October animated gif challenge – day 31

Happy Halloween!

As children, my siblings and I went trick-or-treating every Halloween until about age 12 or so. That was not unusual. However, we had the bright idea of also going door-to-door every November 1st, and when the surprised homeowner greeted us, we shouted, “Trick-or-treat for leftovers!” True story. We actually got a lot of candy that way! Some of our neighbors were relieved to get rid of their extra goodies. 😛

Hope you are enjoying your Halloween. Today’s animated gif scene selection comes to us from Jeannie Gisborne. Hmmm, I wonder if she is related to Sir Guy in some way? 😉

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

As you have noticed, I have a thing for Richard Armitage characters in doorways.  Apparently, I am not alone. There are also those who admire his hands.  Jeannie appreciates both!

Jeannie wrote, “Yes, something about Richard in doorways! May I suggest Guy with hands, fingers. Richard has such wonderful hands and fingers and he is so expressive with them.” Jeannie was then kind enough to link the pictures from RichardArmitageNet.Com of her choice of scenes.

The scene comes from Robin Hood season 1, episode 12, when Guy is breaking down his door to get to the Nightwatchman, who is stealing his treasure. This is followed by Guy stabbing the Nightwatchman as “he” makes his getaway.

Therefore, today’s graphic involves hands and a doorway! And some blood. 😮

Here is your animated gif:

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

Thanks for your excellent suggestion, Jeannie! Clearly, the axe-wielding sequence is based on The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson. That must have been fun for Richard Armitage to re-enact. The captions “Here’s Gizzy!” and “Gotcha!” seemed to write themselves.

This wraps up our lovely month-long animated gif challenge! A huge thanks to all of you for participating by reading, submitting ideas, tweeting, facebooking, commenting, etc. I’m thrilled that 31 of you were able to design the month’s worth of graphics. If you were too late with your submission, please do not despair. There will be more challenges in the future.

I’d also like to give a big “shout out” to Ali for her support and all the resources on her website, RichardArmitageNet.Com and via twitter, @RAnetdotcom.

Remember, if you are ordering anything from Amazon UK or US, whether it is Richard Armitage related or not,  a commission will be donated to charity if you make your purchase through the links at RichardArmitageNet.ComPound Euro Dollar

One final note: Tune in tomorrow for a debriefing session and a few announcements. Again, have a happy Halloween!

P.S. Do you think one of the reasons I have a “thing” for doorways is because of the rewards of candy by going trick-or-treating door-to-door?

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73 Responses to October animated gif challenge – day 31

  1. Elaine says:

    Well, it certainly would be a treat to see Richard/Guy/Harry/John P./John T. etc,, etc, on the other side of the door for Halloween. This was an excellent suggestion Jeannie and “b” you’ve really put the rock and roll in it.

    What a wonderful month it’s been – so much fun and friend/fanship. I hope, where ever you are, that you’ll join me in writing a BIG thank you to bccmee for all the fun we’ve had. Cheers everyone!

    • bccmee says:

      @Elaine: With or without candy, I would love to see any of them at the door too!

      I appreciate all your kind comments and words of support. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I added your photography site, “A Scattering,” to my blogroll. 🙂 Thanks for reaching out by linking to me first! 😀

      • Elaine says:

        Well aren’t you a darling for adding the link to my site on your blogroll! Maybe we can even imagine Guy walking through some of my woodland photos…….

    • Thank you Elaine and B really rocked this whole month!

  2. Great gif! Love RA as the Shining! 😀 Cool captions there too. ‘Gotcha!’ hehe, indeed he did…

  3. This is perfect for Halloween Jeannie and BCC! Thank You.
    There is something about Gizzy’s hands that makes me crazy. Did you notice how long his fingers are when they grab the smashed door crawling and scratching?
    Ahhh! I want to be chased by an Halloween monster with fingers like those!

    BCC did you already reported about the tumblr blog studying Richard’s hands (and arms)?

    • bccmee says:

      @Carla: I never took much notice of Gisborne’s hands before. However, with plenty of exposure, I’m sure I’ll come to appreciate them, LOL!

      My fave tumblr blog is the one featuring Richard Armitage on the Phone. 😀 It’s updated frequently much to my delight. Haven’t had time to explore more of them.

      Thanks so much for your comment and participation!

