29 December Calendar Page and a Poll

Your Guy calendar has been updated for the 29th of December

Today’s calendar image of Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne was provided by Lady Prisca.  Thank you, Lady Prisca!

Promo picture courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

The above image is a promo picture from Robin Hood season 2.

Here is your Sir Guy of Gisborne calendar updated to the 29th of December.

Click for the Flash calendar

Guy calendar: http://fanvideos.net46.net/calendar29/Main.html

Thanks so much for all your support of yesterday’s Hobbit music video. As promised, here is the download link:


Also, based on our discussions yesterday, I decided to create a poll.

Feel free to comment on your choice or you can keep it a secret ballot. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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32 Responses to 29 December Calendar Page and a Poll

  1. Jael says:

    Thanks for the poll. I forgot to comment on that yesterday. Guy all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. alfie says:

    So far a poll for me;-). GUY is the leader of our company;-) Thanks a million for the download. It’s a keeper.

  3. ladyanne says:

    It’s not entirely fair to choose when we have so little of Thorin to compare. Guy is so complex, so drop-dead gorgeous, so stirring — “want to do bad things with you” and all that. So here’s my vote, Team Leather for me.

  4. Delia la Fanetta says:

    Hello! I chose Guy, but maybe I will change my mind after seeing the Hobbit 😉

  5. Joanna says:

    Voted! I said something about Thorin recently,but I’m a liar!!
    Thank you for the link,Bccmee:)
    @Lady Prisca:I like this photo ,but my favorite is-Guy Samurai in swirling leaves:)

  6. Antonia Romera says:

    I love Guy of Gisborne, but how can I choose with only one minute view of Thorin. I won‘t say nothing until I have good reasons. Even in that case I‘m not sure to be able to do my choice. X-)

  7. Elaine says:

    I think once Thorin is seen properly, his popularily will increase. Anyone who is interested in learning more ahead of time could read The Hobbit to find out more about Thorin Oakenshield, the Dwarf King. He is a gruff but noble character. Be still my heart.

  8. Love the calender photo and uh, Duh! Sir Guy is my fav hands down. Always and forever. Hey, I could write a song 🙂

  9. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the download and updated calendar, Bccmee. Had to vote for my Guy. What I have seen of Thorin, I love, love, love. But, Guy is special to me.

  10. Lucia Swiers says:

    I haven’t seen enough of Thorin yet to make a choice so Sir Guy it is! Thorin looks promising, though!

  11. Musa/Fabo says:

    Thank you Lady Prisca and Bccmee for the gorgeous Guy pics today.

    I voted for Guy!

    I agree I haven’t seen enough of Thorin yet to say, though I have absolutely no doubt that RA will make a complex character even more complex and interesting. I feel from the trailer that PJ is going to flesh out the character of Thorin and that’s why he cast RA knowing he would be the one to do it justice. I also have to agree with Elaine that Thorin is not a ‘bad boy” like Guy (and I like bad boys), but a tragic hero in many ways, maybe blinded by certain aspects of his personality and history. But I also see similarities between Guy and Thorin. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more and maybe then I could possibly answer the poll differently.

  12. Hi Bccmee and others,

    Ooh! What a choice! We have a rich film history of Richard Armitage’s Sir Guy of Gisborne character. So based on my personal knowledge, Sir Guy would be my choice. As I mentioned, “would be”.

    But just at Mr. Armitage’s John Thornton portrayal in the BBC’s North & South in 2004 transformed Mr. Armitage’s career, so will his portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit movies. So, based on one minute in The Hobbit movie trailer–including him singing, mind you–I voted for Richard Armitage’s portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield on faith.

    And just as Sir Guy was the classic tragic anti-hero of the Robin Hood series, I agree with many of you–including Musa/Fabo above–that Richard Armitage’s Thorin Oakenshield will be compelling as he helps us to understand the impact on Thorin of the tragedy that befell him, his family, and his peoples. Because though mortals–or Dwarfs–try to escape their fate, the gods (little g) won’t let them. And the gods must have their reckoning.

    Cheers and Happy New Year! Grati ;->

    P.S. And, of course, you know that I loved your music video!

