Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 15

“Whenever I see your smiling face,
I have to smile myself” ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫

Happy Tuesday to you! Today’s image is a picture of Richard Armitage laughing on the Lorraine Show contributed by Beachbaby. She also recommended “Your smiling face” sung by James Taylor. Thank you, Beachbaby!

Here’s your base image:

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here’s your graphic of the day:

Richard Armitage

There were so many great screencaps from this interview, I wanted to incorporate as many as possible. ♥ I felt compelled to do something different than just have them on the same plane. First I found some more images to include:

I used the Elliptical Marquee Tool with a 1 pixel feather to cut out the first image and used that as a “cookie cutter” for the remaining images.  I overlapped the ovals and added a drop shadow for depth. For the text “Richard Armitage,” I used the Mom’s Typewriter font and used the Create Warped Text button in Photoshop to give it a wavy effect.

For the background, I chose a night sky image because I was influenced by the song lyrics, “I thank my lucky stars.” ★

I lowered the opacity of the stars and placed it over a solid black layer.

Finally, I created two hearts using the Custom Shape tool. I gave the hearts an outer glow and changed the Fill to 0% so the hearts would disappear but the outlines would remain.

Here’s some happy news: Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com has made another donation to one of Richard Armitage’s favorite charities thanks to the purchases made through her Amazon Associate’s link: Donations to Charity. Keep up the good work! My sister and I always click through the RichardArmitageNet.Com links when we buy from Amazon. 😀

Which is your favorite Richard Armitage interview? I’ll tell you my fave tomorrow!

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32 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 15

  1. Elaine says:

    Hi bccmee, Beachbaby’s choice of screencap really inspired you to create a delightful mini-masterpiece! I really like your treatment of this sequence of shots. Who can resist a smiling RA? I like the music choice as well, James Taylor is a favorite of mine.

    Have a great day everyone

  2. Hi Bccmee and Beachbaby,
    I love to see RA laugh! The image choices and the resulting siggie are amazing! Thanks for this lovely Tuesday gift!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. april73 says:

    Bravo Bccmee and Beachbaby for the great pic and siggie !!! 🙂

  4. cdoart says:

    Absolutely wonderfull and 4 times sweet. Now it is hard to go back to work ;o)
    Thank you, bccmee and Beachbaby!

  5. Mezz says:

    Great choice of pic and music Beachbaby. What’s better than one Richard? Four of course!!
    Fabulous siggie bccmee. 🙂

  6. Emma says:

    Great picture choice, Beachbaby. How can one not smile when they see that?! 🙂
    So fun, Bccmee! Excellent sequence of pictures together

  7. Faboamanto says:

    I really, really, really, needed a smile today Bccmee and Beachbaby, and I especially love that man’s smile. Thank you.

    Favorite interview, I have so many. One of my favorite TV interviews was from 2007 during filming of Robin Hood, one of those morning programs, BBC Breakfast.

  8. Chrissy says:

    How lovely to see a happy smiling Richard … lovely choice of screencap Beachbaby. I love the sequence of photos you added to it Bccmee …. a lovely siggy. xx

  9. Leigh Vondereau says:

    *smiling, purring* What a lovely graphic you created. Looking at it, I can’t help but smile myself.

  10. Nice to see him happy! 🙂

  11. ItsJSforMe says:

    Love to see RA smiling! Thanks, bccmee and Beachbaby 🙂

  12. mariana says:

    Beautiful graphic! I love all Richard’s interviews, but I especially prefer Richard Armitage BBC America interview Jul 10 2008.

  13. Ania says:

    It’s wonderful to see him as a smiling. I love your graphic Bccmee! 🙂 I can’t choose one of his interview, I love them all (that I saw 😉 ). He always speaks with such passion and humor * sigh*

  14. jeanniegisborne says:

    I think it is safe to say we all agree that when Richard smiles he lights up our lives. 🙂
    Great siggie. As soon as I read the first words of the lyric, I began singing the song! Thanks Beachbaby and B for putting a smile on my face. 🙂

  15. Carolyn says:

    I love to see him smiling and laughing! Thank you!

