On the 8th day of Guyness…

♥  Welcome to the eighth day of Guyness!

Here we are on day 8 of our 12 day celebration of Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.

Today’s screencap was contributed by Ana Cristina.  Here is her screencap from Robin Hood season 2 episode 13.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Once again, the famous Sir Guy of Gisborne smirk makes an appearance!  Thanks for  your contribution, Ana Cristina!

I have also noticed that Sir Guy sometimes sniffs.  That gave the me the thought of a “scratch and sniff” game.  While I haven’t figured out how to add scent to my Flash animations, you can give a good ol’ Guy sniff as you scratch off each card!

Also as a bonus, I have included a children’s activity I used to do.  We would take a sheet of heavy paper and scribble all over it with different colors of crayons.  Then on top of that, we would scribble over the colors with black crayon.  Finally, we would scratch a picture using some kind of object, such as a knitting needle or an unbent paper clip.  Here’s a blogpost that explains this activity if you’re not familiar or if my description doesn’t make sense:  Roots & Wings Blog.

Here are the images I created for the children’s activity in the Flash animation:

Colorful bottom layer

Dark top layer

The other images are various Guy pictures, including the one chosen by Ana Cristina. 🙂

Here is your Flash animation activity. Please click the image or text link below.


Note: In my tests, sometimes the first page doesn’t work.  Just click on the next page button.  I can’t figure out why it’s acting like that.  🙂  The first page seems to work better in Internet Explorer, but upon refreshing the page, it doesn’t work for me.  Please let me know your results.  🙂

I think I’m getting slower because I’m savoring these activities and can’t stop playing them. Either that, or the troubleshooting is taking me too long, LOL! Hope you have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow.

EDIT:  I figured out why things weren’t working properly 100% of the time on my Internet Explorer.  In my case, Internet Explorer needed to be set to “check for newer versions of stored pages every time I visit the webpage.”  If your Flash game is not working properly, you can do a Google search on how to change that setting!  🙂

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34 Responses to On the 8th day of Guyness…

  1. Ooh Bccmee!
    A Scratch and Sniff Sir Guy! The possibilities are endless. I wonder if he sniffs so much because he has a cold? Ha!
    And I love the Guy picture reveals and the multicolor art project at the end–however feeble my talents are in that regard. Ha!
    Thanks for another fun activity! Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->

  2. Luciana says:

    BCC, it’s working very well for me!! Just can’t imagine myself scratching and sniffing Sir Guy’s pictures… lol… It’s too much for my sanity!!!

  3. Elaine says:

    Oh, what fun! Loved watching the smiles/smirks appear as I scratched.

  4. Very inventive, you’re coming up with some fab ideas

  5. Lady Prisca says:

    I love it. Thank you Bccmee.

  6. alfie says:

    FAB!!!! The first page is working fine 🙂 Loooooove to scratch me to a smirk. Really adooooore number 4 (that´s the one with the appple, isn´t it?). Was laughing at my self, when I draw (wrote) GUY on the last page *SILLY*, but I guess that is what a childrens game is for, right! LOL.

  7. “Scratch and Sniff” is a great fun!
    I can smell Guy’s scent after scratching: leather and 100% male!
    What about you?

  8. Mamma_T says:

    I’ve always loved this game, but it’s a joy to discover so many smirks <3<3<3
    Thank you, B! 🙂

  9. Carolyn says:

    I am loving being a kid again! This is fun! My favorite is #4..love his mouth in that scene. Thank you, Bccmee!

  10. ladyanne says:

    Love the game! So many smirks, so little time. Scratch and sniff — what a concept. If I were a perfumer, I know what I’d start to blend, but there’s that unique Guy essence that’s impossible to replicate.

  11. Beachbaby says:

    What fun to scratch & reveal a smirking/smiling Guy. 🙂 How much fun are these!

    Mmmmm – distilled essence of Guy…..THUD!

  12. You may not believe me, but this activity you chose was one of my favorites when I was a child! I use to spend hours drawing using either thin needles or pens …. so I’m doubly thankful to you because not only you made me relive one happy memory of my childhood but also you made it possible for me to do another very childish thing: To draw a heart with the arrow through it, Guy’s name in one end and guess who’s name on the other end?????? If you said Cristina you’re absolutely right 🙂

    Who said something about being silly? Well I’m glad I found a place where I can be silly and be with you, good people, who apparently don’t mind being silly at all 😉

    Thank you for sharing your creativeness with us Bcc, making smirkig Guy even more enjoyable 🙂

    • jules says:

      Ana I would go mad if I didn’t have you wonderful (maybe silly) people to chat with each day…nobody in my world even knows who RA is…incredible isn’t it??? oh well he’s our secret for a little while longer
      luv jules xxxxx

      • Elaine says:

        @jules – My co-workers ask me,”Who is the hot guy on your computer wallpaper?” And I say there are two ways to look at it #1. Pardon the pun, but the guy is Guy or, #2. He’s Richard Armitage. No matter which answer I give, they are still puzzled. I think that will change here in Canada when more people see OUR guy/Guy/Richard as Thorin Oakenshield.