    • The long fingers? YES, that’s why I suggested it:-))

  4. Angela Mellor says:

    Thanks for the last month you have worked really hard and they were wonderful .. and I just want to say thank you again for mine that you did … the glorious Harry !!

  5. CDoart says:

    How scary ;o) Thank you, Jeannie and Bccmee! Also thank you to Ali for the material.
    What a wonderful month coming to an end ;o( It is good of you to console us with further things to come ;o)

  6. jules says:

    Oh no I’m behind the chair again…stop it you know I’m a scaredy cat…Thanks Jeannie and ‘B’ Jack Nicolson was my fav actor until you know who came along…Oh yes I did notice his wonderful large hands…swoon….Thanks ‘B’ for this fantastic month it’s brought us all a lot closer together, truly amazing…Can’t wait for the debriefing session, it sounds like something from Spooks but I can’t stop thinking of Lee in his speedos whooops…Luv you all…Jules

  7. April says:

    I love this Halloween Guy gif !!! Soooo scary… 🙂

    Thanks Bccmee.

  8. Lady Rose says:

    How delightfully creepy and yummy at the same time. x)

  9. Suse says:

    Wonderful last gif of the month – almost scary though GoG is too nice to look at to really frighten any of us 🙂 – and a big thank you for all the previous 30 gifs.

  10. fitzg says:

    Superb gif suggestion, Jeannie! So perfect for Oct. 31. Bccmee, will miss the gifs, but we know you have great things pending for November. En avant, notre chere and full speed ahead!

  11. Gratiana says:

    Hi Bccmee!
    Today’s gif is a great capstone to a wonderful month of animated gifs! Thanks to you–and to Jeannie for its inspiration today.

    And thanks to you, Bccmee–oh Video Tech Goddess Divine–for your artistry, creativity, and wizardessry (I made that word up, ha!)!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

  12. Alfie says:

    Uhhhh!! Even like this (a bit crepy, bloddy and angry) he got my blood running. Loooove it.
    And THANK YOU so much for this month of entertaining – it have been so much fun:-)


  13. jazzbaby1 says:

    This rocks, guys! Thanks bccmee and Jeannie! LOVE this scene a lot!

  14. Shirley says:

    Haha I wish he’d come over and break down my door!

  15. Haha! There could not be a better gif for this day. Great!
    Happy Halloween, Bcc Mee!
    And thank you for all your gifs. It’s been really fun!

    • bccmee says:

      @PoliCBA: Aw thanks so much for your kind comment! I’m amazed at the excellent and detailed scene selections, making this challenge extremely easy and fun for me! 🙂

  16. Lady Prisca says:

    Bloody end for this challenge! Very good idea Bccmee. I’m agree with you Jeannie Gisborne : the hands of Richard are verrrrry intersesting , they have to be studied carefully I think L.O.L..
    Thank you so much Bccmee for this sweet and funny october. It was a great pleasure for me to watch your gifs , to read all the comments and to understand how much we are a lot to feel the same about Richard’s scenes and details.
    Happy Halloween everyone!

    • Looks like I’m the tardy one, but better late than never. Wow, B. I am hono(u)red that you chose my suggestion and just in time for Halloween. You did a magnificent job and I love the Heeeere’s Gizzy and Gotcha captions! You did not disappoint. Richard’s hands are lovely, even when he’s stabbing someone. LOL Thakns again. I wish there was a way I could keep it:-))

      • bccmee says:

        @Jeannie Gisborne: I am so delighted at your scene recommendation! It was absolutely perfect for Halloween. 😮

        Yes it’s amazing how those hands take on a life of their own. 😀

        You can keep the animated gif by the way. Just save it as you would any image. It’s a graphic and not a video, but it just so happens to move. However, animated gifs will only play in the browser, and not in Windows Photo Viewer.

        Thanks again for your great suggestion and all your participation, Jeannie!

      • I love his hands and would love to study them more closely, too:-))

    • bccmee says:

      @Lady Prisca: Yes, careful study is required indeed! Although we are all individuals, it’s remarkable how we have so many of the same likes when it comes to Richard Armitage scenes!

  17. Ania says:

    OMG. Today’s gif with Sir Guy is really scary 😉 Thanks Bccmee and Jeannie. ♥
    Bccmee thank you for an exciting month. Daily visits to your blog it was a real pleasure and so much fun 🙂

  18. Ana Cris says:

    Thank Bcc,
    For all the fun during the month of October. There are memorable scenes here, which seem to please many fans of RA. We can only ask ourselves what you reserve for the future!

