On the 3rd day of Guyness…

♥  Welcome to the third day of Guyness!

Here we are on day 3 of our 12 day celebration of Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.

Today’s screencap was contributed by April.  Here is her screencap from Robin Hood season 1 episode 13:

Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne Wedding Scene

Here is your animated gif:

Guy's wedding eyes
“Look into my eyes”

April also suggested the caption.  I found a quote by an unknown author that is very appropriate: Look into my eyes and you will see what your love is doing to me. My eyes have learned to smile.

You may have noticed that April is often the first person to comment on the blog.  applause Thank you very much for your participation, April!

For today’s Flash project, I created an activity center.  I will give you no instructions and leave it up to you to play around and have fun figuring it out. However, you should know that this Flash interactive animation includes sound, so be prepared!  😀

Please click the image or the text link below.

Click to go to Flash animation


Once again I’d like to thank Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com.  The character profile of Guy of Gisborne clip comes from the Robin Hood Series 1 Publicity page which features lots of other tasty treats.

Hope you enjoy! We’ll see each other again tomorrow. 🙂

P.S. I accidentally published a draft of this blogpost last night so if you are a subscriber, sorry about the automated email. There is no private password protected post. However, I do plan to create a subscribers-only “secret” post someday! I’ll make an announcement ahead of time so everyone will have a chance to subscribe first. It will be like a secret club but everyone will be invited and welcomed. 😎

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74 Responses to On the 3rd day of Guyness…

  1. Kaprekar says:


  2. alfie says:

    Oh I am first:-)
    The “protected” part confused me;-) – I thought: Uhh – I am not invited 😉
    Lovely gif and a fantastic activity center – really lovly sounds bits.

    • bccmee says:

      @alfie: There was no “undo” button either! When I realized that I accidentally pressed the “publish” button instead of saving it as a draft, I was hoping if I deleted it immediately that the email wouldn’t go out, LOL. No such luck. Oh well, I will do a fun private post someday and you will be invited. 😀 *HUGS*

      Thanks for your kind comment. Glad you enjoyed the activity center and animated gif!

  3. How I love S1 E13!
    Guy’s anxiety is written on his face and rimmed eyes.
    He probably didn’t sleep at all the night before his wedding…
    This is what I see in his eyes, poor darling!

    I like April choice and her sweet comments on this blog 🙂

    Thank you for the bonus, BCC!
    These moments you have selected for the game are the most exciting in the episode.

    • bccmee says:

      @Carla: I think this might be one of my favorite episodes too. It’s amazing how much story was fit into one short hour. I really enjoy the performers in Robin Hood too! Richard Armitage is my favorite of the actors, but Lucy Griffiths, Jonas Armstrong and Keith Allen all did fine work. 🙂

      Your analysis is probably right. Richard Armitage is such a detailed actor that most every movement is right on target for the character. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!

    • April says:

      Thanks Carla. 🙂

  4. I love it! It made my day 😉
    Hearing his voice is pure delight… *sigh*

  5. jazzbaby1 says:

    Love the activity center…that’s another Saturday morning wasted, lol!

    • bccmee says:

      @jazzbaby1: LOL! Somehow it brings to mind those little activity centers that are placed in babies’ cribs. I’m sure it’s equally educational too. 😉

  6. Luciana says:

    Great!!! If there’s something powerful in RA is his eyes… how much he ‘tells’ without saying a word!!!
    So, no need to ask me Sir Guy … I’ll look for sure!!!!
    Thanks ‘BCC’ for this lovely saturday gift!!

  7. Hi Bccmee,
    Nice gif–molto guy liner action happening. Ha!
    And truly lovely wedding moments captured here in the activity center. Guy was so in love with Marian–you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Sighhhhh! But, she played false with him, the witch. But thanks for reminding us of how Sir Guy wanted to open his heart to Lady Marian–and be the better man as he spoke of later in the series.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • bccmee says:

      @Gratiana: *sigh* I totally loved seeing Guy and Marian together. They made up my favorite scenes in Robin Hood. The performers had good chemistry too. Yes I couldn’t help noticing the guyliner, LOL!

