A guest’s post from Switzerland

Note from bccmee: Since I am on my cruise, I have invited some guest bloggers to post their thoughts on Richard Armitage and his characters.  Here is the first of them, from frequent commenter April. Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you upon my return. Thanks so much, April!

A guest’s post from Switzerland

A few days ago, bccmee kindly asked me if I would like to write a guest post on her blog and respond to comments in her absence at the end of January. I have accepted with great pleasure.

Some of you know me as Isabelle on Facebook. I’m also on Twitter under the name Aprilsviolet but I usually post as April on Bccmee’s blog and others. Please excuse me if my English in not very good, for it’s not my mother tongue.

So, let me tell you how I have met Richard Armitage….

I mean in the figurative sense, not in the literal, unfortunately, lol. Although I had the chance to meet some actors at the stage doors with my friends such as James McAvoy (very nice), Rupert Penry-Jones (adorable) and Matthew Macfadyen (very impressive), I had not yet the chance to see Richard “for real”. I hope to have the chance to see him once on stage in London. 🙂

I discovered Richard on a French forum dedicated to Jane Austen, English literature, period drama, etc. It’s like C19, but smaller, lol. Before that, I had never heard about him. He is not very known in Switzerland, not even in France, unless you have seen him in “Robin Hood” or “Spooks”, but I think this will change with the forthcoming success of “The Hobbit”.

So, the first time I have seen Richard on screen was in January 2009 in the BBC drama “North and South”.

I had never read Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel before that, but I immediately liked the story and the great performance of the actors. English actors are so talented… 🙂 And when I saw Richard, I said to myself “What a great actor… and what a beautiful voice”. And of course “He’s quite handsome”, lol.

Having a very good experience with this actor, I wanted to see other series or movies with him. A member of the forum, who is also fan of his, advised me to watch “Robin Hood” and a few other series.

So, I went on Amazon to order the first 2 seasons of “Robin Hood” not only because Richard was playing in, but also because I like the legend.

OMG OMG OMG… This was quite a shock… a very nice, good shock. The first time I saw Richard as Sir Guy of Gisborne in the first episode, I said to myself “What is that ???” Translation : “OMG OMG OMG, he is too sexy in black leather. And this is the bad guy that we are not supposed to like ??? Not possible”, lol lol lol. I have nothing against Jonas Armstrong and the others, but they don’t have the charisma of Richard or even Keith (the Sheriff is my favourite character in the series).

After having recovered from shock, I watched “Spooks” from season 7 to 9 (but I don’t like what they have done with the character of Lucas North, or should I say John Bateman, in the 9th season).

I have also seen “Captain America”, “Golden Hour” (on French TV, but only episodes 3 and 4), “Moving On” (he plays the bad guy very well), “Strike Back” (for me, John Porter is one of Richard’s best roles), “Sparkhouse”, “Macbeth”, “The Impressionists” (I had the chance to visit Monet’s house and garden in Giverny in Summer 2010. It was wonderful), “The Vicar of Dibley” (so hilarious), and also the episode of “Miss Marple”, “Inspector Lynley Mysteries” and “George Gently” in which he appears.

I must confess that I have all the DVD’s in which Richard plays a character, but I had yet not the time to see everything. Yes I know… Shame on me !!! lol lol lol.

So, I hope I was not too long to read and I hope you liked the post.

Once again, thank you Bccmee. 🙂

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52 Responses to A guest’s post from Switzerland

  1. April says:

    Thanks again Bccmee and see you soon. 🙂

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi April! Like you, the first time I saw Richard acting was in North and South. I heard about the series from an American friend of mine who also enjoys costume dramas. I borrowed N&S from our local library and fell in love with the story and with our favorite, RA.

    I have been a fan of J.R,R. Tolkien for many years so it is a bonus for me that Richard is portraying Thorin in The Hobbit. I even have a countdown calendar for the opening of The Hobbit on my blog at: http://ascattering.blogspot.com

    Thanks again for visiting with us while Bccmee is off floating in the sun somewhere.