  19. Teuchter says:

    What a fitting end to such a wonderful month, Bccmee!! A heart-felt “thank you” to you and all those who have participated with suggestions and comments! It has been fantastic fun being here with all of you and I’m sad this is the last one even though you have given us hope that you maybe have other things up your sleeve! 🙂

    How does he manage to make those lovely long fingers of his look sinister in this shot as they creep across the wood? I LOVE the way he says, “Gotcha!” not only in this scene but when he catches Allan a Dale doing those tricks in the tavern! Lol!! I always have to watch them over and over again!

    • bccmee says:

      @Teuchter: Aw, you are very sweet. You’re so welcome!

      Richard Armitage has a way with his hands, and his words, and well, his everything! 😀

      I’m looking forward to some new projects in the coming months. Thanks so much for all your support and participation!

  20. Good choice of the scenes. It seems very scared. Great job as always, Bccmee.

    • bccmee says:

      @Tereza: Thank you very much! I hope you weren’t too frightened, LOL! It’s been such a great pleasure to make these gifs with everyone’s help and support. ♥

  21. beengizzied (@beengizzied) says:

    Stanley Kubrick+Guy of Gisborne+BCCMEE = Fun on The Dark Side

  22. Joanna says:

    I’m so scared…you are naughty naughty boy Guy!..just wash your hands and come here…:D
    Thanks to you Bccmee this month was bearable I’m greatful:)
    All those beautifull gifs,witty comments,nice words- makes me happy!
    Hugs and kisses:)

    • bccmee says:

      @Joanna: ROTFL! I can visualize Guy doing just as you say. 😀

      You’re very welcome and I thank you for your support and lovely comments! *HUGS*

  23. mersguy says:

    Love it!!! Creepy Guy and his dagger – oh how I could spend all day studying those elegant hands and fingers.
    It has been a wonderful month of “Richard- ness” every gif was special in it’s own way and evoked some wonderful memories and everyone’s comments providing the laughs.
    Thanks Jeannie for your choice and special thanks to Bccmee – what a month!

    • bccmee says:

      @mersguy: Now I’m wondering if any kids dressed up as Sir Guy of Gisborne when this program was still on the air? Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I thought this was the perfect gif for Halloween! 😮

  24. Thaís says:

    Wow! This scene is really scary. Shining’s one of my favorite movies and this classic scene recreated by Gisborne is just thrilling… Thank you Bccmee and everybody who contributed with so great ideas… October was a lovely month because of you! 🙂

  25. Phylly3 says:

    I was wondering what you would come up with – and forgot about this. So perfect!!! Excellent work bccmee and of course Jeannie would suggest it (being the Professor of All Things Guy at the Institute of Armitage Studies)! Tee-hee! Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      @Phylly3: I had several candidates for the Halloween animated gif, but Jeannie’s seemed to be the most appropriate. 🙂 Yes, she is the expert on His Guyness! Thanks for your sweet treat of a comment and a very Happy Halloween to you too! 😀

  26. Bccmee, I cannot possibly thank you enough for the fantastic 31 animated gifs!
    I loved all of them!
    Happy Halloween!

    • bccmee says:

      @grendel’s mum: I’m delighted that you enjoyed them. Thank you again for featuring the animated gifs on your Japanese blog! I’m very honored. 🙂 You are providing a great service. Soon Richard Armitage will be more well-known world-wide and you have set up a warm and welcoming community.

  27. Summer says:

    Couldn’t have been any better! Perfect for Halloween! The Shinning/Sir Guy! Thanks B & Jeannie 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      @Summer: I’m tempted to watch The Shining tonight before bed! Maybe I’ll dream of Richard Armitage in the lead role when I go to sleep afterward, LOL!

  28. Musa/Fabo says:

    So sad Bccmee that the October Gif Challenge is at an end 😦
    Great Gizzy Gif again – thanks Jeannie and Bccmee – he does have such lovely hands.

  29. Pamela says:

    This was a fitting one to conclude a great month of industry from you 🙂 He’s so distractingly gorgeous even when he’s trying to be villainous! Thanks Bccmee.

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