30 December Guy calendar page & poll

Your Guy calendar has been updated for the 30th of December

Today’s images of Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne were provided by Dhana.  One of Dhana’s choices is below and the other is on the calendar.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

The above screencap comes from Robin Hood season 3 episode 7. Guy really shimmers in the candlelight!

Thanks for your participation, Dhana. By the way, Dhana has posted a fun little photo essay on her blog recently:  http://doihaveablog.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/hanging-around-the-christmas-tree/

Here is your Sir Guy of Gisborne calendar updated to the 30th of December.

Click for the Flash calendar

Guy calendar: http://fanvideos.net46.net/calendar30/Main.html

If you participated in yesterday’s Thorin vs. Guy poll, you may have noticed that Sir Guy of Gisborne is the clear winner.  Many of you explained that there is not enough exposure to Thorin to win your vote.  What little of him I’ve seen, I have to admit I am smitten by Thorin.

Thorin supporters unite!  Time will prove us right!  😉

However, I’m always a good loser. I’ve had lots of practice, LOL!  Therefore here is another poll suggested by your recent comments.  This is our final poll of the year so make the most of it!

Have fun voting and please, no wagering.  😉  See you all tomorrow.

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27 Responses to 30 December Guy calendar page & poll

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the fun polls! I I have always loved S1 Guy. I am even one of the few that liked the ‘scarf of ick’. I love to watch him sniff. LOL Close, very close behind him is S2.

  2. Musa/Fabo says:

    I love a Guy for all Seasons and just adore all the leather of S1 and S2, but I just had to vote for Guy of S3 because there’s just that extra something when he turned into Rock Star Guy and I just adore all those belts and buckles and the thought of helping him with all that unbuckling.

    Thank you Bccmee and than you Dhana for more Guy gorgeousness for today.

  3. servetus says:

    As a character, S2. As a visual effect, S3.

  4. CDoart says:

    I lost together with you, bccmee ;o)
    But how could I possibly resist a singing Thorin? Guy (even Guy of S3) just stood no chance 😉
    One angry look of Thorin on horseback and every other choice was not possible any longer (and that from a confirming Hobbit not-liker ;o)

  5. Woohooo it looks like I’m on the winning team this time yeahhhh!! (at least for now) I like Guy in S3 because he shows his personal charisma there, he’s no longer the sheriff’s puppet and in addition we get to see a lot of him wearing that black shirt and …. the long …. hair all …. messy *thud*
    Right! where was I? The charismatic Guy, of course, now fighting alongside with the good ones, always wearing tons of leather, to which we are so deeply thankful for, and …. did I mention the hair? Yes Richard, I know that you drop in here every day and read all these posts so by now you must be shaking your head and thinking how much you hated those hair extensions but … I’m sorry: I looooooooved your hair, and the attitude, and the outfits and the smouldering eyes …. and ….. the plot obviously. It’s a fact: we all watched it for the plot 😀

    Great choices Dhana! Your pics were an inspiration for me 😉

  6. Dhana says:

    Team Thorin!!! Thorin is relatively unknown at this point. That will change. I love Guy and all (he was my first!), but Thorin is where it’s at!! 😀

    Thanks for using my pics in your lovely calendar, bccmee. (PrettyBoy Guy = swoon) Voting in this poll is difficult. I love them all for different reasons, but I have to go with S3 Guy. Watching him roar in triumph after throwing Hoodie over the cliff? Oh yeah.

  7. Guy S3 is my source of inspiration, even if the episodes’ screenplay is a mess.
    Dhana is right, Guy’s triumph after the defeat of Forest Boy, is priceless. And what about the mix of disbelief and relief after stabbing Sherry during the battlements’ fight?

    Thorin will be our sweet diversion for the year to come. A very long year before we’ll be all seated in theatres, next December, comfortable and thrilled ….

  8. Day 30 Guy is gorgeous. Right now I love Guy’s look in the last few eps of seaon 1, but I fell totally in love with Guy in season 3. What can I say. I’m fickle! 🙂

  9. Lady Prisca says:

    Thank you for the poll Bccmee. Just voted for season 2 of course the romantic Guy.

  10. Ania says:

    Although I really like the pictures chosen by Dhana for today, I voted on S2 Guy 🙂

  11. Holliday says:

    I voted for season 1, but it was a tough choice between 1 and 2. NOT voting for 3 was a no brainer for me. I must be in the minority because I absolutely HATED Guy’s hair in Season 3. While I think Richard looks smoking hot with his hair a little on the longish side, I just could not get on board with that season 3 hair. Bleah! He was soooooo much sexier in Seasons 1 & 2.

