October animated gif challenge – day 13

The BBC series Robin Hood definitely had its share of humor.  Richard Armitage played his role straight, which was the best thing, really. I totally enjoyed the interaction between Guy and Allen as shown below in the screencap from season 2 episode 6.

Our animated gif today comes at the suggestion of Kirsty.

Guy and Allen

Kirsty requested “Gisborne taking his top off just before Allan a Dale speaks to him.”

The shirt removal was actually so quick that I padded the gif with another glimpse of Guy putting on a clean shirt and looking quite delicious in the process.  😛

Here is your animated gif:

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne

Look at the way Guy’s hair flips around!  Hope you enjoy.  See you tomorrow!  😀

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43 Responses to October animated gif challenge – day 13

  1. April says:

    OMG OMG OMG !!! I love this one !!!

  2. Lady Rose says:

    Oh hayyyy. Only my favourite scene of just him in the entire series…

  3. Elaine says:

    oh my,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is right…………….I am now totally useless for at least the remainder of the day……..if not the week,,,,,,month…..ever?? flip goes my heart!

    Thanks Kristy for your suggestion and bccmee’s brilliance in adding the clean shirt portion at the end.

  4. fabi says:

    It’s not fair, Bccmee and Kristy! How do I get back to work after this? *swoon*

  5. Be sure I enjoyed that. I‘m going to put him in my wishlist to Santa. *silly happy face*

  6. jules says:

    Right! I am going to be sensible here…I love the way Allan a Dale looks at Sir Guy and realises he hasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of being like him…Oh forget it…it’s one of the best floppy hair scenes ever and don’t get me started on the chesticles…sorry I’ll try be sensible tomorrow???

  7. Teuchter says:

    Brilliant collaboration ladies! Now its going to be running through my mind all day. *Big happy grin*!! I also loved the screencap as it reminds me of Guy strutting along that corridor, those leather-clad hips swinging! *Sighs*

  8. Okay, my brain is gone, and it’s only 8 am. So useless for the rest of the day. 😉

  9. GratianaDS90 says:

    On of, on off, repeat. You read my mind. Ha! Cheers! Grati ;->

  10. Lady Prisca says:

    Verrrrrrrrrrrry good choice! I absolutely love it! Thank you Bccmee

  11. Lady Prisca says:

    P.S. : I love the way the Richard’s hairs move in this.

  12. Be still my beating heart! Mon cœur ne peut pas prendre beaucoup plus! Mega ‘sigh’!

  13. Dhana says:

    Thank you, bccmee and Kirsty!!! A great choice. 🙂

  14. Ana Cris says:

    Let’s play strip and dress?
    Come on, Guy, again. ;0)

  15. Musa/Fabo says:

    Take it off, take it all off Guy…:)
    Thank you Bccmee and Kirsty! I was sad when Allan left Sir Guy to go back to Robin and the gang.

  16. Ana Cris says:

    Perhaps the phrase does not make sense in English, but the game is to take off a piece of clothes (lie) or put clothes of the opposite sex friend (lie too) in a game of truth or lie.
    If the group thinks the person is telling the truth, he is entitled to keep their clothes. Just a little silly culture. ;0)

  17. Ania says:

    I just realized that from a longer time I sit as hypnotized and still watch and watch *sigh*

  18. fitzg says:

    Almost sexier than the disarming scene with Marian! Mr. A made some funny remark about tossing the hair back, in reference to his Old Vic playlet last year…

  19. CDoart says:

    Great admiration, Ladies. Bccmee and Kristy for choosing and making this and all you others, that you still have words after watching this ;o)

  20. Joanna says:

    “….and his black hair fells rakishly over his brow…”-not mine line;)
    Here I am,straggling for a breath…..*sighhhhh*:D
    Thank you Bccmee(and Kate):)
    “Let the force be with you”!

  21. Alfie says:

    *BOING* ( the sound when I swoon and hits the floor)
    Soooo nice – thanks a lot.

  22. Carolyn says:

    OMG You know how I feel about Guy! Thank you so much! My stomach flips every time his hair flips!

  23. tyme4t says:

    ummm he has hair in this clip – LOL I was a little distracted by the removal of the shirt…..OH there’s the hair flip – so dang sexy.

    OH MY is right! Keep up the great work!

  24. Jael says:

    Sorry to shout but, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mersguy says:

    Sir Hotness strikes again, fab choice. I was wondering when Guy would make ana apperance. Ha “Moves like Jagger” is playing on the radio- always makes me think of Richard, sexy & funky!
    Smiling & dancing now, happy day!!

  26. bccmee says:

    Thanks for all your comments! Don’t have time to respond individually today, oh dear!

    LOL re: Moves Like Jagger. Someone requested that song last month for a fanvid but it was already used. As for music with the animated gifs, that’s not possible. To include sound, I would need to make either fanvids or Flash videos which I couldn’t do on a daily basis so we have to make do with visuals only. 😀 Feel free to post which songs you think would go best with each animated gif. Then we can listen to the appropriate music on our iPods while watching, LOL!

    And yes, I agree this is an amazing scene. Guy looks really gorgeous when he does what we all do every day. 😀 😀 😛

  27. Tereza says:

    Oh, it was only I see GoG that my heart started beat fastly. This is one of the my favorite scenes from GOG. This man stirs so much with my head that I have even difficulty in thinking and writing in another language .Sorry my mistakes.
    Thank you bccmee.You are a genius!

  28. phylly3 says:

    Funny, but I never noticed the hair flip before. Nice to have these details pointed out. I was just too focused on another part of his anatomy! This one definitely makes me salivate…
    I declare bccmee’s blog this month is “like a box of chocolates” because “you never know what you’re going to get:”! And it’s ALL good, so sweet and rich and sinfully delicious!

    • jules says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more…I mentioned the box of chocolates to ‘B’ a few days ago…We are having a wonderful time tasting a different choccy each day aren’t we…still can’t make my mind up whether I like the dark ones or the ones with the soft centres…they are all very tasty!!! yummeeee

  29. “Quite delicious process” is not enough to express the feeling raised watching this perfect, sinful scene for fangirls (fangirls grateful from the heart!).
    You always do magic with Guy (video, graphics and gifs)!

  30. Pamela says:

    The stars were definitely aligned very favorably when Guy of Gisborne was conceived by the BBC RH team. He is physical, sartorial perfection. Yum! Thanks once again, Bccmee 🙂

  31. Hi,Bcc, welcome back! i missed you and your wonderful and creative jobs.
    I normally do not like bearbed men, but Richard is so adorable in thi spic,that I´ve made an exception. lately my net is like a turtle, everything moves so slowly ,I´ve already acessed your page before, but when I´m going to post some comment, it do not send. It gives my nerves.So,a little late I congratulate you for more this great job.

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