  8. OMG! (Oh my Guy) That was so wonderful. I love the sound bites of Richard’s/Guy’s voice! The gif was mesmerizing! Another fantastic blog, B. Thanks 🙂

  9. CDoart says:

    Oh, wonderful, bccmee!!!
    Took me a while to get further than the “It’s only me” and I had to hear it numerous times before I could come back here to comment ;o)
    I am not so partial to the “guy-liner” (Angie’s invention?), but love his caring voice and an interview with real RA outside the role and you can occupy me for hours with your flash animation ;o)

    • CDoart says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention, I urgently want into that club of yours ;o) Can I apply already?

    • bccmee says:

      @CDoart: I’m so delighted you enjoyed it. Strangely I am intrigued by the guyliner. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Richard Armitage, LOL! However, I love the voice much more! ♥

      • CDoart says:

        Yes, I agree, with a lesser actor than RA the guy-liner would not work at all. He can act brilliantly even with this – in my opinion – handicap 😉
        With the guy-liner, his eyes irritate me. He has beautiful and expressive eyes, why change them in such a comic way? I feel as if it makes him a more one-dimensional character in those strong guy-liner scenes. What a loss! (But I understand the film crew, as otherwise the situation that Marian can resist Guy of Gisborne would have looked totally ridiculous ;o)

        • bccmee says:

          @CDoart: You bring up some interesting points. Now I wonder what was the actual reasoning behind the guyliner. 😎 I also wonder if I should add the word “guyliner” to my spellchecker, LOL!

  10. jules says:

    I was already melting away looking into his dreamy kohl lined eyes…then he laughed….no words can describe…infact I think I’ve lost the ability to speak mmmmmmmm

  11. That gif is simply mesmerizing …. or perhaps is just Guy… *sigh* I’m joining Jules at the “unable to speak club” mmmm
    No wait! There’s something that made me LOL: Guy CRISPIM Gisbourne?!!! Touché!!!
    The activity centre is such an excelent idea Bcc! Keep spoiling us please! *mwah*

    • bccmee says:

      @Ana Cristina: Hehe, yes, the use of RA’s real middle name in that episode of Robin Hood was a nice touch! Have to admit, that was one of my fave episodes of the show. 🙂

  12. Teuchter says:

    Now I’m really done for looking into those eyes!!! I think he carried off the Guy-liner as not many other actors could have done. Oh Bcc! Not only did you give us this “swoony” gif, and Richard talking about his role as Guy in the video clips (love his chuckles) but then you added those wonderful sound bites and made us swoon. It never ceases to amaze me how much emotion he can put into a few simple words, especially that last one!! “I have never felt like this before”. Has he any idea how he makes US feel listening to that?? Now I’m going to have a hard time tearing myself away from all this! 😀

    • bccmee says:

      @Teuchter: Oh my yes, I know exactly how you feel. Today’s project took much longer than necessary because I kept stopping to swoon and drool, LOL! Thanks so much for your comment! *HUGS*

  13. This´s breathtaking. I loved , loved, loved, loved everything. This was one of the most perfect and beautiful work you made, bcc. It was so romantic! Each line spoken by Guy is just chilling and he ´s so modest. it´d need a lot of snow to diminish the intensity of that look ! * Sigh *
    BTW, is his middle name Crispin? Do I heard right ? The same Richard?

    • bccmee says:

      @Tereza: Yes, Richard Armitage’s middle name is Crispin and that same middle named was used in the wedding scene in Robin Hood 1.13! Very clever of the writers, LOL!

  14. BCC,it´s just another subject: Here is 6:00 pm, but in my pc , your blog shows up 2:57. Is this clock all right? Can you explain that?
    Hugs and a happy weekend!

