Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 19

Welcome to day 19 of A Graphic a Day in May. It’s thefrencharmitagearmy’s birthday so I am posting her result today. Happy birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy!birthday

Thefrencharmitagearmy has both a tumblr and a WordPress blog. 😀

Here is your base image of Richard Armitage from a 2007 photoshoot:

Image courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here is your graphic:

Richard Armitage takes the imagination by storm

To start things off, I played the recommended song: “Iron” by Woodkid. If this video is blocked in your country, I strongly urge you to seek out another source. Once you watch and listen to it, you’ll realize why! It’s incredible.

I didn’t need to cut out the image so I placed it over a gray layer to match the background color. Of course there was lots of space to fill so I found another wet Richard Armitage picture from the same photoshoot:

I converted this new image to black and white and placed it on the the opposite end of the graphic. I thought of the caption early on and wrote “Richard Armitage takes the imagination by storm” in the Perpetua, RegencyScriptFLF and Nervous fonts. To distort the word “STORM,” I rasterized it (turned it into an object) and used the Filter > Distort > Wave command. The raindrops were created by following this video tutorial: Rain Drops.

The subtle beams radiating from the center were created with the Registration Target 2 custom shape tool.

The above “beam” layer was set to the Soft Light blend mode and the opacity was reduced.

Then I added a cloud layer.

This storm cloud layer was set to the Luminosity blend mode and again, the opacity was lowered.

The last thing I did was to rotate the second Richard Armitage image to make him look a bit other-worldly and off-balance.

If I stare at that “beam” layer and then close my eyes, I can see its negative, LOL!

After finishing the graphic, I tried something else. I found an ocean wave picture and placed it on a layer above the base image and set its blend mode to Lighten. This is the result:

I want to do some more experimentation in the future with this effect as it looks pretty cool, but I ran out of time to explore it further.

If you were caught in a storm away from civilization, which Richard Armitage character would you choose to be with?

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23 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 19

  1. Thank you so much !! I love both of them 😀 !! It’s a fine way to start my b-day 😉

    • bccmee says:

      @thefrencharmitagearmy: Hope you had a lovely birthday! Thanks for your contributions. 😀 Wow, I’m pleased you enjoyed both of the graphics.

  2. Emma says:

    Joyeux anniversaire, a vous! C’est un beau image du Richard

    Bcc, I never understood why they made Richard’s hair wet in that photoshoot. Yours certainly makes more sense! Great play on words too.

  3. Holliday says:

    I like what you did with this picture. I wasn’t a big fan of the wet hair look for this photo shoot, but I think you made it work a lot better.

    Happy birthday to thefrencharmitagearmy! Hope it’s a good one(it’s my daughter’s birthday today too).

    If I was caught in a storm away from civilization I’d want to be with John Porter because he’d find us shelter to ride the storm out and make sure we stayed safe.

  4. Ania says:

    Happy birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy!
    Black and white graphics are really incredibly beautiful. ♥ But, when I look at the first graphic I have the impression that the water droplets almost fall on me. This is a really amazing feeling. 🙂 Thank you B.!
    Answering a question. Away from civilization in a storm I would like to be with … John Porter ♥ With him I definitely would be safe. 🙂

  5. Ana Cris says:

    It was very cool! Thanks for the video, it is amazing!
    And happy birthday thefrencharmitagearmy!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy!! Fantastic graphic, bccmee! Love the effects – lots to learn from! 🙂

  7. Faboamanto says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire thefrencharmitagearmy! What fabulous graphics Bccmee. Dramatic like the photos of RA. Great choices. The video and the song made me think of Lords of the North.

    If I was caught in a storm in a remote place I would pick John Porter because as part of his training he would know just what to do to keep us both safe, but he would also be a great guy to cuddle up to for warmth in the cold stormy weather.

  8. Teuchter says:

    What a wonderful graphic to get for your birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy! These black and white effects are fantasticl and I find I love both graphics!! How could I not with Richard in them! The wave behind and the water droplets really set off the “wet hair” images, Bcc!