  12. jules says:

    I’ve gone with S2 ….I agree with Lady Prisca he was more romantic and passionate in this series… it also includes the famous chesticles scene (ep3) who can fail to like that!!!! I’m not normally religious but please dear god let there be chesticle scenes in the Hobbit xxxxxxxxx

  13. I voted to Guy S2 , but I liked S1 too. I think that I am the only person that did not like Guy in s3. In S2 Guy is well more attractive.His face , his hair , his outfits , or with no them ( ladies, restrain your thoughts , I mean shirtless), and every other things contributed to become Guy more handsome and hot in these 2 sessions.

    • Lady Prisca says:

      No Tereza we are at less two people that did not like Guy season 3 .
      At first : how can Guy keep breathing without his love ? It has becoming his reason to live ! In second , I agree with you : the hair , the outfits…it’s not him at all and not seducive at all. The only things that I love in season 3 are the character of Meg and the moments of “duel” between Guy and the sheriff.
      I’ve no problem with the Richard’s work of course. He have made a great job with the story that they have given to him. It has been surely hard for him to change and adapt his character in a so different way.
      But in general I hate the season 3 , I consider that it doesn’t exist in fact.

  14. I voted for Guy 2.0 as well–mostly because of his good grooming habits. And, he’s on my desktop background. Ha! Here is that image, by the way (so beautiful):

    But, I do love the angsty Guy 3.0–when he’s washed. That muscular neck of his when he’s standing with Isabella as she meets the Sheriff. Guy is proud and uncowed as the Sheriff needles him about seeking his patronage again. No man looks more beautiful than RA did at that moment:

    That said, I voted for Thorin yesterday. Ha! Because Thorin is the “future”. And here is my favorite screen cap of Thorin so far:

    I can’t believe the month is almost over and we only have one more Day of Guy. Sighhhhh! Thanks for the wonderful gifts you provide for us everyday, Bccmee!

    Cheers and Happy New Year! Grati ;->

  15. Rosie-posie says:

    Thanks for this pole, enjoying it very much.
    Sometimes its not easy to choose out-right a character/scene/episode, because all are so very well acted. I do love this costume in three and the longer hair.

  16. mersguy says:

    Thud…Guy by candlelight mesmerising, thanks Bccmme and Dhana, excellent choice. I think I will always be on team GoG, how can I not be?
    Guy S3 – the season of the true Guy! All dark and tormented, and those luscious wavy locks.
    Guess you know how I voted!
    Thorin is a whole new experience, but I can’t help comparing you to Guy, everything comes back to Guy!

    Happy New Year, peace, love and prosperity to all in 2012

  17. Debra says:

    Thanks for the calendar update, Bccmee. I check it every day! Great choice!!
    S3 Guy gets my vote! Although I love every Season of Guy….dirty, grungy, dark, tormented, angsty S3 Guy really gets under my skin. Guy and Meg? *mega-thud!*

    (I really enjoy all the polls! Thanks!)

  18. Kate Patrick says:

    There is no bad season of Guy, but my particular tastes run toward the “Scruffy Guy” of Season 3. The scruffiness exudes even more masculinity to me. He was on the edge at the beginning of the season, and that bit of savagery (is that a word?) really kicked up the “Sex Factor” in my book. Sorry…this comment may fall under the category of TMI!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Teuchter says:

    You’re right, Kate! There is no bad season of Guy!! While I naturally adored the full-length (not to mention tight!!) black leathers in S2, there was something overwhelmingly magnetic about the long-haired Guy of S3. To see him gradually become the man he longed to be and die “proud – and free” was what made S3 for me as I really felt he came into his own in it.

  20. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Happy New Year, one and all! Some of you will be celebrating it before others, which means you’ll enjoy the Year of the Hobbit that much sooner. 🙂

    As I said on the 31 December post, season 1 Guy is my favorite. I liked the way he looked and it was fun to watch the character slowly develop. Lots of great moments between Guy and Marian too and I really enjoyed watching those two together.

    You all gave compelling reasons for your choice of Guy and I loved reading them. Thanks so much for all your active participation.

    I’m delighted to get to know you and your likes and dislikes. We all like Richard Armitage characters, that’s pretty safe to say, LOL!

    Best wishes for a lovely and exciting 2012 as we ramp up for The Hobbit!

    I’ll be back within a week. See you then! 😀 *HUGS*

  21. phylly3 says:

    I think it took until season 2 for me to really fall for Guy so that one is my favourite. However I do like his looks in all his guises (or Guyses) LOL. I especially love his transformation in season 3 from greasy stringy hair (but still gorgeous) to that heartstopping reappearance – all cleaned up!

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