  16. jacqui_coinyard says:

    Lovely sig with a lovely smiling RA, 🙂

  17. Ana Cris says:

    Good choice, girls, the last two photos are wonderful! :0)
    And thank you, Bcc, for the opportunity to meet so many songs!

  18. beengizzied says:

    “I lowered the opacity of the stars” … goodness, bccmee, you ARE talented! Perhaps you can fix global warming?
    Team Day 15 has defined “feel good” in a hot pink, starry, Richardy way.
    Like mariana, my favourite interview is the BBC America one – his reaction to the question about him always wearing black is just the best.

  19. Beachbaby says:

    Wow, I love it Bccmee. 🙂 When I posted the laughing pic I thought that it would be nice to have other smiling pics with it – and there they are! I love how Richard on the end is looking at the others smiling & laughing! My selection was inspired by your Valentine’s Day vid, I have it on my ipod and watch it lots as it always makes me smile.
    Favourite interview? I adore the Spooks 7 promo interviews from Oct 2008 on BBC Breakfast & ITV’s This Morning. He was in the middle of filming RH3 & his long hair is pulled back. He looks so shy & cute.

    • bccmee says:

      @Beachbaby: Delighted you like our collaborative effort! Thanks ever so much for your gReAt contributions. It is so lovely to see RA smile. I’m honored that you were inspired by my Valentine’s Day video. Yes, I remember that interview you mention and he did look very adoRAble there! I really appreciate your time and input! 😀

  20. Snicker's Mom says:

    The siggie is really sweet! I love how you expanded the different head shots. Each day, I think, she can’t top this and every new day you do.Thanks bccmee and Beachbaby.

  21. Teuchter says:

    Richard’s lovely smiles and the upbeat music!! Just what I needed to lift my spirits today and it worked wonders!!! 😀 Thank you ladies. The siggie is wonderful BTW! Can you make it into a wallpaper by any chance Bcc??? Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Holliday says:

    This siggie made me smile the moment I saw it. Four Richards are better than one. He has a gorgeous smile. Favorite interview? There was one I saw with Lorraine(at least I think that’s who it is) where she starts talking really fast and Richard has to talk fast just to keep up with her.

  23. magwi says:

    Good choice Beachbaby. So good to see that smile. ♥

    Love the way you manage to add to it bccmee. He looks really animated as a result. 🙂 Well done!

  24. Brooke says:

    He has such a lovely smile. It helps him to look great at his age. Isn’t it nice that he’s not one of those people who don’t like to smile or laugh that much?

  25. Lovely siggie,bcc. Great pic choice Beachbaby.I love to see Richard smiling or laughing!He seems so at ease when he does this.

  26. tyme4t says:

    HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY – that is what I feel when I see this siggie! I brought me a big smile to my face and a happy gooey fan-gurl gushy feeling inside!
    I enjoy so many of his interviews but I love the [spooks] behind the scenes stuff/interview he did for series 7. Also, I LOVE his interview behind the scenes of VoD!

  27. Thais says:

    What a lovely siggie, bccmee! Like it was said before, seeing RA smiling is just wonderful! I think I don’t have a favourite interview. I just love him giving interviews… 🙂

  28. Mersguy says:

    I love to see him smile – he has such a beautiful smile too ♥

  29. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Thank you so much for your kind words! Smiling RA does light up this graphic all on his own. 😀 It felt necessary to include more than one screencap. I find something to enjoy in all of RA’s interviews because he is so thoughtful and cheerful, but my favorite is the 2009 GMTV interview where he looks clean-shaven and boyish and his hair is pooking up. ♥

  30. Judit says:

    Wow wow wow, loved this one as well! Great choice of song and picture, Beachbaby! I agree with Mezz, only 4 Richards are better than one. 🙂 Yet another fantastic siggie, Bcc! My favourite interview moment is his embarrassed mumble and smile when Lorraine Kelly told him he was a “beautiful boy”. My favourite full interview is the one with the pulled-back hair. He never looked more radiant than that morning. 🙂

  31. phylly3 says:

    I missed this one until now and it is so special– I love everything about it, including the theme song! 🙂

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