music.

  33. Ania says:

    What a joyful graphic! 🙂 I love the disco ball effect with RA. ♥ Thank you girls!

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