Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 6

Welcome to the 6th day of A Graphic a Day in May! 😀

It’s Sunday and it seemed perfect to have our first John Thornton graphic. Richard Armitage and the entire cast of North & South made this production worthy of repeated viewings. Speaking of which, there is going to be a worldwide group watch of North & South next month and I hope you can participate! I sure am. This project has been initiated by Fanny/iz4blue and details can be found here: N&S Group Watch.

Today’s image and song recommendations come to us courtesy of Luciana. Thank you so much for your contributions, Luciana!

Here is your base image:

Here is today’s graphic:

You have to look hard

*sigh* John Thornton is such a romantic character. Have you read the book yet? It goes into a lot of detail about his passions. ♥ The song chosen by Luciana was definitely appropriate: Too Marvelous for Words.

To create this graphic, I kept the background and added a second image of John Thornton which I snaffled from RichardArmitageNet.Com:

I extended Thornton’s back in the original image and overlapped the two figures. Then I applied some adjustments to brighten and soften the faces. Next I added a wild rose after cutting it out.

The text “You have to look hard” is written in the Treasure Map Deadhand font. I applied the Arch style using Photoshop’s Warp Text button and added a drop shadow. I chose that quote because it reflects so many traits of John Thornton, since at first he was rather unappealing but he slowly grew on us. ♥

Have a lovely Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow! I’m very excited about the N&S group watch and hope many of you can join in. 😀

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33 Responses to Graphic a Day in May 2012 – Day 6

  1. Leigh Vondereau says:

    Lovely graphic, Bccmee. You’ve caught his intensity beautifully.

  2. tyme4t says:

    Well pin a rose on your nose! LOL – lovely one again!

  3. Holliday says:

    Well done, as usual.

  4. Judit says:

    Funny you should ask Bcc, because I’m reading N&S now! I’m at the part where the workers have started their strike. Margaret and Mr. Hale are about to go to the Thorntons’ dinner party… I’m enjoying the book but it’s slow going because I only read on the public transport on my way to and from work! When I’m at home I’m on the internet, RIcharding.. 😉 Great work again Bcc and fantastic recommendation from Fanny! 🙂

    • Judit says:

      Sorry, just realized the picture was selected by Luciana! And the group viewing project is Fanny’s. Oops!

  5. Luciana says:

    Perfect as usual!!!! Thanks Bcc. You made my Sunday more special 😉
    Yes, I’ve read N&S and love it, almost as much as I loved watching the movie!! A pity the book didn’t bring pictures of RA… LOL

    • Luciana says:

      OMG, had to watch this scene again… 😀

    • bccmee says:

      @Luciana: N&S is a great read, isn’t it? I just love that book! ♥ I’m so delighted you enjoyed your graphic.

      It would be just wonderful if there was a picture of Richard Armitage on the cover. That’s a great idea! He was on the cover of the print edition of Chris Ryan’s Strike Back. 😀

  6. Lovely way to start a Sunday! This was barely mentioned in the book but was cleverly highlighted in the adaptation. He had to look SO hard 🙂

  7. gracie says:

    Over here, Mr. Thornton! Your wild rose awaits you! I am the one that loved you from the moment I saw you with that cotton snow falling all around, and even after you punched that guy out, I, unlike Margaret Hale, never judged you.

    Bccmee, you are not helping my delusions with your great graphics and beautiful songs. lol

  8. Oh PS.: Thanks for mentioning the North and South watch! I realized I found a perfect excuse to watch the trail scene multiple times 🙂

  9. cdoart says:

    How beautiful, bccmee! Thank you, Luciana, for chosing that intense picture. I love roses, especially when they are held so magnificently ;o)

  10. Emma says:

    If Margaret didn’t already know that Thornton loved her, his going to Helstone certainly confirmed it (sigh)… And you’re right, “You have to look hard” does have many meanings. Great picture choice, Luciana. Nicely done, bcc!

  11. Carolyn says:

    Very lovely! Thanks for letting me know about the group watch!

  12. This is one of the N&S photos I like most and you Bcc, became it more stunning yet. I liked the way as you put in the same picture two distinct looks from Thorthon.He is so penetrated in his thoughts in both of photos. Excellent performance of Richard in this scene . Thank you Luciana for chosing this picture. Hugs for all and have a GReAt Sunday!!

  13. Snicker's Mom says:

    very pretty! every day is such a pleasant surprise.

  14. titianminx says:

    Sooo gorgeous.Almost smell the rose’s perfume! Yet another excellent choice. Thank you for all the effort and hard work.

  15. jeanniegisborne says:

    Luciana, thank you for your choice of picture and song. A perfect match. I love your graphic B. It looks like a greeting card 🙂

  16. Ania says:

    Oh, Mr. Thornton * thud * beautiful picture choice, Luciana!
    Gorgeous graphics Bccmee! I wish the movie had more scenes which so beautifully described by Mrs. Gaskell. *sigh*

  17. magwi says:

    Good picture choice Luciana and lovely, lovely graphic bccmee. Very swoonsville.♥

    Thornton, my first RA love….of course I will continue to look hard..:)

    A rose by any other name…..

  18. beengizzied says:

    John Thornton is looking so hard here he’d give an electron microscope a run for its money.
    Nice work.

  19. Wow! My adorable Mr.Thornton, the one and only 🙂 What a way to finish a Sunday!
    Thank you Bcc and Luciana.

  20. ItsJSforMe says:

    Lovely graphic, bccmee!! I like how you overlapped the images. 🙂 Great choice of cap, Luciana!

  21. Thais says:

    *sigh* Lovely John Thornton! The “flower scene” is one of my favourites in N&S. What a nice way of ending Sunday (it’s 10pm here! :D). Thanks Bccmee! Good choice, Luciana! Have a great week everyone! 🙂

  22. april73 says:

    Wonderful choice of pic Luciana. This is one of my favourite of Richard as John Thornton. ❤

    I love your siggie Bccmee, bravo. May I have the permission to use it on a forum please ? 🙂

  23. Chrissy says:

    What a gorgeous John Thornton sig – it was such a touching moment. Id also love to use the sig sometime on a forum if I may? Beautiful work Bccmee xx

  24. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Aw, thanks for your lovely sentiments! This really is an intense expression on John Thornton’s face. What is he thinking? The roses are very symbolic in the book and movie. Now if only we could get our hands on the missing scenes and re-edit the film, LOL!

    Hope you all had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start! 😀

  25. I love that part. He’s so… squishy! *hugs* 😀

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