October animated gif challenge – day 1

Oh the lovely Lucas North. It’s difficult to believe he’s a spy and not a model.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North

For the month of October, I’ve decided to make one new animated gif each day. Yes, that’s right, 31 animated gifs in a row! And you’re going to help me pick the scenes. The guidelines are simple:

1. Please be specific … if you can describe the exact scene or timing of the scene you want, that would be very helpful. Otherwise, I’ll make a best guess. Another option is to post a link to a screencap from the galleries on RichardArmitageNet.Com.  At the very least, you will  need to tell me which program and episode.  I haven’t memorized all of Richard Armitage’s shows, LOL!  If the scene is from one of my fanvideos, that’s fine too.

2. Suggest some text. The gif will look better if it doesn’t abruptly end and start again so a little bit of text will break it up nicely.

3. Of course you are free to use the animation if you so choose, but it’s not necessary. 🙂 This is just for fun and your input will be helpful.

The first animated gif was made at the request of beengizzied.  She posted a comment on my last fan video which said, “The best bit for me in this video is two seconds from 1.02 to 1.04 where he pirouettes in slow mo with his gun. I deeply crave that as a gif to use as my avi.”

As a result, I made the following:

I added the muzzle flash but otherwise the scene is directly from Spooks 8.7.

Hope you enjoy our little game!  Feel free to send your request via the comment box or through the Contact bccmee form.  First-come first-served.  Remember, I have all of Richard Armitage’s works on DVD so any character should be possible.  Speaking of DVDs, if you are ordering anything through Amazon US or UK, whether it is Richard Armitage-related or not, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to charity if you order through the links on RichardArmitageNet.Com.

By the way, I would’ve announced this challenge in advance, but I just got the idea last night!  😀

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41 Responses to October animated gif challenge – day 1

  1. Elaine Dale says:

    Did you have caffeine just before you went to bed?! I swear your brain never stops. Brilliant idea. Looking forward to the daily updates. Cheers and have a great weekend!

    • bccmee says:

      Hahaha, Elaine! I did have a half a soda — which I almost never drink — before going to bed so you may have hit upon something. 🙂 Blogging under the influence of caffeine may not be a good idea, LOL! Thanks for your comment. Let me know if you have a request. I can accommodate 28 more as I have 2 in the queue.

  2. WOW, something to look forward to EVERY DAY!! You really are our saviour in this RA drought!

  3. Kaprekar says:

    You are the best bccmee…!!!!

  4. fitzg says:

    Love the animation!
    Just a suggestion: for Hallowe’en week , ranet gallery.
    RH 3.
    Screencap series #3, first cap
    Gisborne with Robin on shoulders, about to throw him over the cliff.
    (Channeling the wicked witch of the west?)

  5. Pamela says:

    I applaud your industriousness when it comes to Richard 🙂 As to ideas for gifs, how about the cravat removal scene from North and South. That one always gets my blood pumping!

  6. Elaine says:

    I’m thinking the moment when Harry Kennedy comes back to Geraldine’s door after their first data and says he just wants to take one last look. Makes ones knees go rubbery………..

  7. Gisborne taking his top off just before Allan a Dale speaks to him

  8. Kathleen Evans says:

    Another wonderful idea!

    I went to the screen cap gallery and found these – N&S ep2 pics 211-233. I know that this is a lot. The only one that needs to be there is 213. This my swoon worthy picture of RA. This is the scene between the rock throwing incident and the proposal with Mrs. Thornton.

    Hope this is enough. I do not have any text to go with this but I will think about it some more.

    Once again, joy in RA land, something to look forward to for 31 days!

    • bccmee says:

      Love the cravat removal, too Kathleen! Thanks very much for being so specific. Now I can find it much more easily. Look for your animated gif in a few days. 🙂

  9. phylly3 says:

    Fabulous idea!! I have sent you my suggestion. I wouldn’t be surprised if other people want the same scene.

  10. CDoart says:

    Wonderful, bccmee. I think you make a lot of us, not only me, very ! happy with this October event ;o) Thank you !!!

  11. Ania says:

    What a wonderful idea and thank you for it. You are really amazing!
    Long thought about my proposal, and even though I love Mr. Thornton, then I suggest a scene from Sparkhouse episode 3. When John and Coral are married and unpack boxes of the car. John says to Corol “Never think you can’t tell me things” and he so tenderly touches Coral hands (in SCREENCAP Gallery pic.145, 146 😉 )
    Have you seen the new photos for Magazine Project? You can see them on the Russian side: http://armitage-online.ucoz.ru/photo/138

  12. servetus says:

    How long do you need to make one of these?

  13. GratianaDS90 says:

    Ooh! BccMee!

    This is a great idea! Might you make an animated gif of Harry saying “By my calculation, you owe me the sum of one kiss, with tongues?”

    Here is the RANet screencap that starts that sequence:
    and here is the screencap that ends that sequence

    Although, it does seem that the screencaps are missing Harry’s head bob tilt and brilliant smile at the end as he is putting his glasses into his pocket. So if you can include that, that would be great.

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • bccmee says:

      Perfect choice, GratianaDS90! I love Harry Kennedy, especially his sexy glasses. I’ll have your gif done before the month is over. 🙂 Thanks so much for participating!

  14. May Graphics, September cRAy and now October GIFs. You are spoiling us too much!

    October 16th is my birthday. RH S3 Episode 5 is my favorite. I wonder if you could gif caps of Guy “gorgeous rider” from RAnet.com: http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/RobinHood/album/seasonthree/Episodefive/slides/5_003.html

    Otherwise, if you like most, a couple of screencaps later you find Guy smugly turning his head to the camera: http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/RobinHood/album/seasonthree/Episodefive/slides/5_007.html

    I like both sequences. Could you choose one?
    Thank you very much. LadyCassia

  15. Alfie says:

    What a great pirouette – looove it. Thanks!!

  16. Lady Prisca says:

    Bccmee you’re great , what creativity and generosity !

    I’ve a request : a scene of Robin Hood (with gorgeous Guy) season 2 episode 10.
    At the beginning , Guy meet Jasper in the sheriff room. After Guy come back to talk to Jasper who is eating. So I love when Guy open the door and look for Jasper with eyes at this moment.
    There’s only one picture of this scene in RA.net :
    A texte could be : Sir Guy at home or Sir Guy come back home.

    Thank you if you can do something with that and even if you can’t thank you for your interesting projects.

    • bccmee says:

      Ooh that looks like a good one, Lady Prisca! I’ll do my best. Thanks so much for the screencap–that’s very helpful! Look for your animated gif this month! 🙂

  17. Carolyn says:

    You are truly amazing and I thank you so much!

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