21 December Calendar Page

♥  The Guy calendar has been updated for the 21st of December

Today’s image of Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne was contributed by jeanniegisborne.  Thanks very much, jeanniegisborne!  If you are a fanfiction aficionado, please check out jeanniegisborne’s Wattpad page: http://www.wattpad.com/user/JeannieGisborne

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

This is one of my favorite scenes in all of Robin Hood.  Guy looks simply delectable.

Speaking of delectable, our Jacqui has sent in some pictures of an actual Guy cake!  Take a look at these.  Too bad we live so far away or else I would’ve crashed her party and drunk all her wine to King Richard, LOL!  These photos are used with Jacqui’s kind permission.

Jacqui's Guy cake

Guy cake by Jacqui

Guy cake by Jacqui

Here is your Sir Guy of Gisborne calendar updated to the 21st of December.

Click for the Flash calendar

Guy calendar: http://fanvideos.net46.net/calendar21/Main.html

I have to admit, even though it only should’ve taken a couple of minutes to update the calendar, I was so excited about the long-awaited Hobbit trailer, that I had trouble doing the simplest tasks, LOL!

If you would like to see the trailer with closed captioning or with the transcript or would like to download the Hobbit trailer, please check out yesterday’s blogpost. I was updating it frequently so you may not have seen the latest and greatest. For example, I added a high-quality download version of the video file so you can make some spectacular sreencaps. 🙂

Hope you have a fun day. See you again tomorrow!

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41 Responses to 21 December Calendar Page

  1. on my way out the door but HAD to check out Wednesday’s pic!!! Whoohoo. One of my favs!

    LOL!! Love that cake!!! Well done Jaqui!

  2. PoliCBA says:

    Ooh! Guy Candy! What a delectable (and gorgeous) cake.
    Richard Armitage World is full of delights 😉

  3. jules says:

    oooo those eyes, what are they saying ??? knowing our Sir Guy it would be…My lady could I taste a piece of your cake mmmmmmm Why of course Sir Guy, if teddy hasn’t eaten it all …..

  4. April says:

    Wow… I want the same cake !!! LOL

  5. tyme4t says:

    I want Guy candy cake! So cute!
    Thought you might slip in a Thorin picture today 🙂 but the one of Guy today is very yummy!

  6. fitzg says:

    Jacquie’s Guycake is amazing! Please save me a piece…pretty please?

  7. This calendar is developing in the most delightful way!
    Jacqui, your cake looks like Guy: creamy, soft inside and with a crisped crust. Delicious!
    I would eat this dessert with pleasure 😉

    Yes, it’s Thorin time, but we never forget about Guy!
    Thank you BCC!

  8. Ania says:

    Thank you for another day with Guy ( even if today had to give place to an amazing Thorin *thud*).
    Jacqui, this cake looks great 🙂 Although I love sweets probably wouldn’t be able to eat this cake because I could not detach eyes from it 😉

  9. Joanna says:

    Thank you Bccmee and Jacqui!:)
    How to eat a cake and still have the cake?:D Eternal question:)

  10. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for the updated calendar! Thank you for being so fast getting the trailer up. I had several links up but none were working. You are awesome and I love you!

    I want that cake, Jacqui! Not sure if I would be able to eat it..LOL

    • bccmee says:

      @Carolyn: Glad you were able to see the trailer last night. I’m still a bit numb from all the excitement, LOL! Thanks again for all your lovely support!

  11. Luciana says:

    For Sir Guy it’s worth making a break during my holidays… For this cake it’s really worth forgetting the diet forever… LOL…
    Once more BCC thank you for these lovely moments!!!

  12. IntownWriter says:

    Oh. My. Guy!

  13. Pamela says:

    I always know to expect the unexpected when I visit here – Guy cake! The RAverse is a magical place 🙂

  14. CDoart says:

    Oh, what delicious looking Guy candy! Great work, Jacqui. Thank you for sharing!!!
    The teddy really ate Guy? How could he ! 😉
    Bccmee, I certainly would join you in a glass of wine to drink on King Richard ;o) (Oh, I forgot, I wanted to have one glass today. Must immediately remedy that. Cheers to our king ;o)

  15. Every day I ´m more and more stunned with the things I find here in your blog Bccc. Vou are a creativity well and kindness. Jacqui, I did not believe what I was seeing. A Guy cake? OMG! How did you get that? You are amazing too, girl. I imagine how delicious it must be. Jeannie, thanks you for had chose one of my favorites Guy pics.
    Thank all of you girls, for making me so happy!

  16. Bccmee, dear friend,
    I’m still reeling from yesterday’s Guy calendar pix–which was new to me–and then today, you hit us with the Sir Guy Close up smoulder gaze in the blog that could melt icebergs! *Swoon and Thud*
    Today’s Guy/RA pix and the images of Thorin/RA–coupled with Thorin/RA singing, sighhhh!–have just about turned me into a quivering puddle of womanhood. And if I also even think about the Project Magazine portraits of RA–or that one sweetly smiling slight profile shot of RA at the CANY premiere where he looks so relaxed and happy (http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/EventsandAppearances/NYCScreening-20July2011/album/slides/NYC-13.html ), I will go completely over the edge to gushing about him gain. Ooops! I’m already there. Ha!
    Thanks for helping me lose my last shred of dignity. Ha! Ah well, life is short. And if we can’t be honest about our thoughts and feelings then, we’re short changing ourselves on experiencing life. Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->

    • bccmee says:

      @Gratiana: I’m still recovering from the bout of Thorin-itis, but I’m nearing “normalcy,” whatever that is, LOL! Funny you mention those pictures because many of them are my favorites too. I was looking at them on my iPod as I went to sleep last night. 😀

      I have lost my dignity long ago. Yet still I go deeper with each new bit of information.

      Thanks very much for your kindness and friendship!

  17. Lady Prisca says:

    Wonderful cake Jacqui! Thank you to share it with us. Thank you Bccmee.

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