A son’s odyssey – guest post

Note from bccmee: This guest post is courtesy of a friend’s teenage son. We’ll have a new project in a few days.😀 😀 😀

A Son’s Odyssey
24 Moments from my life with a Richard Armitage fan

I. Mother has been marooned too long in the realm of Skype with her RA nymphets. II. Because RA has been stranded in the land of New Zealand for so long Mother has been entranced by the magic of Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen and that French guy from The Artist.
III. I haven’t seen Mum for a while so I have sought the advice of my brother: Where is Mother?
I don’t know and she hasn’t started dinner.
Looks like we need to peel the vegetables again.


IV. Mum must be being held against her will by the Satyr of The North.
V. Mom isn’t happy to leave the chat room but at last she washes ashore on the kitchen floor then staggers to the fridge and prepares our supper.
VI. I hear the sound of maidens laughing. Mom must be back in the chat room.
VII. I have a school formal and Mum says she’ll take me to buy suitable attire AFTER she watches The Hobbittrailer one more time.
VIII. Apparently there’s some special day in honour of RA. School athletic competition has been replaced with something called FanstRAvaganza.
IX. I thought Mother mentioned Lotus Eaters but she actually said the women in the chat eat like locusts and are always talking about food. These women sound okay to me.
They are doing a group watch where Guy of Gisborne tangles with the Cyclops known as Sheriff Vasey.
X. If RA is the Keeper of the Winds then I guess Mom is blown away.
XI. Mum is sacrificing housework in order to read fan-fiction.
XII. Mum can’t resist the siren like call of Guy of Gisborne, the three headed monster of the forest.I think I’ll plug her ears with beeswax and hide her computer. Apparently her liking Guy of Gisborne is my fault because she started watching Robin Hood with me.
XIII. Today Mother is working outside. This seems to be casting a protective mist about her.
XIV. She tells the chat room of her hard work and they post links of nice pictures for her to look at. She forgets her sore muscles and the mist diffuses.
XV. There is concern that Mum is losing interest in RA and looking at other actors. There are stories of fans being ambushed and their membership cards being confiscated. XVI. I suggest that she could change her screen saver. She has had Lucas North for a year and a half. I plot to replace Lucas with a picture of myself. Mum freaks. Looks like she hasn’t lost interest in RA after all.

XVII. I beg for food. I’m so desperate I offer to go shopping with her if she stops browsing eBay for Little Guys.
XVIII. DVDs keep arriving in the mail but I doubt she has room on the shelf for them all. Mum says she’ll install a new shelf and gets out her power drill.
XIX. I notice Mom studying John Porter’s scars. I bet she’d recognize him anywhere.

XXI. I play violin but Mom says I need to have more strings to my bow. She suggests I learn cello.
XXII. It’s been a tough day and Mum mutters something about John Mulligan sorting out the people at work.
XXIII. I’m beginning to doubt that this is my mother. I look for a secret sign. She tells me I need a haircut and with this I know it is her.
(It was fine for Guy to have long hair).

XXIV. It’s been fairly peaceful recently because RA is lying low in New Zealand and there isn’t too much for Mum to obsess about.
We are both anxious to see The Hobbit.
It could be worse…
She could have been a Twi-hard.

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50 Responses to A son’s odyssey – guest post

  1. april73 says:

    Excellent and funny post, bravo ! 🙂

  2. mersguy says:

    So funny, loved the bits on browsing ebay for LG and Guy’s long hair! LOL

  3. magwi says:

    That is so funny. Loved the membership cards being confiscated for not showing loyalty. Love it!

  4. Very funny! My son would relate to this very much poor fellow!!!
    “-Mum, I’m hungry” Me: “-ALREADY????? go eat some cereals” Son: “I ate cereals 3 hours ago, now it’s dinner time …. please!!!”
    I used to have “english on-line lessons” (aka forum quizzes) as an excuse, but somehow he realised that me drooling over so many pictures of a certain TDH, who was not my teacher, led to no improvement at all in my english level. 😀

  5. Jo Milne says:

    This was absolutely brilliant!!! Except for the fact that I don’t Skype this is me almost to a tee!!! Our poor children 😀

  6. gracie says:

    This was excellent. I can’t stop laughing.

  7. Luciana says:

    ” Mum can’t resist the siren like call of Guy of Gisborne, the three headed monster of the forest.” I can’t either… LOL
    Wonderful job, Bcc!!!

  8. Mariana says:

    Excellent! This is so funny! And very true…

  9. What a smart little guy she has!! 😉 excellent post

  10. Faboamanto says:

    I laughed and I cried!. The Satyr of the North! Brilliant

  11. fitzg says:

    Have to forward this to MY son!! The tolerant guy who trolled the Net and presented the DVD of George Gently (Ricky Deeming) for Christmas! Surely I only mentioned R. Armitage ONCE?? Lovely, bccmee and Son of Friend! 😀

  12. ItsJSforMe says:

    It all sounds so familiar!!! Excellent post, friend’s teenage son!! Well done!!!