  15. Sorry , forget what I´ve said before, I had forgotten the time zone.

    • bccmee says:

      @Tereza: Sometimes I feel like we’re a big happy family living in one house and I forget about the time zone differences too, LOL! *HUGS* Thanks so very much for all your support!!!

      • jules says:

        I think about each and everyone of us whilst visiting your blog each day ‘b’ I’ve usually just finished work and chilling with a nice glass of wine (you probably can tell) yet some of you may still be in your jim jams eating your cornflakes…Now if we were all in the same house…how cRAzy would that be…at least there wouldn’t be any arguments about what we would like to watch on TV!!!!!

  16. Carolyn says:

    OMG This is one of my favorite scenes. He looked so beautiful there! I love both the gif and the flash! I think this is my favorite of all you have done so far.

  17. Ania says:

    OMG, when I look in those eyes then my knees soften. * thud *
    A great work B! I didn’t even know that flash animation could be with the sound. 🙂 I see that by your Activity Center I will go to sleep late today. LOL!

  18. Musa/Fabo says:

    Excellent. Very romantic Bccmee – he looked so heartbreakingly beautiful in the long leather coat.
    He does please me!

  19. Meryl says:

    still struggling to collect my thoughts after todays “tour de force” B! phew comes to mind!
    brightened up my Saturday I can tell you~ thanks

  20. Suse says:

    Great choice of screencaps / scenes and wonderful gif and flash. I’m really looking forward to the other Days of Guyness. Also – I finally ordered S1 of RH (I’ve already got S2 and 3). It should be in delivered early next week 🙂

  21. Lady Prisca says:

    Good choice April. Happy that you have your animated gif.
    I love very muche the quote Bccmee : “Look into my eyes and you will see what your love is doing to me. My eyes have learned to smile.” It seems to be made for Guy.
    The flash project is delicious , especially the audio pieces. It would be a wonderfull playlist if we had all the great or romantic or sexy “moments” of Guy like that.

  22. mersguy says:

    OMG…his voice, his eyes what a combination- I’m about to explode!! RA/Guy rockin the “Guyliner”
    Love his wedding leather jacket too. Great choice April, and thanks Bccmee for clearing up email
    password. Great work, you are the master B!

  23. April says:

    Wow wow wow… Swoooooon.

    I loooooove this pic a lot.

    Thanks Bccmee for this gif and animation with my proposition. 🙂

    PS : I’m sometimes the first, but not the week-end, lol.

  24. IngeD3 says:

    That was beautiful – I could listen to that voice over and over again…and I did!! 🙂
    I’m looking forward to these next days of Guyness. The perfect way to brighten up these cold rainy days… Thank you! x

    • bccmee says:

      @IngeD3: Aw, thanks! You’re very welcome. That voice gets me every time too. I didn’t notice it at first because I was so dazzled by his beauty, LOL!

  25. Kathleen Evans says:

    Shh, it’s only me – mesmerizing. Could listen again and again.

  26. fitzg says:

    No man can carry off guyliner like that!! (Eat your heart out, Mr. Depp – you just didn’t do it…)

  27. You´re right Fizz, I ike J. Depp, but there is no comparation between them .Guy wins by far.

  28. Debra says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! Of all your fantastic Flash games I think this is my favorite! That voice!!! It melts me every time! And this is one of my most fave eps too!
    Bccmee, you are simply BRILLIANT!

    (And the gif is to die for!! *droooooollll*)

  29. Phylly3 says:

    Lovely! I can listen to his voice for ages! You always outdo yourself!

  30. Sorry, late to the party, but OMG, this is great!!
    You chose such swoonworthy moments. By the way, can I find all those sound clips at Ali’s site? I need them on my iPod!

  31. Teuchter says:

    Sorry this is such a late comment but I was listening to – and watching this all over again today while imagining hearing the first audio clip – “Sh,sh! It’s alright – it’s only me!” each time my cell-phone rang!! LOL!! That voice of his gets me every time!

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