Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 11

Hello and good to see you again! It’s our 11th graphic of the month.  😀

Today’s contributions come to us from IngeD3 who has a blog of her own: Crispin’s Eclipse. Thank you very much, IngeD3!

Below is today’s base image of Richard Armitage from the Project Magazine photoshoot. He’s wearing his beard! ♥

Image courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here is your graphic:

…and I believe in love

First of all, I clipped out Richard Armitage from the background. Using the Patch tool, I removed the shadow on his forehead. I didn’t want to chop off the top of his head but he took up so little space in the graphic that I went in search of another image and found this one on RichardArmitageNet.Com:

I clipped out the second image too and decided it looked better cropped so we could see his eyes.  😉 For the background, I used the original image for the nice gradient effect in the corners. At this point, I added a slight drop shadow to the original base image.

The caption “…and I believe in love” was written in the Enviro font. The choice of text comes from the lyrics of IngeD3’s song choice: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Into My Arms.

This was a very simple design, but I couldn’t improve much on the perfection of the originals!

I wonder what Richard Armitage is looking at in each of the photos. What do you think?

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36 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 11

  1. tyme4t says:


  2. Emma says:

    This set, in both the black and white and colour, are my favourites from that photoshoot. Excellent choice, IngeD3! I love that you kept it simple, B. Very lovely!

  3. april73 says:

    OMG OMG OMG… swoooooooooon… ❤

    Excellent pic choice IngeD3 ! 🙂

    Bccmee, once again a BIG BRAVO for your work !!! 🙂

  4. Mezz says:

    @ tyme4t, me too! My first thought/wish was that he is looking at me! Love your choices of pic and song.
    Simple design, simply perfection, bcc. It’s stunning.

  5. The Lord in Heaven Bless him!!!! You killed me Bccmee … Fabulous! Stunning!

  6. Cool! I LOVE this sig!

  7. Faboamanto says:

    I just love, love, love, that sweater…and the man wearing it 😉 Thanks Bccmee and IngeD3 for a fabulous Friday. Amazing graphic.

  8. Luciana says:

    And to think I never liked bearded men… How can someone not love this man… LOL

  9. gracie says:

    Wow, this is classy. And the song brought tears to my eyes. I love it.

  10. Elaine says:

    Sweet heavenly bliss…………….**thud** This is my favorite so far – LOVE IT!! Thanks Bccmee and IngeD3.

  11. cdoart says:

    What wonderful siggie, bccmee and what great choice IngeD3! I had almost given up on hearing some of the music, but this one I could open and had tears in my eyes. What wonderful choice of quote from this thoughtful and heartbreakingly lovely song!
    Regarding RA and where he is looking, that is always the question I ask myself as well ;o)
    In the direct one, I think he is examining the camera of the photographer ;o) Still, it always sends shockwaves (of recognition?) out to me, when I see it.
    In the other one with the downcast view, I think he is searching for the little female mouse 😉 (Or is that the same photoshoot?)

  12. Chrissy says:

    Simply gorgeous!!!

  13. Summer says:

    Not looking at me for sure, he’s way too serious LOL

  14. jacqui_coinyard says:

    Another lovley sig. I’m watching Onedin Line from dvd at the moment and this pic reminds me of RA as a Onedin crew member.

  15. Both simple and beautiful. I love it ! 🙂

  16. ItsJSforMe says:

    That photoshoot just slays me. The man looks marvelous. ♥♥♥Love♥♥♥ The Beard!!! Splendid layout, bccmee! Thanks to IngeD3 for choosing that pic!!!

  17. fitzg says:

    Excellent Bccmee! You rocked that photoshoot photo! Does any man wear a beard as beautifully as this one? Thank you Inge and bccmee. 😀

  18. Teuchter says:

    Perfect choice of picture and music, IngeD3. What you’ve done to make the graphic for the day is equally stunning, Bcc!! I loved the fact that you focused on his eyes for the larger image as they seem to say so much. I think we all long to know what is going on behind them!! 😉 This has to be one of the best photoshoots ever and as usual he leaves me quite breathless. He’s almost TOO gorgeous in that sweater. I wasn’t too keen on beards either but Richard changed all that! 😀 I have no idea what or whom he is looking at – other than the camera – but I sure wish it was me!!!

  19. Delia LaFanetta says:

    Love this graphic…and the pics! ❤ Thank you!