    I think I too would go for John Porter! Aren’t we told to head for a PORT if there’s a storm coming!! 😀 (Sorry, couldn’t resist!!) You sure would feel safe with him taking care of you 😉

    • phylly3 says:

      My thoughts exactly Teuchter!! Really beautiful work here Bccmee. I prefer the first graphic because it has 2 Richards! I was not familiar with that second photo, so thanks for that!
      Happy Birthday to French AA!

  9. Carolyn says:

    I love these photos! You did a great job with them. Love both siggies! Love Richard wet!

  10. Judit says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire,thefrencharmitagearmy! 🙂 I love the wet hair photoshoot, it’s one of my favourites- the point of it is that it makes him look as if he’s just got out of the shower and… you know, it’s ReAlly sexy! This siggie is quite simply gorgeous and wonderfully creative as usual!! Well done Bcc! ChaRActer to get caught in a storm with- John Porter, I think he’s a fairly obvious choice! If he’s not available then John Standring would do just fine too, thank you! 🙂

  11. jeanniegisborne says:

    Happy Birthday thefrencharmitagearmy! Thanks your choices. The Perfect Storm, B 🙂

  12. titianminx says:

    Happy Birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy. Both siggies are amazing. You have been doing a wonderful job and working so hard making them. He looks so handsome in all of the siggies you have done. I think I would like to get caught with John Porter too! He would be able to cope in any crisis. Thanx for your fantastic work B.

  13. Happy Birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy! I hope you enjoy your day. X.-)

    My dear genie, thanks for the graphics and the music video recommendation. I love the song and the vid is absolutely incredible. Maybe someday I will try to do one myself although it is innecessary because you do it amazingly. 😉 *mwah*

  14. Nice! Wet… hmm… I think probably Guy, just because he looks like he’d be able to take care of himself… or maybe Porter…

  15. cdoart says:

    Happy Birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy! What a true statement and two wonderful siggies for today, bccmee! Thank you. RA indeed takes one by surpise like a big wave and takes one by storm ;o)

  16. beengizzied says:

    He certainly doesn’t leave me cold. Kudos Team Day 19 and Happy Birthday thefrencharmitagearmy.
    I think I’d be stranded with Lucas as I’d at least know which way is North.

  17. Snicker's Mom says:

    wow. those are incredible!!!

  18. mersguy says:

    Happy birthday, thefrencharmitagearmy! Brilliant work bccmee.♥

  19. Beachbaby says:

    Hope you had a lovely birthday the french armitage army! I love the pic – Guy hair all wet….yum 😉 Great graphic too Bccmee, I like the way you have him peeking into the picture, he knows he’s creating a storm 😉
    Despite being a paid up Guy girl, I think I too would like John Porter around during a storm – such a capable bloke.

  20. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Thanks for your interesting comments! We’ll get through the storm together. 😉 Glad you liked the music video selected by thefrencharmitagearmy. I’m now a big fan of that song. I like the comparison to Lords of the North. I’m going to listen to it again with that in mind.

    I like the idea of the photoshoot representing someone just fresh from the shower. Brilliant! RA does provide a ‘perfect storm’ and a surprise like a big wave.

    Oooh, fascinating reasons for your choices of being caught in a storm with a Richard Armitage character. John Porter is definitely the top choice, although Guy, John Standring and Lucas North make an appearance. LOL re: knowing which way is north.

    If I was caught in a storm, I might choose Harry Kennedy especially if he had some “how to survive in the woods” type books. Or we could build a shelter with all his books. Otherwise, perhaps Dr. Track with his medical training and the fact he could have a radio with him to call for a helicopter rescue. His orange jumpsuit would make him easy to spot, LOL!

  21. april73 says:

    Avec un peu de retard pour cause de week-end prolongé, je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire thefrencharmitagearmy ! 🙂

    The pic you choose is soooo swoooon…

    And Bccmee… you did a great job with the siggies !!! Bravo !!! 🙂

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