On the 5th day of Guyness…

♥  Welcome to the fifth day of Guyness!

Here we are on day 5 of our 12 day celebration of Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.  Thanks for hanging in there!

Today’s screencap was contributed by Ania.  Here is her screencap from the proposal scene in Robin Hood season 2 episode 10.  How many times did that Guy propose?  😉  Last time I asked this question, I was told 3 times.  Does anyone have the episode numbers?

Richard Armitage as Guy proposal scene

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Here is your animated gif:

Richard Armitage as Guy proposal
“The way to happiness”

Ania suggested a slightly longer caption so I shortened it to fit on the gif.   🙂   Thanks for everything, Ania!

Today’s Flash animation is sort of a fanvideo made up of animated gifs.  There are no hidden surprises, but you should be aware that you have to click the “X” close button for each video in order to have access to the next one.  I urge you to play the background music for the full experience!

Please click the image or the text link below.

Flash Animation

Please click for Flash page


By the way, if you played with yesterday’s Flash animation game and were unable to find the two secret assets, I have changed the hidden buttons so they will now each have a hand cursor.  hand_cursor  Hope you can find them now!  Several of you managed to discover the surprises already.  Big congratulations to you!

Now that the holiday season is fully upon us, please remember that if  you are doing any shopping via Amazon UK or Amazon US, a commission will be donated to charity if you order through the Amazon Associate link on RichardArmitageNet.Com.  🙂

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

P.S. For those of you interested in Richard Armitage history, grendel’s mum has a real treat on her Japanese blog here:  http://ympetre.asablo.jp/blog/2011/12/05/6233402

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41 Responses to On the 5th day of Guyness…

  1. I can’t believe I’m doing this at work … again! Bcc these are soooo beautiful, the music, the captions …. I don’t know which one’s my favourite …. I think it’s “please” Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh please, please, please I have the music playing in my head *going mad*

  2. jazzbaby1 says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! Love that version of the Smiths.

  3. April says:

    Wow-swoon-wow-swoon-wow-swoon-etc… and OMG (Oh My Guy lol) !!

    Bravo Bccmee !!! 🙂

  4. NovemberBride says:

    yep, what they said! Nice. Really really nice!!!!!

  5. mabelalexa says:


  6. jules says:

    How do you describe a feeling when you’re happy and sad all at the same time??? tears in my eyes opening the ‘please box’ then giggles opening the ‘LLLLLLEATHER BOX’ I honestly think the script writers got carried away with Sir Guy and enjoyed writing his journey rather than Robin’s (lucky for us) …. Amazing ‘B’ … this tune is going into my ‘Richard’ song book xxxxx

  7. What a treat!! So many THUD moments!

    And thank you for introducing my blog article on Richard’s theatre career. I now added another page of cast list and replaced the image of RA as the previous one did not enlarge. RA looks cute in spite of his beard!

    • Teuchter says:

      I think he looks amazing in the “Macbeth” picture. So young yet already so beautiful. Again it’s the eyes that have it!!! 🙂 Yet another THUD moment for me!

  8. All this Guyness is such a wonderful treat. The gif was so sweet and I loved all the presents to open in the flash animation. Combined with the music is was like jules said, tears one minute laughter the next 🙂

  9. CDoart says:

    I most certainly have my head in the stars now ;o) With your incredible flash animation, I do not want to come down to earth again ;o) Thank you, bccmee!!!

  10. “The way to happiness” Love it! If only Marian could see it…

    OML *sigh*

  11. Whew, so many fine gifts! Do we deserve them all?
    Hell yeah we do!

  12. chabesquen says:

    Love, love, love it! That version of the song is fantastic too!

  13. Delia la Fanetta says:

    Very very nice, especially the leather box ;-)! thank you!!!!

  14. Luciana says:

    SIGH!!!!!!!! No words today!!!! Luciana (whispering… I’m at work too… don’t tell anyone, please!!!!!)

  15. Dhana says:

    Wonderful, bcc. I love it! 😀

  16. Ania says:

    Thank you very much for the realization my suggestion and for the beautiful gif. You really made my day. 🙂
    Today’s flash animation is a true “constellation of gifts” and what a marvelous music * sigh * I love it! Bccmee you’re a genius. (I will only add that in my country tonight from 5th to 6th of December, St. Nicholas brings children small presents, mostly sweets, but your animation is like a chocolate box. Thank you! *Hugs*)

  17. mersguy says:

    Vintage Gisborne, when those gates open and he comes riding out…swoon city! Dont get me started on the leather pants……thud!!
    Fantastic work Bccmee, you really are the Obi-Wan of gif’s
    Great choice Ania and Happy St Nicholas day

  18. Teuchter says:

    I think you have out-done yourself this time!! I’ve just spent over half a hour happily clicking on all the gifts and listening to the great music. I’ll likely be back for another session later!!! 🙂 It’s hard to pick a favourite but I’m guessing that ‘Leather’ was up there among the most popular even though they were all really great. Now why, I ask myself, did they decide to shoot that scene with him walking AWAY from the camera?? It’s okay! No-one needs to answer that!! 🙂 Can you imagine anyone refusing an offer of marriage from someone who not only looked at you like that with those soulful eyes of his but is as gorgeous as he is??

