Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 22

Here we are on the 22nd day of our May graphics. Hope your week is going well so far.

Today’s Richard Armitage image choice comes to us from Emma. It’s from the Project Magazine photoshoot. Thanks very much, Emma! There’s that sexy beard again. ♥

Here’s your base picture:

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here’s your graphic for today:

Forget me not

First and foremost, I fired up Emma’s recommended music: “Forget Me Not” by the Civil Wars. Clearly, the song had an immediate impact as I used the the title for the graphic’s caption.

When I placed the base image onto the first blank layer, I really liked the softness and perspective of Richard Armitage looking down in close-up. I wanted to change the lighting just a tiny bit. It didn’t take long to find the suitability of the Ambience filter from VirtualPhotographer. I placed this new layer over the original and set its blend mode to Lighten. While it looked great, I tried to add clouds using the Filter > Render > Clouds command and really liked the way that looked over the shoulder.

The hearts were created using the hearts-rosepetal brush from this Valentine collection. I applied an Outer Glow to both hearts. Finally, the caption “forget-me-not” was added with the Mistral font.

This is another simple and quick graphic but I could not think of anything else that could improve upon it!

I’m curious. Where do you see Richard Armitage’s career in five years? Alternatively, where do you see his beard in five years? 😉

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29 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 22

  1. lovemrthornton says:

    This is elegant and sweet. Nice work.

    As to your question on where his career is headed …. it depends on whether he has “people” in LA who can help him ride the Hollywood wave into more U.S. silver screen productions. So far he’s not that well known among U.S. women, that I can tell, but it’s a prime market target. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Of course, we know it has nothing to do with lack of talent, because that guy is definitely Oscar gold personified. My opinion is that it depends on his agents’ connections. It’s all about who you know. 😦

    Beyond that, I see him on Broadway. At least, I hope to see him on Broadway. I would travel to NYC to see him there!

  2. april73 says:

    Lovely pic Emma. Usually I prefer men without beard, but Richard is simply gorgeous on this pic. <*

    Wonderful siggie Bccmee, bravo !!!

    • april73 says:

      I don’t know where will be Richard’s career in 5 years, but I wish him lots of success. 🙂

      And for his beard… I think that he will probably shave it, lol.

  3. Faboamanto says:

    What a lovely song and pic Emma and lovely and bittersweet graphic Bccmee! Love that sweater, and the close up on his face.

    Where do I see him in five years? I hope that after The Hobbit he doesn’t go Hollywood, he should stay living in the UK and hopefully be able to do a combination of big Hollywood films, small art house and Indie films all over the world, and great TV programs for UK and US TV (HBO,BBC, etc.). Hope he continues with his audio books and radio plays. I also hope he finally gets to do two things he’s talked about, his TV or film project of Richard III and on stage in The Rover.

    As for the beard, I don’t see him keeping it after all The Hobbit filming is done, though he may keep it while all The Hobbit PR is going on. I like the beard, but I miss the stubble!

  4. Emma says:

    Oh, my! I wondered where you might take this, bcc, and you’ve made it SO lovely! Everytime I see the original, I want to give Richard a hug. Your graphic adds an element of sweetness to it. Simple and elegant. Thank you, thank you! 😀

    I’m certain that in five years, Richard will still be doing amazing work, with his usual complete attention to detail. I only hope he has the right people in his corner to not sell him out to Hollywood rom-coms and big budget, no brainer, thrillers. As he’s obviously, so much more than that!

    • bccmee says:

      @Emma: I’m so delighted you enjoyed the result of our collaboration project. He looks exquisite in your chosen photo. ♥ Can you tell I’m a massive fan of the beard? With his looks and talent, he could go far in the film industry. I hope the entire world wakes up and discovers this man! Thank goodness Peter Jackson is a risk-taker who will cast a relative unknown in the biggest movies of the decade! Thanks very much for your contributions. 😀

  5. cdoart says:

    Thank you very much, Emma and bccmee! I agree, the picture is wonderful and the soft atmosphere you created is wonderful for a ‘memory’-siggie. We don’t forget RA, even when he is hidden away in New Zealand right now ;o)
    Now in 5 years, what to say about RA’s career then, after he was the hero in two James Bond films, charmed all his female fans in a new costume drama/comedy and produced RIII ? ;o) Could just not refrain from mentioning this project ;o)

  6. Judit says:

    How could I ever forget him? 🙂 He’s etched in my heart and soul! Glorious sig, as ever. Bcc. I have to confess I’m not a big fan of the sweater..But I love the photo itself. I for one hope he’ll never go near the Bond franchise (sorry, cdoart- no hard feelings, eh? 🙂 ). I hope in 5 years’ time he’ll be an established A-list actor who can pick and choose his roles and do a variety of things, not just feature films but challenging TV roles, theatre and audiobooks as well!

