Patterns Project

Hello again. I leave for my 8-day cruise this weekend and I’ll be swimming every day. It may take me a week to recover. πŸ˜‰

Before I go, I wanted one more interactive project. For this, I’m looking for two images from each of you if you’d be so kind as to join in again. As an added request, I’d like you to post your two Richard Armitage character images showing a pattern.

“Glove Love” is the most obvious example so I’ll use it. I still wonder whose idea it was to have Guy initially remove his glove with his teeth and who thought of Lucas doing the same action in Spooks. Any theories?

Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne Richard Armitage as Lucas North
Images courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Feel free to interpret the “pattern” idea however you like. Get crazy and creative! There are no wrong answers, LOL!

Simply paste the links to your images in the comments box from your own collection on imageshack, photobucket, flickr, etc. or from your favorite Richard Armitage fansite, such as RichardArmitageNet.Com.

I look forward to your contributions and I thank you again for your participation. The result will be posted on Friday. Have fun! πŸ˜€

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83 Responses to Patterns Project

  1. April says:

    Hi Bccmee. Have a great time in holidays.

    I’m sorry, but I’m very busy at work and home these next days, so I will not have time to look for pictures for this project”.

  2. RAFrenzy says:

    That entire season of Spooks ought to be great fodder as it’s filled with similar images from Robin Hood. So many that I seriously doubt it was random. LOL! They knew who was watching. : D

  3. mersguy says:

    Firstly, have a great holiday and enjoy the sun and swimming!
    Ooh Guy and Lucas meshed together – what a delicious prospect!!!

  4. Ohhhhhh this is going to be so boring, but we’ll do it B, no matter what, we’ll do it. Looking through dozens of photos, thoroughly, trying to find a pattern …. do you have any idea about the kind of effort you are asking us to do? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Travel safe and don’t look back at us, ‘cos we’re gonna be reeeeeeeeally busy here πŸ˜‰
    Have a great holiday!!

    • bccmee says:

      @Ana Cristina: LOL! I’m sure to have a good time but I’ll miss everyone. I look forward to your contributions. I’m planning to finish this project before my departure and we’ll have a challenge in February. πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Bccmee,
    Here is my offering. Cheers! Grati ;->

    RA has his head tilted down and looking to the side coyly–usually looking at a woman:

    Sir Guy (looking at Marian):

    John Porter (looking at Danni):

  6. Mamma_T says:

    GAAAH! Can’t access my photobucket accont from work! 😦
    Have lots of ‘patterns’ there… oh, well, BBL πŸ™‚
    Great idea, B!
    x M_T

  7. BCC, Jeannie G. did already all the job. She is the master of this game!!!
    I only hope not to duplicate any of her RA-coins. I found these.
    Have the best holidays!



  8. salakonn says:

    Sorry for cheating, as I have no photos to share, but there is something, that has stuck with me ever since I saw Spooks S9 ep8 (41 minutes in), where Maya tells JB “you’re liar”, that it is the same thing Guy says to Marian in S2 ep 11 (29 minutes in) and both of these lines are delivered with a whisper. And both of these episodes are remarkable in my eyes, I especially loved the RH one, all this interaction between Guy and Marian.
    Sorry again for not providing illustrative material, but now all of you have reason to check both of these scenes for yourself =)

    • bccmee says:

      @salakonn: Those are excellent scenes. Thanks for describing them so well too. I will try to find them with your details. By the way, welcome very much! πŸ˜€

  9. jules says:

    Brilliant ‘B’ …you do know my family aren’t going to get fed today…having a wonderful time joining in this challenge…I came up with these 2 shady characters straight away…I just need the rest of the evening to think of some more!!! Hope you enjoy your cruise …but wouldn’t it be much better if we all came along with you Sorry but we’re pals for life xxxxxxxx

    • bccmee says:

      @jules: Brilliant screencap choices and choice of words! I’m easily amused, did you know? πŸ˜‰

      As for joining me on the cruise, I would like nothing better. There are “themed cruises” and I’m sure there are enough of us to fill a ship!

