October animated gif challenge – day 16

There’s no denying it:  Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne looks amazing on horseback.  I imagine it’s every little boy’s dream to play at sword fighting and horseback riding.  While I am sure it was a lot of work in hot weather, it must have been fun and fulfilling for the actors in Robin Hood. Richard Armitage seems like a kid at heart and hasn’t lost his sense of wonder based on my observations of some of his video interviews.  That’s one of his many charms.

Today is Carla’s birthday!  For today’s animated gif she requested the scene when Guy returns to Sherwood Forest after his absence.  This is from Robin Hood series 3, episode 5.  As you probably know, Richard Armitage was not available for episodes 3 and 4 due to his obligations filming Spooks.

Here’s the Picture of the Day at RichardArmitageNet.Com dedicated to Carla/LadyCassia:

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

And I couldn’t resist making a screencap of my own. 🙂

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

Screencap mine

Happy birthday, dear Carla!  Guy on horseback is the perfect gift for any occasion.  😉

There is something very appealing about this character on horseback.  I can’t quite explain it….

Here is your animated gif:

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

While I was making the gif, I noticed that Robin Hood sees Guy and says, “He’s back” so I chose that text for the caption.  I haven’t seen the two Robin Hood episodes without Guy, have you?

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52 Responses to October animated gif challenge – day 16

  1. fitzg says:

    Happy Birthday, Carla. Great gif suggestion!

  2. Elaine says:

    Great choice – love it – something breath taking about it. Happy birthday Carla! Great job again bccmee – you rock.

  3. Alfie says:

    There is something about Guy S3 – he is soooooooooooo beautiful. The only thing I miss a bit, is the tension between him and marion (“My Lady”). But Guy S3 got the most fantastic hair ( I think it is something nostalgic from my youth, where all my boyfriends got long hair ;-))
    Awsome gif – and congratulation to Carla.

    • bccmee says:

      Thanks for explaining the hair appeal, Alfie! I actually have always preferred short hair on men, so that is possibly why I prefer the John Porter style. 😀

  4. servetus says:

    I have seen the two episodes without him, and what they mainly underline is how much he *was* that show in series 3. All of 3 was kitschy, but the scripts for those episodes are particularly awful.

  5. Yes, he is back and is really … WOW!
    I chose these screencaps because the first time I met GoG on Italian TV was right at this point of the story, on horseback, back to Nottingham.
    Thanks to you BCCmee for the gift and to all the ladies who know me and send me wishes.
    You are lovely!

    • bccmee says:

      Oh that’s a great story. Was that the first time you had seen Richard Armitage or were you already a fan? I still remember seeing Harry Kennedy open the door to Sleepy Cottage in The Vicar of Dibley and I haven’t looked back since!

      Again, a very happy birthday to you, Carla! Thank you so much for your lovely scene selection. 😀

  6. GratianaDS90 says:

    Hi BccMee,
    Loved it! As Angie would say, what a stallion! And the horse isn’t bad either. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. I know that you’re not doing the animated gifs beyond October. But I have a November birthday. boo hoo. Might you be willing to take requests now and again for upcoming birthdays? Of course, mine would be the four amazing kisses–after the first two kisses–in the N&S epi4 train station kissing scene.

    Watching John kiss Margaret–their soft and supple lips seeking each other, their lips slightly open as if in a promise of future trespassing tonges when they are wedded and bedded–I can almost feel his lips on mine. Sighhhh! Ha! Oh Dear! Now I’ll just have to kiss my hubby. Ha!

    • bccmee says:

      LOL re: the stallion, GratianaDS90!

      You certainly are selling your point about perhaps continuing the animated gifs for birthdays and special occasions. I will think about it. 🙂

  7. jules says:

    Yeah he’s back my ‘hot tottie from Nottie’ Series 3 is back on tv on Sunday Mornings again….Sorry Richard you tried to look so hard and evil but all you did was turn into the most gorgeous handsome person….I also noticed he had a cold in the first few episodes…did anyone else…poor Gizzy *sigh* Hope you have a great birthday Carla xxxxxx

    • bccmee says:

      “Hot tottie from Nottie,” LOL! Have to admit, I haven’t heard that one before, jules!