  13. Smithylass says:

    Briliant! So familiar. My poor kids. My youngest reckons what he calls my RA obsession is a sign I’m going through a mid-life crisis. Who, me???

  14. lesleyann says:

    How brilliant and true – my children are so understanding to my face but I know they think I’m nuts!!!. I do feel sorry for them but I can’t help myself. My hubby just raises his eyebrows and says oh not again………

  15. jhezser says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!! Thank you for the laughs!!! 🙂

  16. Summer says:

    This is hilarious and sounds kind of familiar *coughs” LOL VIII & XI just floored me Hahaha
    Thx for the fun post Bcc, hope you’re enjoying an Easter break, I sure am 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like my daughter is not the only one affected by her mother’s obsession with Richard. Thankfully my daughter is totally amused and even helps me pose my Little Guy. She even got a Doctor Who action figure out of the deal so that I have other “people” Little Guy can interact with. Now there’s even a Captain America which had her rolling on the floor. 🙂
    Your a good boy to put up with your mum’s FanGurl venture back into Teen Idol worship 😉

  18. Too funny! Find that kid a support group asap! 🙂

  19. vec170203 says:

    OMG, This is so funny, luckily I have no children who may suffer RA’ collateral effects 🙂

  20. Leigh Vondereau says:

    Sounds like a candidate for “Adult Children of RA Addicts”… This is why I say absolutely nothing about my addiction to my progeny, listen and watch with headphones on, etc.

  21. Ania says:

    A great post! Very funny. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I really can’t stop laughing. Thank you!

  22. Carolyn says:

    Very funny post! Thanks for the laugh! This would be me if my kids weren’t grown up. As it is, my cats sit and stare at me when it’s time to eat and I am always saying to them, “in a minute..just have to read this one last thing.” LOL

  23. Meryl says:

    gotta love this post!
    my family think I’m bonkers too, but it’s been going on for sooo long now they just shake thier heads, my nieces buy me R.A. related stuff so I blame them for “aiding and abetting” me!!

  24. titianminx says:

    Great post! Love it, sooo funny. I’m not quite as bad as that!! LOL

  25. tully2shoes says:

    Very cute! I think we all can identify with those posts:) Thanks for sharing!

  26. jazzbaby1 says:


  27. Lady Prisca says:

    Very funny!
    The french actor is Jean Dujardin and your mum is right to like him .
    He’s very popular in France , talented and funny.

    • april73 says:

      I agree, Jean Dujardin is very talented. He just won the Oscar for “Best Actor” for his role in the mute black and white movie “The artist”. 🙂

  28. beengizzied says:

    “Oh-dear-sseus!” … This poor boy needs a lamb roast urgently. That lone carrot didn’t look very filling.

  29. Snicker's Mom says:

    Clever teenage son!!!! I am one of those poor fans whose membership is going to be revoked as well. Had a very good laugh. 🙂

  30. Mezz says:

    LOL This is brilliant! Well done, teenage son!

  31. Elaine says:

    This kid has a future in comedy writing! I’m screaming and ranting through an ugly fiscal year end at work and this was a much needed stress reliever. Add to that the fact that I won the audio book of Venetia (thanks Lisa!) during FanstRAvanganza and I’m grinning and giggling like an idiot.

  32. son of RA fan says:

    Hiya everybody! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my post. I’ve never blogged and I’ve never made anything like this so it’s been fun. I’m looking forward to The Hobbit but not as much as all of you, I bet. Happy blogging bccmee.

  33. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: I appreciate all your support of our guest blogger. 😀 I really laughed a lot and now I’ve been inspired to read The Odyssey!

  34. So funny! Poor kid! LOL 😀

  35. servetus says:

    Poor child! Someone call Children’s Protective Services!

    Great post.

  36. Holliday says:

    That was a fun read! My obsession hasn’t quite gone that far. The kids haven’t really noticed, but my hubby raises his eyebrows whenever he sees me eyeing(and drooling over) pics of Richard.

  37. Very funny! I laughed alot!.Poor kids !My sister is always saying
    that i´m addicted to RA, because everytime she see me in front of my pc, guess am I doing?

  38. tyme4t says:

    That is one funny kid! Great post – giggled all the way through 🙂

  39. yelloweeee says:

    This is hilarious. Loved the one about the the power going out!

  40. Jonia says:

    This is great! ROTFL!!!! specially “XXI. I play violin but Mom says I need to have more strings to my bow. She suggests I learn cello.” ;D

  41. womblingfree says:

    Love it! No mention of the frequently burnt pizzas resulting from being on the laptop and distRActed whilst cooking though!

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