On the 9th day of Guyness…

♥  Welcome to the ninth day of Guyness!

We are now on day 9 of our 12-day celebration of Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.

Today’s screencap was contributed and made by beengizzied.  Her image comes from Robin Hood season 2 episode 9.

Richard Armitage as Sir Guy

Screencap created by beengizzied

Beengizzied suggested the following caption, from comedian Dennis Miller: 

Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.

Also, beengizzied wrote this holiday poem, posted here with permission:

Twelve Aussie Guys of Christmas

Twelve Guys  Soccerooing
Eleven Guys Uluruing
Ten Guys Hulahooping
Nine Guys Boomeranging
Eight Guys Barrier Reefing
Seven Guys  a surfing.
Six Guys  a Snogging.
Five Guys Guzzling Beer.
Four Guys with meat pies.
Three Guys  Chasing Sheilas.
Two Guys in Speedos.
And  a Henchman in a gum tree.

Thanks so much for your contributions, beengizzied.  Aussie Guy must be very tired after all that!

Now let’s go to the Medieval movies.  Do  you remember The Flintstones?  The modern stone-age family!  I really enjoyed that cartoon and it must’ve been fun for the writers and animators to come up with the cool gadgets they used.  A bird’s bill was a record player needle.  And the bird was still attached, LOL ! Dinosaurs were were used as heavy machinery.  The list goes on and on. What was your favorite part of The Flintstones?

For today’s project, I made my first slideshow.  It’s from the Middle Ages.  Check it out and see if you agree.


The screencaps used in this slideshow are courtesy of beengizzied and RichardArmitageNet.Com.  This is a one-piece project so I am making the video available for download in MP4 format. Here’s the download link:


Although we seem to share a lot of common history, I have a game I made up as a child that I’ve never heard of anyone else playing.  I called this game “home movie.” All it requires is a flashlight, a darkened room, and at least 2 people.

Here’s how you play:  Turn off the lights because the room needs to be very dark.  One person is the actor, another person is the projectionist and everyone else is the audience.  The actor dances around using big movements while the projectionist turns on the flashlight, points it at the actor and shakes it very rapidly.  The actor will look like he or she is in an old-fashioned movie.  I didn’t know about frames per second back then, but the faster the projectionist shook the flashlight, the more realistic the “movie.”

Feel free to try this at home!  Probably not safe for work, LOL!

Have fun playing around! See you tomorrow. 🙂

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34 Responses to On the 9th day of Guyness…

  1. jules says:

    OK so have to go into a dark room with several people and wiggle around quite quickly…I’ll shall have a little drink first…ooo can I choose people from beengizzied’s list to join me…I shall have
    two Guys in Speedos and six Guys a snogging, that will do for starters…giggles xxxxx

    • Mersguy says:

      Oh Jules, Speedo Guy, my bind boggles!! Then quickly followed by snogging Guy, yes please. Beengizzied has to be a fellow Aussie!

      • jules says:

        struuuth bet there’s no budgies left in Aussie!!!
        did I sound like an Aussie??? bet you wouldn’t guess I was a Yorkshire lassie !!!!

  2. Oh, the elegance of silent movies!
    This one from Middle Ages is really rare and precious.
    Sir G. is more gorgeous than ever in b/w.
    Thank you for the opportunity to download!

  3. jules says:

    forgot to let you know which was my fav Flintstone’s gadget in all the excitment….loved the cars that ran without fuel, just their legs going hell for ‘leather’ whoops xxxx

  4. alfie says:

    Reeeeeeally nice picture beengizzied – and funny poem 😉
    Looooove your slideshow – beautiful aging effects. Have never heard about that childrens game – have you considered taken patent on that :-). You can soon start a business: you have cubes, games and scratch/sniff cards 😉
    Thanks for the download – its now on my computer in a file together with all your vids and gifs 🙂

  5. jazzbaby1 says:

    OMG, I am DYING here! ROTFLMAO! Great job, bccmee and beengizzied!

  6. More wonderful Guyness to get my heart throbbing! Love the slideshow! As to the Flintstones, I love how they changed movie stars names to fit the era. Stoney Curtis, Ann Margrock and Rockery Hudpeck! LOL.. We played a similar game with a flashlight and acting tho not like a silent movie. Those were the days, eh B?

  7. Oh, beengizzied’s poem was genius! I’ll have 6 Guys a snoggong, please ❤

  8. judiang says:

    Nice job BG and bcc! And I really liked the medieval slide show. Very nice effects (inner me is yelling how did she do that?)