    • bccmee says:

      @Ana Cristina: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m surprised and delighted that by chance I made a favorite childhood activity from your screencap contribution! LOL re: drawing the heart and names! I did not think of doing that but I tried it after reading your comment! 🙂

  13. CDoart says:

    The first page also worked fine for me. Bccmee, I played that game as well as child. I scribbled stars on the prepared paper, but the funniest part mostly was the preparation, as the results rarely turned out as planned ;o)
    Your added bonus with the revealed smirks of a certain Guy certainly are worth to play that game again. Thank you for this wonderful Guy-game !!!
    Now I moust go back and play it again ;o)

    • CDoart says:

      Small correction, the first page only worked the first time for me in IE. Upon reloading, the game does not work on the first page as well. I tested it in Firefox as well and here it is the same. Perhaps that helps with finding the cause.

    • bccmee says:

      @CDoart: Thanks for the update. Try changing this setting in Internet Explorer: “check for newer versions of stored pages every time I visit the webpage.” If you Google the words in quotes you should be able to find directions! 🙂

      Changing the comparable setting in Firefox did not work for me.

  14. Bcc, thanks for more this distraction. I could to do this all the time.It was very amused. Everything has worked properly.
    If I had had an art teacher like you in the elementary school, certainly I´d have enjoyed much more of this subject .

  15. yesterday the flash wasn´t working.But today I tried again and it worked correctly.
    I loved !Thanks one more time Bcc!

  16. What excellent Guy smirk photos the two of you have chosen! I don’t think the one of Guy in the tree would smell very good after his tussle with Robin but I wouldn’t let a little thing like that stop me.
    You know how we all discuss bathing him, ha ha 🙂 Great fun B!

  17. jules says:

    I can smell fruits of the forest…leather…hair gel and just a hint of Richie the horse mmmmm perfect….thankyou for making my day again xxxxxxxxxx

  18. Dhana says:

    Scratch n Sniff Guy……oooh, I’m feeling dizzy!!!! Keep ’em coming, bcc!!! 😀

  19. Ania says:

    You chose splendid pictures, scrapes and uncovers Guy hmmm was very exciting and fun. And thank you for the bonus, because again I could feel like a child 🙂

  20. jazzbaby1 says:

    I used to love doing the rainbow pictures, too. Do you know how expensive pre-colored sheets of that are in craft stores? And that’s half the fun! Another awesome game, bccmee!

  21. IngeD3 says:

    Another very creative idea. And it’s so much fun to discover Guy smirking at me in every picture 🙂
    Thanks! x

  22. mersguy says:

    “Scratch and Sniff” Guy, you crack me up Bccmee! great fun and Guy’s wicked smirk in scratchy No 2 made my head spin! LOL “distilled essence of Guy” Beachbaby – you could be on a winner!!

  23. It worked all right from the first page with Safari. I had such a fun! Thank you!!

  24. chabesquen says:

    I LOVE this! The rainbow scratching game was always one of my favorites, we used coins to scratch the black layer away and make a picture. I’m not sure I’d want a scratch and sniff Guy….those medieval men didn’t wash very often. 😉

  25. Joanna says:

    It was fan Bccmee,thank you!:)
    If I may choose,I would rather not sniff him,really.:D

  26. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: There seems to be a split amongst us. Some of us would love to smell Guy and others would prefer not to, LOL! I can see (or smell) both points of view. 😉 However, 100% male “distilled essence of Guy” would be difficult to replicate but if we had the original it might be fun trying.

    I do hope the sniffing isn’t due to a cold. Guy might have to go into quarantine and require one-on-one nursing.

    A lot of you mentioned your favorite pic which meant I had to play the game yet AGAIN to see which one! Hardly a burden, I assure you. 😉

    Sometimes I wonder about my sanity too, but then I think of the villagers of Dibley and feel so much better about myself! We even have an art class. Who wants to start a newsletter? Ooops, wrong Richard Armitage story, LOL!

    One day the world will know about Richard Armitage and we will be considered the pioneers who discovered his talent early on. 🙂

  27. April says:

    I love it, bravo Bccmee ! 🙂

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