    May I just say a belated ‘thank you’ for how we could find yesterdays little treats. I think I’ve played the little video six times already!! Before it starts we sure get a great view of those magnificent thighs, don’t we? 😀

  19. alfie says:

    *BOINK* (the sound of me hitting the floor). Wauw – so incredible beautiful. Looooooooove the please and the leather 😉

    I shouldn´t tell this, but either my computer does not work proberly or I am SOOOOOOOO stupid 😦
    I can´t find the easter eggs (read from the comments about effects and vid!!) *SOB* – There is NO hand cursor on my screen 😦

  20. judiang says:

    Ah, loved the constellation of gifts. You keep topping yourself. Lovely work. 🙂

  21. Suse says:

    Ania – great choice of clip and bccmee – great gif and wonderful flash animation. I have unwrapped all the parcels several times now (after downloading Adobe Flash Player to this notebook which is not my own 😉 ) Looking forward to the sixth day of Guyness. It coincides with “Nikolaus” (Santa Claus) in Germany. Santa Claus brings sweet gifts to the children provided they’ve been well-behaved. Though we are no longer children I hope we’ve all behaved well enough to receive another of your wonderful gifts 🙂

  22. beengizzied says:

    Please please please let Guy get what he wants. What did he want? Was it Marian? Well, yes it was but he also hungered for respect, I think. He had some claim to nobility, he had the attributes (seen in the “Leather” box) to fullfil a manly quest. He really wanted to be a more substantial character. In fact, I think, he might have wanted to be Thorin. Maybe RA will get what Guy wanted when he plays the long haired one. He was already growing his hair in Series 3, afterall.

  23. This is a romantic post, indeed.
    Ania choose a wonderful scene from Ep.10. I could watch Guy kneel and propose no stop!
    BCC converted the main topics of this episode in a video story.
    I would call today’s game: Guy’s universe.

  24. Lady Rose says:

    Ooh! Is there like a Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Guyness?

  25. Lady Prisca says:

    Good romantic choice ania.
    Bccmee I absolutely love the flash animation! Those christmas gifts are perfect , totally perfect!
    Very good work!
    About the propose , I don’t know if “propose” is always the good word. In fact he commandes or he begs or he blackmail Marian.
    In the season 1 in episode 7 ,first real propose: http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/RobinHood/album/seasonone/episode7/slides/rh107_110.html
    In season 1 in episode 11 , he don’t proposes mariage but the exact words he says are “be mine” :
    In the season 1 in episode 13 , he “proposes” again or he asks again to be sure : http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/RobinHood/album/seasonone/episode13/slides/rh113_058.html
    In the season 2 in episode 8 , he try to convince her that they could be a family :
    In the season 2 in episode 10 he proposes marriage 2 times :
    And I think that this one is the only one “true” proposition.

    I think that’s all.

  26. Luciana Cardoso says:

    I took a look at the animated gif early, but had to wait until night when I went back home to see the flash animation… kind of torture… lol… So Christmas gifts arrived early this year…. LOVED all of them… now I have a HUGE doubt… don’t know if I prefer Sir Guy coming or going…. huge problem I have!!!

  27. Carolyn says:

    LOL I love this! Christmas has come early! Give me the gift of leather! Lovely song!

  28. tyme4t says:

    That was brilliant! That is probably my favourite episode of RH when we see the good in Guy (don’t get me wrong – LOVE the bad Guy!)
    Love the music too!

  29. Just getting around to catching up with your Flash projects and I must say this one is fabulous. Nice ‘presents’! Also it’s not often that Smiths tracks are covered well, but I do like this version. I never tire of series 2 Guy. Thanks B.

  30. fitzg says:

    Stunning! Just more amazing every day. Vive bccmee!!

  31. bccmee says:

    @Everyone: Wow, I’m again overwhelmed by your lovely, thoughtful and funny comments! I really TRULY appreciate you taking the time from your schedule to stop by and leave a note. *HUGE HUGS* Keep them coming! I steal ideas from you, LOL!

    😉 😀

  32. This was amazing,bcc !
    The gif is great and the flash is spetacular!. I loved the stars and the boxes. It was, really, very ingenuous. But the better thing was inside the boxes.
    I had to open them several times to decide me which one to choose .It´s was a hard task . I loved all of them, but the Leather one … omg! That slow walking … that….b… ! Sorry, I need to take a breath for a moment!
    Where was I ??????

  33. Lav says:

    Bccmee, you are great! Thank you!

  34. Jo Milne says:

    I adore this!!! So hard to choose the right present but I agree with @Tereza…LEATHER…ahem, also Horseback *gulp*

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