  13. fitzg says:

    Agree with all the comments. When Hobbit is finally out there, I know we will see a character worthy of an actor’s real skill. (And he will still be DDG). For now, I have to Go With Gisborne. Or Lucas 7. Or Harry K. Or Thornton. Or LEATHER~! (Ricky D is there somewhere, too)… 😀

  14. Thorin fills a room with his presence and his voice and we only watched a mini-glimpse of the character. He’s my choice 🙂
    Thanks for the link Bcc *mwah*

  15. jules says:

    I have fallen totally in love with Thorin already…his strong presence on screen just knocks me for six…Sir Guy will always be our smouldering, most handsome ‘tongue in cheek’ naughty henchman but Thorin is on another level…we are incredibly lucky aren’t we??? so many to choose from mmmmmmmm

  16. Lady Prisca says:

    Thank you Bccmee!
    Voted for Guy of course because he was my first……chaRActer , and because he’s so deep , and complex and gorgeous and touching (and familiar because we have “lived” with him during 3 seasons , it mean about 30 hours of emotions)…and because as many have said before me , I don’t know enough about Thorin.

  17. Ania says:

    Bccmee, Thank you I have just downloaded the video.
    Okay, I’ll be honest. How can I not vote for Sir Guy when last year on Christmas I read The Hobbit again, and imagined that Thorin raised eyebrow he did it as Guy from RHS2, when Thorin fought bravely and when he said goodbye to Bilbo on his deathbed that saw the death of Guy from the third season. So, sorry Thorin but Sir Guy I know better. 😉
    @ Lady Prisca, you chose a really great photo.:-)

  18. I voted Guy, of course, but I think Thorin could become preferred character #2. Haughty, fierce and royalty. It’s my kind!

  19. chabesquen says:

    I voted for Sir Guy, largely because a teaser trailer isn’t really enough to go on. Once the first Hobbit movie comes out Thorin may take the lead. 🙂 I’m trying to download the video now and can’t wait to watch it!!!

  20. Kitty says:

    I chooth Thorin!

  21. Debra says:

    Thanks so much for the download, Bccmee!! Got chills watching it again! What that man does to me!!! *swoon*
    My vote?……Sir Guy!….always!!!

  22. Emma says:

    Lucas. No, John Porter. Wait, series3 Guy. Or, Lucas. No, Thorin. Ah, John Thornton. No, Lucas. Okay, Porter. Wait!…… Richard. Yes, definitely Richard 😀

  23. Teuchter says:

    Missed commenting on the picture for the 28th which is a favourite scene for me. Guy was so sweet and tender with the fatally wounded young Meg. It was so sad that he wasn’t even allowed to have more than a few scenes with her before she too was taken from him. I wept with and for him as I watched. 😦

    As to the poll, Bee!! You have given me an impossible choice! Naturally I love Guy after watching him for all three series but even that short teaser they gave us in the Hobbit Trailer has convinced me that Richard is going to be magnificent as Thorin. The singing alone made me melt!! I thought his speaking voice was swoon-worthy but hearing that smooth baritone gave me palpitations!! Who among us would have thought that we would fall for a centuries old dwarf from Middle Earth but that is exactly what has happened, I believe!! 😀 So I went out on a limb and voted for him!!!

  24. Thank you Bcc for your adorable video. I already download it. I voted to Guy, but I think this poll was a little unfair, because Thorin has appeared only a few minutes on the screen. So,I agree with many comments here .
    But , It was only a few minutes of Thorin ´s apparition to see that this character will be impacting . That Richard ´s look was enough to see how he gave himself into the character .
    I think that many people after seeing The Hobbit, will fall in love with Thorin/Richard . I´m already a little in love with Thorin.

  25. Thank you Lady Prisca.I adored your Guy picture!

  26. Lovely pic, Lady Prisca!

    Thanks for the download, bccmee! Your fan video convinced me enough to vote for Thorin!

  27. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Well my candidate lost again, but there are no real losers when it’s an RA character vs. another RA character. 😀 I live in the future so perhaps that has influenced my choice. Instead of the tried and true, I’m always looking for the next thing down the road! 😀

    As Gratiana said, The Hobbit could truly be a turning point in RA’s career. And as Teuchter said, “Who among us would have thought that we would fall for a centuries old dwarf from Middle Earth but that is exactly what has happened, I believe!!” It’s very difficult to understand but it is what happened to me, too!

    Thorin’s singing alone is enough for me at the moment. ♥

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