  20. IngeD3 says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely graphic, Bccmee – I love it!
    I never liked beards until RA grew one…

    So kind of you to link to my blog as well. I’m planning to write about why I love this picture (and others) so very much…very soon.

    Thanks again for making my Friday! And enjoy the weekend!!

    • bccmee says:

      @IngeD3: So delighted you enjoyed our collaborative graphic! Thanks for the photoshoot image of Richard Armitage and the song. I used to listen to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds but haven’t heard them in a while. I look forward to your blogpost analyzing this picture! Like you, I’m generally not fond of beards, but there is something about Richard Armitage’s that makes me swoon! 😀

  21. jeanniegisborne says:

    Very nice IngeD3 and B 🙂

  22. Carolyn says:

    *sigh* This is my favorite so far. Had to save it so I could drool over and over again. He sure does know how to ‘make love’ to the camera with just a look.

  23. Hi Bccmee and Inge,
    Lovely image choice and resulting siggie. Sighhh! And, these Project Magazine images are my favorite portrait shots of Richard Armitage as well.

    The siggie phrase is also very apt. I remember reading that RA back in 2004 replied when asked if he believed in true love, “I’m counting on it.” Sighhhhh! Oh, here is that RA Online link to the article’s quote excerpts:

    And there is something so “made by my mum” quality about the sweater in this photo. The sweater looks warm and clings to RA’s muscular form–rhyme not intended. Ha! But its pattern is basic. Actually, I would expect a John Standring to have this servicable sweater in his wardrobe. Or maybe, a practical an down to Earth Leicester Lad does, too? And I’m a huge fan of the big and cuddly Standring. But with RA wearing this sweater, he elevates it to a whole other level of style. Why? Because everything looks good on RA.
    Sighhhh! *Swoon* *Tthuudd* (I bounced. Ha!)
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  24. beengizzied says:

    I almost feel like the “steely stare” Richard is judging me for checking out “eyes cast down” Richard. But I feel I’m up for his inquisition, LOL. Well done Team Day 11.

  25. Holliday says:

    WOW!!!!! This came out so good!! I LOVE him with the beard(I love him without the beard too, but there’s just something so sexy about that beard). Fantastic job. As to what he’s looking at, the smart aleck in me wants to say he’s not looking at anything in particular, but he’s thinking “When are we breaking for lunch? I’m starved.”

  26. Ania says:

    It is amazing how a simple form can be so delightful. *sigh* I mean to say that your graphic is brilliant. ♥
    It’s difficult to answer what he is looking at. But his glance is such full musing. Stunning.

  27. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Thanks again for your thoughtful comments! I enjoyed hearing your interpretations of Richard Armitage’s look, from “looking at me” to “examining the camera” to “steely stare” to “full musing” to the little mouse to “when are we breaking for lunch?” to a longing to know what’s going on behind his eyes. 😀

    The sweater style is very basic and it works. I wonder what it feels like. 😉 It does look like something John Standring would wear, or someone at sea as in Onedin Line.

    This photoshoot is my favorite too. Personally, I was tempted to buy an iPad just for this, LOL! But I resisted. Richard Armitage wears a beard so well! And like many of you, I never was a fan of beards before.

    As you mentioned, his eyes say so much, and words are not enough to describe them.

  28. Judit says:

    I’d like to summon Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood to find out what RA’s thinking of! 🙂 Gorgeous photo selection Inge and you created yet another fantastic sig, Bcc! Have to confess the jumper is not my cup of tea but it sure looks very warm! 🙂 Hope it wasn’t itchy on his skin. 🙂

  29. debra7134 says:

    I’ve loved all of your May Graphics, bccmee…….but this one just took my breath away!!!
    It is simply beautiful and the look in his eyes…..well…there are no words I could print here to say what they make me feel!
    Thank you, too, to IngeD3 for submitting this pic!
    Bravo, bccmee!!!!!!!!!

  30. Thais says:

    Bccmee, black and white picture + RA wearing his lovely beard + your talent = perfection. This siggie’s wonderful!

  31. This is beautiful,Bcc! What eyes! It seems he is looking straight at us.* sigh*

  32. magwi says:

    I’m not fond of beards but this picture is just delicious. Good choice IngD3. And well done bccmee for choosing not ‘guilding the lily’. Simply stunning. ♥

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