    • April says:

      Hi Elaine,

      I’m reading “The Hobbit” (finally, lol) and I love the story.

      I can’t wait to see it on screen with Richard as Thorin. 🙂

  3. BCC, April is one of the most sweet and friendly ladies of the fandom!
    I liked this post and I smiled a lot, recognizing so many similarities with my own experience.

    I noticed she is also a very determinate lady. April, are you an inexhaustible huntress of celebrities (McAvoy, Penry-Jones, Macfadyen)? I didn’t know.
    Would you enjoy my company out of stage doors next time waiting for Mr. A?

    • April says:

      Hi Carla,

      I’m very touched by you compliment, thanks a lot. ❤

      I'm happy that you like my post. It was not easy for me to write, because it's not my mother tongue, but luckily, a friend has corrected the misktakes in my post (thanks Fred 🙂 ).

      Me, a "huntress" lol ? No, just a lady who likes the English actors and wanted to say "Bravo and congratulation" for their great work (and of course, have my program signed and a picture with them, lol). And I think they appreciate when people tell them the play was very appreciated. 😉

      But I won't do this alone, it's more enjoyable to do with friends. We were always very polite and respectful with them. We don't want to be like some "weird or crazy fans". 😉

      Of course I would enjoy your company and others RA's fans company if one day, he plays on stage and if I had the chance to see him. 🙂

  4. There is something odd about reading your story in English! Mine is completely different but you know it already. I just wan’t to say to Carla: April is also one of the most sweet and friendly ladies IRL! And sooooooooo funny!
    Bisous et félicitations pour ton post en anglais!

    • April says:

      Hi Fred,

      As you say, it’s quite strange to write you in English, lol.

      Wow, so many compliments… I’m honored and the feeling is mutual. 🙂

      Merciiii et bisous Fred

      And long live Richard !!! 😉

  5. JasRangoon says:

    April, this was a lovely post! And your English is wonderful! I always find it a great treat to hear how other people became fans of Richard Armitage. Totally agree about Guy in the leather, how were we supposed to dislike him?

  6. Leigh Vondereau says:

    Hello, April
    Thank you for writing a lovely post. For many of us, North and South was our first experience of Richard’s work. If you have access to YouTube, you can watch the first two episodes of The Golden Hour there. They are cut up in parts, but it is not hard to follow the sequence.
    Merci et bon chance,

    • April says:

      Hi Leigh,

      Thank you. 🙂

      I have no access to Youtube at work (many website like it are blocked) but I have access at home.

      I have the “Golden Hour” dvd… but not the time to see it for the moment. I watched episodes 3 and 4 on French TV.

  7. love4ot says:

    Hi April,

    Thanks for sharing your Richard story, it was great to read. I think it’s wonderful how the RA community is very international. I hope you’ll get your meeting soon with the real Richard!

    • April says:

      Hi Love4ot,

      Thanks for your compliment.

      I’m glad an very happy to have met so much ladies from all around the world who likes and admire RA. 🙂

      I hope too, lol.

  8. Hi April,
    A lovely essay! I always like hearing about how people become aware of Richard Armitage and what draws them to his amazing talent. It’s like “a trip down memory lane” for me to read your account–because John Thornton was also “my first” RA character. And as they say, we never forget our first. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • April says:

      Hi Gratina,

      Thanks a lot ! 🙂

      You’re right, we never forget our first… and Richard as Mr Thornton is an unforgettable character.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Hi April! Thanks for posting your story of how you ‘met’ Richard! I first saw him in N&S myself while browsing dvd’s at the library, looking for something in that time period. I was so taken by him that I had to find out who he was. LOL the rest is history. I have been obsessed for 3 years. And a lovely time I have had and hope to continue to have with him.

    • April says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you. 🙂

      It seems that most of all have discovered Richard as Mr Thornton. 😉

      I think it’s Richard’s one of his best performance.

  10. Ania says:

    Hi April,
    Thanks for your interesting and funny post. 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed for your meeting with the real Richard. I hope you’ll tell us about it as beautiful you told today about RA’s characters.
    BTW, It really is something magical in Sir Guy or maybe it’s just “magic of Richard” *sigh*

    • April says:

      Hi Ania,

      Thank you. 🙂

      I keep my fingers crossed too, lol.

