FanstRAvaganza Day 3 – Lucas collaboration project

EDIT: Check out the results! NOW COMPLETE!

Note: this blogpost was created as part of FanstRAvaganza 3. Other participating blogposts can be found here:

Lucas North is simply beautiful.  No doubt about it. I could stare at him all day. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought he was not a very good agent.  Even so, he is awfully nice to look at!

Richard Armitage as Lucas North

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Well guess what? I’m going to do just that with your help!

We’re going to do a collaborative project together! I am going to take your pictures and words and create a surprise.  Since I want us to finish this before the next FanstRAvaganza posting, we’re going to have to hurry. 😀 Again, I need your help.

I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll only give you the criteria.

1. Please submit one screencap or promo picture of Richard Armitage as Lucas North.  Ideally, it will be an action shot.  Just copy and paste the link to the image in the comments form below. Do not use the [IMG] tags as you would on the forums.  You can link to your own screencaps on photobucket, imageshack, etc. or those from your favorite fansite, such as RichardArmitageNet.Com.

2. (Optional) Submit one caption.  It should be short and it can be action related or not.

Here’s an example:

The deadline is 12 Noon on 14 March, New York City time. Ideally I’ll have the final product completed by 1:30 PM so check back afterward. Our collaborative project will be added to this same blogpost. 🙂

Have fun and wish me luck, LOL! I believe we can do this.  😀

Richard Armitage as Lucas North

Promo picture courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

See you soon.  Please check back after 1:30 PM Wednesday, New York city time!

EDIT: Here are the results:

This completes our collaborative project.  Thanks for playing!  😀

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69 Responses to FanstRAvaganza Day 3 – Lucas collaboration project

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  2. Kathleen says:

    “Wet and Wild!”

  3. BCC, I believe you can do whatever! LOL!
    You are looking for action shot. Is this good for you? Lucas is running, shouting and keeping the phone in one hand.

    “Multitasking spy”

  4. Emma says:

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with, clever you!

  5. tully2shoes says:

    “Too Close for Comfort!”

  6. Hi Bccmee,
    I’m a real fan of RA the lover in his varied roles. The man melts me everytime. *Swoon* *Thud*

    However in this scene, Lucas suspects that Sarah killed her boss–but he can’t let her know that. So he “misdirects” her in the nicest way possible:

    Caption: Taking one for the team.

    Cheers! Grati ;->

  7. Mezz says:

    I’m hopeless at captions so if you can think of a better one please, be my guest!

    “Seam test.”

  8. Yay Lucas!
    “Could you drive any better if I shoved that cell phone up …”
    “Caution – driver naturally blonde”

  9. Teuchter says:

    Luscious Lucas!!“I told you Harry! My front view is just as amazing as the back!!
    “Don’t you wish you had a body like mine??”

  10. Lady Prisca says:

    Thank you for this new game B.
    Absolutely not too high!
    I have no fear , I’d make it a thousand times yet!
    The british Batman
    How am I be here and how will I go?
    I’m not very good to find captions so you can use another idea.

  11. April says:

    Yummy Lucas. 🙂

    Here’s my proposition :

    “You can leave your hat on…”

  12. Mulubinba says:

    “I really hope this gun is loaded!”

  13. Jennie says:

    can’t think of a caption………but happy to help with Lucas!

  14. Jonia says:

    Name for my blog? …Peachyboy? ..Bearderedwonder? Oh I have it.

  15. jasrangoon says:

    Oooh, so very interested to see what you come up with! I’m not great with the captions, so I’ll leave that to the more creative types. 🙂

    Here’s my screencap contribution:

  16. phoebe says:

    Looking for some action, Big Boy

    Know I came to the party too late, but thought I would toss you a giggle. Good luck with the project1

    • bccmee says:

      @phoebe: Haha, that’s a very funny caption! Thanks for the laugh. 😀 I also appreciate your support in promoting the FanstRA event! *HUGS*

  17. This is perfect, I love everything you did with the screencaps and captions 😀 !!

  18. Luciana says:

    OMG… How do you manage to surprise us every time??? Congratulations… loved it!!!

  19. jazzbaby1 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just when I think you can’t top yourself you top yourself! You kill me, B…awesome!

  20. fitzg says:

    Splendid! This was so good!!
    Sorry not to contribute. Had two tech meltdowns in 24 hours. Thought mice were supposed to live longer – and sat receivers….(takes friendly neighbourhood tech pro a while to figure out fixes. Calling in the Mounties next time…)

    This was hilarious, a great idea and great effort. (Not t

  21. Teuchter says:

    Absolutely marvelous!! You’ve out-done yourself once again!!! 😀

  22. How creative you are B 🙂 I love everybody’s pics and captions. Cracked me up 🙂

  23. Ania says:

    OMG, this is so great ha ha ha very funny 🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh, I love it!!!

  24. Lady Prisca says:

    Absolutely brilliant Bccmee. I can’t stop laughing. I read again and again. You must have had so much fun to do it. You’re very imaginative , bravo!

  25. ChrisB says:

    Exellent! Sorry I missed your call to arms – busy catching up with sleep & work – but absolutely love the end result. V.v.v.v.v.v. funny. Would love to have Lucas on speed dial 🙂

  26. jasrangoon says:

    I love what you did with the screencaps and captions! The lovely Lucas and Harry texting back and forth…who wouldn’t want a look at those texts?

  27. Thais says:

    Oh! Charming Lucas North! 🙂 Great work, Bccmee!! Creative and funny!!

  28. Sooo funny! Love it, girl! Lucas is definitely my fave RA character, but I totally agree; He was a pretty horrible agent (emphasis on the pretty, lol)! I have also heard that the show itself played kind of fast and loose with the differences between the MI5 and MI6 agencies.

  29. Hi Bccmee,
    I love what you did with our picture and caption choices! They’re a riot! Giggles!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  30. Beverly says:

    Fun. Thanks. I’m reminded that when RA was interviewed on a radio show he said something about Spooks being sometimes close to Spoofs. 🙂

  31. Carolyn says:

    LOL you are amazing with what you come up with! I love it!

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  33. It´s very funny. I loved the captions especially this: It´s too cold to be taking your clothes off. You can leave your hat on. LOL!

  34. Summer says:

    OMG How creative you are! This is simply Hilarious!! LOL

  35. Mulubinba says:

    LOL … great work!!

  36. April says:

    LOL LOL LOL !!! It’s great Bccmee, bravo !!! 🙂

  37. April says:

    It’s sooo funny, I can’t stop laughing…

  38. Joanna says:

    ROTFLOL! mark my words, you are true genius,Bccmee!:)

  39. Mezz says:

    LOL I love what you’ve done with our pics and captions. 😀

  40. april73 says:

    I’ve read the captions a second time… and I’m still laughing. 😉

  41. itsjsforme says:

    ROFLMAO!!! Bccmee, you are something else! (and I mean that in a good way) 😀

  42. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Sorry for shouting, but THANK YOU for your great input! I couldn’t do this without you and I so appreciate your participation and sense of fun. Wow, I’m stunned at how cool you are. *GROUP HUGS*

    😀 😀 😀

  43. servetus says:

    Fantastic — better than!

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