18 December Calendar Page

♥  The Guy calendar has been updated for the 18th of December

Today’s images of Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne were contributed by grendel’s mum. In case you didn’t realize, grendel’s mum has a great blog full of Richard Armitage news. There is a lot of up-to-date information on the developments of The Hobbit. Her blog is in Japanese, but you can use Google Translate! Here’s the link if you would like to check it out: http://ympetre.asablo.jp/blog/

Below is one of the pictures submitted by grendel’s mum and another is on the calendar.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here is your Sir Guy of Gisborne calendar updated to the 18th of December.

Click for the Flash calendar

Guy calendar: http://fanvideos.net46.net/calendar18/Main.html

It’s hard to resist the “glove.”  Here are an animated gif and siggie I made during the Graphic a Day in May in case you missed them or you want to see them again:

Glove Love TV Animation

G Love

By the way, if you hadn’t yet heard, Jonia has recently discovered some photos of Richard Armitage from 2002.  The details and full link are on her blog:  http://joniascut.blogspot.com/2011/12/ri9chard-armitage-in-use-me-as-your.html

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you tomorrow!

P.S. I just thought of an idea for our secret bonus post. Please subscribe soon by clicking the “Follow” button or entering your email address in the subscription box if you haven’t already done so. This will be a password-protected post but everyone is welcome. It’s just for fun and is not meant to exclude anyone. You can unsubscribe after the post it done. I promise not to sell your email address to buy chocolate or computer equipment, LOL!

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33 Responses to 18 December Calendar Page

  1. Wow, bccmee, thanks so much for indulging me! The animated gif and the siggie are also fabulous!! Just love them!

    • bccmee says:

      @grendel’s mum: I’m delighted you enjoyed the “glove love” works. 🙂 I’m a big fan of your blog as I’ve said. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing great numbers of international fans of Richard Armitage after The Hobbit is released. He is relatively unknown in the United States too. 🙂

  2. Lady Prisca says:

    Verrrrrry good choice grendel’s mum , I love this RH scene. I love what Richard make with a leather glove.
    Bccmee I would like to see these two scenes side by side for a long time (in Spooks it’s one of my favourite scenes with Lucas) so thank you very much , you make a dream come true. I often ask to myself if the scene of Spooks was a wink to RH or not. I think that it is.

    • bccmee says:

      @Lady Prisca: Oh I am fairly certain the leather and glove scene in Spooks was a nod at Robin Hood and a very funny idea! I was so delighted when I saw that in action! Thanks very much for your sweet comment!

  3. Musa/Fabo says:

    Thank you for a great choice Grendel’s Mum and thanks Bccmee for another great Guy Day and can’t get enough of the glove gif. Have you all noticed his eyelashes in that first picture – swoon.

  4. alfie says:

    Another delicious picture for the calender:-) And I looooooove GloveLove 😉 Thanks.

  5. chabesquen says:

    Another gorgeous pic…but are there any that aren’t? 😉 That gif might be the coolest I’ve ever seen! 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      @chabesquen: Too true about Guy pics, LOL! Wow thanks very much for your kind words about the animated gif. If you click on it, you can read some of the background information on the process. As you know, I’m a big fan of your animated gifs!

  6. I would like to have those teeth around my …. gloves 🙂 to help me take them off…. what were you dirty minds thinking ha??? *foot tap*

    Another Guyvely day in December. Thanks B!

  7. Hi Bccmee,
    I love anything to do with RA’s mouth–smirking, kissing, tongue peeking out, open sighing, apple biting, glove removing, etc. But not necessarily in that order–and perhaps, in combination. Ha! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful Guy moments and pictures.
    Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->

    • bccmee says:

      @Gratiana Lovelace: RA has a really wonderful way of moving his body and that certainly includes all the ways you mention. ♥ Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment!

  8. Hi BCC, you know how I love the glove’s stripping 😉
    You have already my subscription, but in case you have in storage chocolate or computer software (I’m in dire need of video applications), I would be glad to buy from you 😀

    • bccmee says:

      @Carla: Yes, I do remember it was you who requested the scene of Lucas which led to my animated gif in May! 😀 Thanks for subscribing. However, I have a shortage and not an excess of chocolate and computer equipment so I can’t offer any for sale, LOL!

  9. Luciana says:

    Mesmerized… sigh…
    When you think it can’t get better… it can…
    BCC … you’re the best!!!!

  10. Ania says:

    Thanks for another day with delicious sir Guy. Wonderful choice Grendel’s mum *sigh*
    But I’m afraid only, that by the end of the month I’ll be a totally on the dark side (sorry Mr. JT.) 🙂

  11. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the update! Love the glove love! Great blog, Grendel’s mum!

  12. Love the glove love in all your incarnatons. grendel’s mumis has very good taste!

  13. mersguy says:

    Mmmmmmm…Glove love -thank you for a great choice Grendel’s Mum and Bccmee,Iwish this wonderful Guy fest would never end!

  14. IngeD3 says:

    Aw, that is yummy – Glove Love forever!! 😉

  15. Oh, that wisp of black hair falling from Guy´s forehead on his white skin leaves him so sensual .Even with closed eyes he is very handsome.
    The glove scene is one of my favorite scene of all the RH episodes. Just that simple gesture that Guy does, is enough to melt us. What a Man! * Coming back to the earth…*
    Thanks Grendel’s Mum by the great choose and thank you once again Bccmee for another funny Guy Day.
    Hugs for everyone!

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