      I agree, there is something “magical” in the character of Sir Guy. He’s the “bad guy” of the serie with the Sheriff, but I cannot hate him because he can also show feelings, he helped Marian many times, etc. He has also a “good side”.

      He need to find another job. Vaisey is not exactly the “boss of the year”, lol.

  11. CDoart says:

    Thank you, April, for keeping watch over the blog during bccmee’s absence and thank you also for your wonderful description of your way to RA ;o)

  12. Luciana says:

    April, I loved to read your post. Thanks for sharing!! As a very new RA fan (I was ‘introduced’ to him last October), I love reading about him and his fandom enthusiasm for his works!!!

    • April says:

      Hi Luciana,

      Thank you. 🙂

      Ohhh, a “new” RA fan… It’s great !!!

      Have a great time watching RA’s films and series.

      What’s your first RA character ?

      • Luciana says:

        In the last two years many BBC series have been released in Brazil. In 2010 was the time of North and South, but only in October a friend who was a Jane Austen fan and knew I was as well, lent me the DVD… After watching it twice, I decided that should search for more information about that RA other works. Unfortunatelly, apart from NS and Captain America, there’s nothing else released here. I’ve heard there’s a Cable channel which is showing RH, but I don’t sign it, so I bought RH (three seasons) and The Vicar of Dibley…. but I’m not sure if I’ll go on buy more DVDs as the genre of his other works don’t seem so interesting for me!!! Well, who knows about the future??

        • April says:

          I have all Richard’s dvd, because most of them were not expensive (and Richard is the first actor that I have all the dvds).

          But I don’t know if I will like all of his characters in the series. For exemple, I have watched a few minutes of “Between the sheets”, but I don’t think that I will like the story.

  13. What a lovely post April! I’m impressed with your stagedoor experience as having recently met Hugh Jackman & Alan Rickman – I consider them both practise for a hopeful stagedoor experience with RA 🙂 – N&S was also introduced to me in 2009 by my sister which was rather ironic as I introduced her to Jane Austen & subsequently Period Drama 🙂 that meant a double shock as it was likely an inevitability to bump into it – it just happened sooner versus later LOL see I had seen Gaskell’s other adaptations, you see! Now don’t whip me, for as it turns out I had seen the man in leather before LOL I just couldn’t get past the modern adaptation of the legend & a henchman in BLACK glossy TIGHT leather did NOT suit!! (we’re talking also Season 1 RH) Also congrats on your English! It happens to be my second language too though after many years doesn’t feel as such!

    • April says:

      Hi Fanny,

      Thank you. 🙂

      And thanks for my English. It’s great because I can pratice it with all of you. And it helps to watch movies or series in English, but I need subtitles (in French is better, but I can also understand English one even if I do not understand everything).

      Wow, you have met Hugh Jackman and Alan Rickman ! You’re very lucky. I like Alan very much since I’ve seen him in “Sense and sensibility”. Ahhh, Colonel Brandon, swoooon…

      I’m not Guy or Vaisey, I don’t wip anybody, lol. I agree, it’s a little “too modern”, but I like the serie, I had a great time (and swoooon lol) watching it.

  14. mersguy says:

    Hi April, I loved reading your story of discovery!
    I hope you get to meet RA one day, I hope that we all do!!

  15. Holliday says:

    Hi April, Thanks for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed reading it. My first experience with RA came with Robin Hood. Then I started checking out youtube to see what else was out there and found the Vicar of Dibley. I just recently got to see Strike Back and that is one of my faves.

  16. Joanna says:

    Hi April!
    It was a very lovely story,great post,thank you!:)
    I betayed Mr.Darcy with Mr.Thornton, but that whole Guy was a mere ambush,methodically planned. Every detail of his image was cruelly filed,we were on the losing positions,Ladies!