  10. jules says:

    Oh dear I’ve just thought of two more….Something to do with speaking with forked tongues…giggles I think I’ll give it a rest for a while….
    Luv Jules

  11. Delia la Fanetta says:

    I like this project! I immediately thoughtof how much I like Richard when he’s angry and shouts.. my pic are from North and South and from the Project Magazine

    Thank you! πŸ˜‰

    • bccmee says:

      @Delia la Fanetta: For some strange reason, I get excited when I see him shout. It amazes me and I wonder where he gets that emotion since RA seems such a nice laid-back guy.

      • Delia la Fanetta says:

        maybe because there is a charming contrast between his so-nice-guy look and his bad-guys-have-all-the-fun look! I don’t know if this makes sense…:)

  12. CDoart says:

    Oh my, I searched RANet, but they don’t have my intended match points and I unfortunately have not time to cut them now. Must search, what I can come up with. – Great idea, bccmee !

  13. Teuchter says:

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise! Enjoy the food and the R ‘n R (that does not infer more and more Richard BTW although I’m sure he will come to mind from time to time !! πŸ˜‰ )

    Here is my pairing although not as exact as I would have liked but I’m sure you get the idea!! πŸ˜€

    • bccmee says:

      @Teuchter: Oh the horseback pictures! *sigh* β™₯ Excellent choice, thanks!

      I do imagine I’ll think of all of you and maybe Richard Armitage characters on the cruise. πŸ˜‰

  14. Here’s one I found (I confess I didn’t open other’s posts so I don’t know if they’re duplicate). My findings is about the way RA expresses worry, concern or anguish covering his mouth with his hand 😦 Spooks/ North&South

  15. jules says:

    I’ve got the giggles now…you’re going to have to block me from your blog I’ve got hundreds of ideas, none of them anywhere near as good as some of the other suggestions but with a head full of RA it’s easy to bring images to the forefront isn’t it? These two are titled “Dodgy Wedding Gear”

    As a little bonus for everyone…look what I found whilst looking…yes TOC!!!!!
    Right I’m definitely switching off now!!!

    • bccmee says:

      @jules: More worthy additions and I thank you heartily. Wow, I don’t think I had that TOC picture in my comprehensive collection, but I do now, LOL! I have literally hundreds of TOC piccies. Now +1 thanks to you!

  16. Joanna says:

    Have a great cruise,Bccmee!:)
    As for the famous scene,for the first time he took his glove instinctively,the second time on purpose,it was his idea(IMO)…..that bastard! ❀ πŸ˜€

  17. Luciana says:

    BCC, guess you have more than enough patterns… great ones indeed… I have to confess that I couldn’t make anyone as every time I tried to look for something… I got lost admiring RA pictures and forgot the reason why I was looking at them… sorry…
    Well, not so sorry as I had a great time… LOL

    • bccmee says:

      @Luciana: Actually, I need quite a large number of screencaps if you still have time and the ability to concentrate, LOL! I know the feeling. Looking at pictures of RA chaRActers is ReAlly distRActing for me too. β™₯

  18. Bcc, you are so funny, I love your puns with RA letters,
    You couldΒ΄nt have chosen better pictures and caption” gloves love” .I see there are many excellent suggestions for this game. IΒ΄m going to try to find some until 5Βͺ and send them in time.
    Have a wonderful cruise. Enjoy yourself, take a rest a lot and come back with wonderful ideas for us. This is a redundance, because original ideas, you have plenty of.

    • bccmee says:

      @Tereza: Thanks for your kind wishes for a happy journey. I hope you can find a couple of screencaps soon because I’m starting on the project now. πŸ™‚

  19. 1/18/12–Hi Bcc Mee! I found my other twins pattern photo–of RA licking his thumb as Lucas 7.0 and as himself on the Lorraine show Sept 17, 2010. Cheers! Grati ;->

  20. Lady Prisca says:

    Well , I think that this challenge become addictive for me.
    Another idea , I hope it is not proposed yet :
    Dr Track and John Porter :

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