    • cdoart says:

      No hard feelings at all, Judit. 😉 I fully agree. I hope he will not really do a James Bond film ;o)
      In a way it was my ‘placeholder’ for some really big productions. But I also think he will not entirely do what I would like him to do. I just hope he is happy with whatever choice he makes.

  7. servetus says:


  8. Kathleen says:

    Another nice one! Don’t get to see RA too often in soft light and that is a shame because he looks great, in the hands of Bcc.

    I will be deeply disappointed if, five years from now, RA has stopped reading audio books. Such a nice touch, having a little RA to go. Richard III would be good too but seeing him on Broadway, you bet!

  9. Thais says:

    Wow! I love this one!!! I could keep staring at it all day long!
    I really hope The Hobbit can change his career for better and his talent can be recognise worldwide. He deserves it! And I really hope he don’t give up his beard for good after the film. 😀

  10. Holliday says:

    This siggie is well(but then, aren’t they all?). I like the simplicity of it. And really, who could possibly forget Richard?

    Five years from now I’m hoping he will still be doing what he loves most, whether it be in Hollywood(although I hope he avoids that route, Hollywood is such a soul sucking place), the UK or where ever. I’m sure whatever he does it’ll be awesome. As for the beard, I expect that to be gone as soon as he can get rid of it. On the one hand, I LOVE the beard. But on the other, why hide such a gorgeous face? And that stubble looks hot too.

  11. Very simple, and very nice. Love it! 😀

  12. Ania says:

    Unusual calmness emits from the today’s graphic. Beautiful! Thank you!

    Answering the question.I think after “The Hobbit” he will be more financially independent and this will allow him to do what he wants, so maybe he will play at the theater or directing movies.
    And the beard, well, just for winter trips to the Alps. 😉

  13. titianminx says:

    My usual comment b, brilliant work work!! I wish every success and happiness to the gorgeous Richard. For selfish reasons I hope we don’t lose him to the Hollywood la la land treadmill. I think we might after the release of The Hobbit.
    The face fuzz just for certain roles?? LOL

  14. Anonymous says:

    Emma’s music choice made be think he’d look good in a civil war role (Jude Law did it!) and to balance things up after Lucas he could be batting for the South … but then that could be an accent disaster waiting to happen LOL. Maybe he’d be better off spying for Cromwell – building on established skills.
    I’m happy for him to shave the beard for a while but nothing else. I’m still hoping he’s a chest hair late bloomer.

  15. Teuchter says:

    Sweet music and picture choice Emma!! “Civil Wars” wasn’t well know to me and now I am hooked! I love the simplicity of their music and beautiful harmony. The graphic is, in a word, wonderful!! I have grown to adore the beard and that surprised me, even though at times I miss the stubble. Whether he keeps it or not will likely depend on what his next roll will be. I must say he looks totally huggable in that chunky sweater! 😀

    I’m sure I will never ever forget him as long as I live because of the impact he has had on my life. I hope for the very best to come his way whether it be on stage, small screen or big screen, or doing more audio books!! 🙂 It’s high time more of the world came to realize what a treasure he really is! He truly deserves every accolade that I’m sure will come to him!!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Ooooh, lovely! Love the beard! Never forget him!

  17. lovemrthornton says:

    I think Richard Armitage is the *first* man I’ve ever seen sporting a beard where I’ve said, “That man is so sexy with a beard.”

    I’m not kidding. I normally hate beards.

    It’s just so distinguished.

  18. Beautiful siggie Bcc, it’s both sweet and distinguished (as I imagine the owner of that beard to be). Thanks to Emma for the choice and as for the song …

  19. LOL tah dahhhhhh (i mixed up the links) sorry so, as I was saying … as for the song ….

    there you go 🙂

  20. Ana Cris says:

    Hi Bcc,
    This is simple, quick and beautiful graphic!

  21. A lovely image and siggie, Gals! Sighhh!

  22. Summer says:

    Simply gorgeous!!! Thx Bcc 😀

  23. mersguy says:

    Great pic Emma, I share your beard love ♥ Gorgeous work bccmee ♥

  24. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Our wishes share many similarities for RA’s future. If he becomes an A-list actor on the silver screen, he can pick and choose his roles. Some theater and continued audiobooks are also hopeful possibilities. And if he’s still interested, maybe he can get Richard III into production. Or a Civil War role, LOL! The Civil Wars can write the soundtrack.

    As for his beard, perhaps it will hang in a Hobbit museum someday. 😉

    Thanks again for your thoughtful and/or entertaining comments!

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