  17. Emma says:

    Lovely of the sweet bccmee to share her fabulous space. 🙂 Hi April! Isn’t it so fun discovering Richard’s work? Your post was lovely. I had to giggle at your OMG OMG OMG’s. So true! Lucky you having met James McAvoy, Rupert P-J, and the lovely Matthew Macfayden. And you’re right, of course, British actors are better actors. (And I’m an American saying that!) 😀
    Looking forward to more guests and bccmee’s safe return!

    • April says:

      Hi Emma,

      Thank you. 🙂

      Oh yessss, it’s soooo fun having discovered Richard’s great work !!!

      There is many good American actors (or even French), but sorry, English actors are better. 😉

    • jules says:

      Hi Emma …(your secret’s safe with us) British actors are definitely better!!!
      April…for some reason I only strated watching Spooks at series 7 but have had a glorious few months back tracking from the start…If Lucas hadn’t already stolen my heart, I would have given it to Tom Quinn….Matthew is adorable…I loved his Mr Darcy
      Sorry Richard back to you now xxxxxxx
      giggles luv jules

      • April says:

        I also plan to watch “Spooks” for the begining, because Matthew is also one of my favorite actor.

        I’ve seen 2-3 episodes from season 1 and I like Tom Quinn too… 😉

  18. Ana Cris says:

    Hi April,
    A light and funny post, congratulations!
    I also have trouble with English, :0), but friends are lovely here!
    Have a great time!

    • April says:

      Hi Ana,

      Thank you. 🙂

      I agree, friends are so lovely here and I am very happy to be a part in the “RA community”. 🙂

  19. Hi April! Thanks for posting! Your confession about Guy’s effect on you was hilarious! (^o^)

    • April says:

      Hi Grendel,

      Thank you. 🙂

      Ahhhh, Guy’s effect on my poor nerves (like Mrs Bennet says many times in “Pride and prejudice”) lol lol lol.

      Too much “sexyness” in this character… lots of swoooon… ❤

  20. jules says:

    Wonderful, April, It’s lovely reading our love at first sight stories…I was a slow burner, as they say, I watched Vicar of Dibley several Christmases ago…I nearly fell off the chair when the door opened at Sleepy Cottage…there was definitely an instant attraction (that’s the polite way of putting it)….but Christmas came and went and sorry to admit Harry Jasper Kennedy was forgotten!!! Then as I awoke one morning a lady radio presenter was talking about a children’s programme called Robin Hood…..she was very excitable telling everyone to check out the baddy, Sir Guy of Gisborne…..Saturday arrived, hubby asleep on sofa, Oh I’ll put that children’s programme on………..It was my Harry Jasper Kennedy in leather……..I couldn’t speak for a week…..he still takes my breath away to this day…we are so very lucky aren’t we???
    Love Jules xxxxxx

  21. April says:

    Hi Jules,

    Thank you. 🙂

    It was also lovely to read your first “meeting” with Richard. 🙂

    I imagine your husband asleep on sofa… so you have avoid comments like “What does he have that I haven’t ?” lol.

    You : He looks soooo hot in black leather… Sorry honey.

    Yesss, I agree. We are very lucky. 🙂

  22. fitzg says:

    @April – if my French were at the standard of your English! Lovely guest post and thanks to you and bccmee. RH was “my first”. And I realised what my friend was talking about in regard to N&S. 🙂

  23. Lady Prisca says:

    Hi April ,
    congratulation for your english that is better than you use to say!
    Thank you for your lovely and interesting post.
    If you make a team to see and congratulate Richard on stage , I would be very happy to be a part of it.

    • April says:

      Hi Lady Prisca,

      Nice to see you here. Thanks for your compliment. 🙂

      It would be great to see Richard on stage together with some other RA’s fans. 🙂

  24. bccmee says:

    Just want to pop in to say a big “thank you” to April and to all of you for commenting. I returned from my cruise today and had a great time! I appreciate you keeping the RA flame alive in my absence! 😀

    • April says:

      Hi Bccmee,

      It’s great to see you again ! 🙂

      Your’e welcome, it was an honour and a pleasure to do this guest post. 😉

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