Guy and RAsputin – guest written post!

Note from bccmee:  Hello! Today’s blogpost is courtesy of beengizzied who has generously shared her thoughts and given me the day off.  Thanks bunches, beengizzied!

As for our “Words and Pictures” collaborative project, I’m still planning on having that completed by Saturday at the latest, and hopefully sooner. 

Now over to beengizzied:


RAsputin? It just begged to be noticed.

Rasputin, the svengali of the Russian court.

Guy of Gisborne, the svengali of … well … Guy lovers.

I know Sheriff Vasey might be the better candidate for “mad monk” status but thinking about Guy is just more fun.

I think Guy and Rasputin shared something dangerous that lurked behind their eyes.

In the cartoon Rasputin can be read as being the power behind the throne and also the third person in the royal marriage. Was he really running Russia and romancing the crown?

Apart from the sexy eyeliner, Guy has other things in common with Rasputin. He was the muscle (if not the brains) behind the Nottingham administration and he was definitely one third of the Robin/Marian/Guy love triangle.

Guy and Rasputin were both in the centre of circles of powerful people and wannabe powerful people like the Black Knights. Both could be said to have been used and users. Rasputin had come from humble beginnings and Guy was working hard to try to claim his lost privilege.  Also, Rasputin had special powers and Guy had very special leather pants.

Women. Well, there seems little doubt that they figured importantly in both of their lives.  If we believe Boney M, Rasputin was the lover of the Russian Queen and many others if we believe the Alan Rickman film. And there was definitely something between Guy and Marian and a few other wenches I’d bet.


There is no doubt that both Guy and Rasputin were both lanky, handsome men of their day. However all women know that handsome men don’t necessarily make the best father figures. Rasputin was credited with curing the young Prince Alexis’ haemophilia but also accused of using his relationship with the boy to inculcate himself into the lives of the royal family as part of his power agenda. As for Guy, well, his record with children, including his own Seth, is NOT golden.



Well, that’s a little look at Guy of Gisborne RAsputin style.  So, was there a little Rasputin in Guy? A little Romanov intrigue in Nottingham? They both seemed to cast their spells over their admirers and were complex, intriguing creatures. And the attraction of the combination of Russia and Richard Armitage just won’t quit for me. Do svidaniya!

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42 Responses to Guy and RAsputin – guest written post!

  1. VERY special leather pants! LOL! gReAt job, Beengizzied!

  2. fitzg says:

    Lovely, Beengizzied! And funny. 😀 Guy a father-figure indeed!

  3. titianminx says:

    Very funny idea-comparing the two. Sexy special leather pants wins, no contest!! LOL

  4. Fine analysis! I agree about the special power Guy’s leather pants have… over me for instance… 🙂

  5. Ania says:

    Very funny comparison Beengizzied! LOL! Guy’s leather pants … ha ha oh yes, definitely wins…. 🙂

  6. I’m totally digging this comparison. But Pictures of Rasputin never made my mouth water the way Guy’s do!

    • beengizzied says:

      Hi Joan, I know what you mean but Rasputin must have had something going for him. I’m thinking perhaps he could use the Force like a Jedi?

  7. ItsJSforMe says:

    *giggle* Guy’s very special leather pants!!! Love it, BGZ!!

  8. Luciana says:

    Guy’s very special leather pants are unbeatable… LOL. In this power x power game, poor Rasputin wouldn’t have any chance!!
    Beengizzied thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!! Loved it!!

    • beengizzied says:

      Luciana, you are so kind. I’m happy to share thoughts about Guy. I wouldn’t want to beat his pants. Maybe just a spank? (Can I say that bccmee?)

  9. This is very interesting comparison. I don’t think I’d want to see Richard play Rasputin. I love Alan Rckiman in the role and I like to keep Guy as Guy in my head, if you know what I mean 🙂
    Like everyone else, the powerful leather pants has warm (hot) place in my heart 😉

    • beengizzied says:

      Thanks Jeannie G. I would really like to see RA play him. I enjoyed Rickman too; he played him “large”. I hope your heart isn’t blistering.

  10. jazzbaby1 says:

    You forgot to mention the whole lack of bathing thing. Otherwise, awesome post! *Smooch*

    • beengizzied says:

      Hi Smoochy … I mean jazzbaby1.

      Well no doubt it was too cold in Russia for bathing and Guy just didn’t have time while going from one awkward moment to another. I think it is one of the unforgivable oversights of Robin Hood that we didn’t get Guy in one hot tub. Fan fic writers are so generous.

  11. Joanna says:

    Hi Bengizzied!
    I’m dying with laughter, thanks! Very Special Leather Pants ,indeed!:D
    I tell you truly! Therein, you will see the miRAcle! 😉

    • beengizzied says:

      Oh Joanna, a miRAcle …. so there was a divine/spiritual connection between them too! Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that. Brilliant.

  12. Carolyn says:

    Very interesting comparison! Thanks!

  13. Giggles, BG!
    Guy will always have my heart. Rasputin? Not so much. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • beengizzied says:

      Aw, Gratiana, not even one little corner of one chamber? Or have you assigned him to the chamber pot? Glad I gave you a giggle.

  14. bccmee says:

    @beengizzied: Thanks again for your extRA credit essay! I am going to need to research Bony M because I didn’t get that reference. RA is very educational.

  15. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: I appreciate your appreciation of our guest essayist! 😀 😛

    Our group project is coming along well. I hope you like it when it’s all done! See you soon.

  16. Mariana says:

    Rasputin was a odious person. Like Jeannie Gisborne “I like to keep Guy as Guy in my head”. I wouldn’t like RA plaiyng Raputin.

    • beengizzied says:

      Mariana, “odious”, oh dear, that’s harsh LOL. What if HE wore leather pants?

      • Mariana says:

        No, Beengizzied, leather pants would not be enough for me to prefer RA plaiyng Rasputin. But I’d prefer Richard plaiyng Peter the Great, the Russian Tzar! Why not?

  17. april73 says:

    Lovely and funny post Beengizzied, bravo. 🙂

  18. mersguy says:

    Those leather pants certainly have me under a spell! Great post and very funny Beengizzied ♥

  19. fitzg says:

    Beengizzied, joking aside, no doubt Mr. A would be an awesome er- hypnotic Rasputin. Just the eyes etc. Leather pants strictly optional.
    (Whoops, wasn’t going to joke) It could actually be a great role. Given the state of the Russian empire and the family at the time, much complexity there.

    • beengizzied says:

      I’m with you on that fitzg. I think he would be a great Rasputin (and a great Ivor Novello, just quietly, just to name another I have fingers crossed about).

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