  9. Hi Bccmee and BG,
    Loved the smiling Guy–and his caption! Ha! I’m guessing I’m a Sheila for the Aussie XMAS song. And a great slideshow of our favorite Guy moments and poses. Sighhhh! Thanks for sharing.
    Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->

  10. Elaine says:

    Give me a flashlight, a dark room and a “Guy” and I’m thinking it’s time to play “doctor” – whoot! whoot! Oh, sorry, got a little carried away there. For some reason, and I’m not really sure why, but I think this 9th day of Guyness feature is my favorite so far. Thanks for this lovely new treat @bccmee. Great poem @beengizzied, you clever person, you!

  11. Jane Noble says:

    Serious Guy overload, LOve it Bccmee, Big THANKYOU! to you… Give me more as i’m additicted to this man

  12. I love photos in black and white, so I’m specially enjoying our GOD Guy of the Day 😉

    And …. I looooooved “The Flintstones” so much!!! I was always laughing at their inventions. I’ll leave you here a summary in case you want to remember them http://youtu.be/yZaTCQT8vh8
    Nice choice of screencaps and, really nice poem beengizzied! *bowing* I may even try to memorize it 🙂

  13. Dhana says:

    Excellent! Thank you bcc, and bgz! 😀

  14. CDoart says:

    Bccmee, you really have a talent to reawaken my childhood memories. Such a wonderful ‘medieval’ slide show ;o) I love the wonderful effect you create and the pictures, that goes without question ;o)
    Tank you, bccmee and beengizzied!

  15. beengizzied says:

    Guy: the big, beautiful lunk. I love the soundtrack. Evoked dungeon doors slamming and a very Guy-like relentlessness.

    Also loved: 1 Guy imbibing
    1 Guy profiling
    1 Guy disapproving
    1 Guy firing arrow
    1 Guy surveying tree
    1 Guy baring teeth
    1 Guy hunched in disbelief
    1 Guy receiving counsel
    1 Guy casting down
    And a henchman astride a really huge horse

    I think Guy’s good at 16 fps, 24 fps … any speed.

    • Beachbaby says:

      @beengizzied – love your 12 Aussie Guys of Christmas. LMAO. However can this Aussie have “Two Guys in boardies”? I love the thought of Guy in low hanging boardies…………..

    • bccmee says:

      @beengizzied: Excellent analysis! I always appreciate hearing your thoughts. LOL re: “dungeon doors!” You even interpreted each slide which will be perfect if I ever take this slideshow on the road and give speeches like Tom Hanks in The DaVinci Code.

      I’ll have to think about which of Guy’s framerates I like best.

  16. Carolyn says:

    Love the slideshow, B! Thank you! Great words to an old song, beengizzied. Think I will take Six Guys a Snogging.

  17. Ana Cris says:

    Hi Bcc,
    I love your work! It is wonderful!

  18. Beachbaby says:

    Love the slide show and the sound effects are so cool. 🙂 It’s a delight to see what you create each day. Thanks you!

  19. Jacqui says:

    Just cathing up with the latest Guy aninmations! In the download pics were nearly fullscreen! Maybe BC this is a nice pic for next time? It was my own screen cap made after your tutorial!

  20. Mersguy says:

    You have done it again Bccmee, wonderful slide show. Thanks beengizzied for Aussie Guy!
    Snogging Guy, yes please!

  21. Jacqui says:

    Also created some cristmas cards with an online program using my photoshopped Guy pics from the adobe trial. http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/kk100/Jacqui_Guy/Clip%20album/
    See first 3 pics in this album -3rd pic is a Bruce Springsteen wallpaper-

  22. Bcc ,you are amazing. Everything was so perfect, it looked like we were seeing those old feature mute films. Even the sound was resembling when the images were changing. Fantastic.
    Thanks Beengizzied for good taste in the choice of images.

  23. Luciana says:

    … and because I’m in a weekend trip, just could ‘meet’ Sir Guy today… Wooww… it’s amazing… love b&w pictures and old movies… Loved this one too!!!

  24. Jo Milne says:

    Love, love love!!! ❤

  25. Ania says:

    Oh I love this slide show. Excellent job Bccmee and Beengizzied!

  26. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Thank you again for your enthusiastic response. It’s nice to see that a few of you downloaded the slideshow video too. This was a fun little project as I’d never made a slideshow before. If you do try the “home movie” game, you probably do need a few drinks or at least a few children around. Having a few incarnations of Guy in the mix can help. Too bad the Guys are sold separately.

    I had Flintstones on my mind all day yesterday, LOL! Now I wonder what character names would be used if there was a Robin Hood/Flinstones crossover? Thanks for the link to the YouTube video, Ana Cristina!

    As I’m not Australian, I’m going to have research some of your references. In particular, the “boardies” sound intriguing.

    Again, I appreciate all your thoughtfulness and humor. I’m getting very spoiled!!!

  27. April says:

    Bravo Bccmee, I love it ! 🙂

    And excellent poem Beengizzied. 🙂

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