      I didn’t notice Richard Armitage having a cold in the show. Might have to watch a few minutes of those episodes again because now you’ve made me curious. Thanks so much for your comment!

    • I noticed the cold too! He sounded particularly husky *miauw* thanks for this choice Carla & a belated Happy Birthday and thanks Bccmee for this gif. I’ve learned to embrace the cheese of this show (or pantomime as RA called it) & hence I did not skip any episodes. My family each has a favorite character, not hard guessing which is mine 😉

  8. Tereza says:

    Glad he´s back! Nothing like a sunday morning to look at this stunning face. I adore RA with long hair and stubble.He is so adorable.And that mouth opening like that, I can´t resist! * Swoon*

    Ps:Regarding to the ep.3 and 4, these were the two episodes I’ve seen only once. Guess why?

    • bccmee says:

      I agree that his mouth looks so cute, Tereza. He looks boyish and cautious at the same time, as if he’s listening for trouble with his mouth open, LOL! 😛

      Glad I haven’t spent my time watching the episodes without Guy. The consensus seems that it’s not worth it.

  9. Lady Rose says:

    Actually yes, I did see the two without Guy, just so I wouldn’t get lost. But I guess that wasn’t necessary! Although I will add, the two without Guy were extremely boring and not that enjoyable. 😛

    • Lady Prisca says:

      Absolutely. Even if there is other intersting characters and good actors , the show have no interest without him.

    • bccmee says:

      It’s difficult to believe that Richard Armitage performed in two simultaneous series on the BBC! They should rename the network after him. I would certainly tune in to watch the RA channel. 😉 Thanks for your comment, Lady Rose!

  10. Pamela says:

    Jawline, broad shoulders, stubble, the longer hair – that gif exudes so much palpable sexiness. Thanks Bccmee for another scorching gif 🙂

  11. Lady Prisca says:

    Happy birthday Carla ! Thank you for your suggestion because to see Guy, always enjoy me. He’s the knight of my heart! I don’t like very much the season three (i prefer the second) but Guy is gorgeous even in it. Good work Bccmee!

  12. CDoart says:

    Happy Birthday, Carla. Thank you for the choice of the wonderful riding scene, Carla & Bccmee !
    I did see the two episodes without RA, but only, because I had no idea, he would not re-appear after leaving to be executed by Prince John. I was impatiently waiting for him to come back and so Robin Hood exactly met my sentiments “He’s back” ;o)

    • bccmee says:

      Yes, he’s back…at least in animated gif format, LOL!

      Too bad you had to suffer through the episodes without Guy, CDoart. Two hours wasted that you’ll never get back. 😉 *giggle*

  13. Ania says:

    Bccmee beautiful gif, loved it! I adore how you adapt the colouring of inscriptions to the color of the whole pictures.
    I admit that I watched a whole series of RH. Mainly because I watched with my nephew, who was too young to watch it yourself. But for me “real” Robin always will be „Robin of Sherwood” played by Michael Pread, which I loved to watch in the childhood. However compare these two series the doubtless the best and the most dignified sir Guy was Guy played by Richard Armitage 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Wow that’s very observant of you, Ania. You’re the first person to comment on the colors. I do use the eyedropper to pick up contrasting colors from the video. 😀

      Maybe someday I’ll have to watch the Michael Praed version of Robin of Sherwood. I’ve heard of it and have seen screencaps and he does look quite nice.

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

  14. phylly3 says:

    Happy birthday Carla! It is a very inspired choice for a gif. As for those 2 episodes sans Gizzy — it took me forever to watch them because I kept falling alseep in the middle of them! I only perservered because I didn’t know he would be gone for both episodes. I can’t even remember now what they were about. When Gisborne finally appeared at this scene it was like the sun had returned to the sky! What a glorious moment! 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Haha, I have a funny image of you, and perhaps thousands of other women, falling asleep due to the lack of Guy in those episodes of Robin Hood. *giggle*

      Yes, the sun returning to the sky is a good way to put it. Richard Armitage definitely had a certain presence as Sir Guy of Gisborne!

  15. Love it! He looks awesome in horsebakc *thud*
    I did watch the eps without him but I found them very boring and I practically FF through them as I was wondering *when* would he be back and.. there he is!

    OML *grin*

    • bccmee says:

      Guy does manage to make a grand entrance, OML. 🙂 Even though I saw RH1 later, I was very impressed seeing Guy on horseback for his first appearance there. 😀

  16. Maria Grazia says:

    Amazed at your talent, b!
    I wish he were really back. I find RA’s look in RH3 extremely fascinating. THANKS for this new gif!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      It was funny to hear Richard Armitage’s opinion on his new look in season 3. He suggested that Guy must’ve stopped in Milan on the way home from the Holy Land, LOL! I love his sense of humor. Thanks so much for your comment, Maria. 🙂

  17. mersguy says:

    “He’s back” and boy what a return, with a new costume & new hair!I Sir Guy (sir hotness) never looked better, so beautiful and soooo sexy!!! I did end up watching the 2 episdoes while Richard was away, funny though they dont really stick in my mind. Fanstastic gif B, and have happy birthday Carla!

    • bccmee says:

      Guy was definitely transformed in season 3, in more ways than one. 😉

      Glad I didn’t watch the episodes without RA, since it’s likely I wouldn’t have remembered either. Thanks for your comment, mersguy!

  18. Thanks for this gorgeous Guy (and also for the “cheeky” lovely Harry)!
    Richard looks really magnificent on horseback and I can’t wait to see him on horseback again, this time as the King Under the Mountain!

    • bccmee says:

      Ooh good to know we can look forward to Thorin on horseback in The Hobbit! I have yet to read the book but I will be sure to do so before the movie comes out. Thank you again for your continued support, grendel’s mum!

  19. Summer says:

    Oh la la! He’s back! Gorgeous! Thx B & Happy Birthday Carla 🙂

  20. April says:

    Thank you for this gorgeaous/fabulous/marvelous/etc gif with Guy. 🙂

  21. Faboamanto says:

    Carla! Very Happy Belated Birthday! Celebrate the entire Week!

    Thank you Bccmee for another great gif 🙂 I love the way Guy’s hair bounces in this scene. Just when you think Guy can’t look more handsome, Surprise!

    I also watched the two episodes without Guy. I remember when I watched the first one, I had not been paying attention to the credits, so I kept waiting the entire episode for dear Guy to show up. What a disappointment I can tell you!

    • jules says:

      I was the same, Faboamanto, so so disappointed Sir gorgeousness wasn’t in these episodes…little did we know he was working on Spooks…Lucious Lucas North here we come……

      • bccmee says:

        @jules: Oooh Luscious Lucas indeed! At least we got a double-dose (almost) of Richard Armitage on the BBC when Spooks and Robin Hood aired the same year.

        • jules says:

          Just a thought ‘b’ how come Lucious Lucas had short hair in Spooks (7) but Sir Gorgeousness had long hair in RH (3)…do you think he had hair extensions whilst in Milan…I may have to sit through RH but very closely to the screen just to check it out…Oh and didn’t Richard play John Mulligan at the same time also mmmm I think I need to get even closer *giggles*

        • mersguy says:

          Hi Jules,
          Yes your right, Richard did have hair extensions, there are pic’s floating about, you can see the glue! He finished Spooks on the Friday and started S3 RH on the Monday!!
          He always looks good to me, long hair or short hair ……… sigh

        • Musa/Fabo says:

          Hi Jules, Mersguy, and Bccmee!
          I remember RA talks about his new hair in at least one TV interview when he was filming both RH and Spooks and he has his long extensions pinned back so you can’t tell how long his hair was for RH3. I agree I like him with long and short hair too.

    • bccmee says:

      @Faboamanto: I celebrate my birthday all year, LOL!

      So delighted you enjoyed the gif. Yes, Guy’s hair does flounce and bounce around on horseback, hehe.

      I can’t even imagine the disappointment in watching RH without Guy-candy! 😉

  22. Guy riding on a horse is magnificent! I have seen the two without Guy, but rarely watch them when I watch the series thru. LOL They were good eps, but lacking something……..

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