cRAy cRAy video challenge – week 3

Here it is! The third Monday of September and a new Richard Armitage fanvideo. I don’t want to say too much about it except that it originated as a surprise ending for another video but then it blossomed into a vid of its own, albeit a short one.

Here’s a screencap of Richard Armitage as John Thornton:

Richard Armitage as John Thornton

Here’s the video on YouTube with closed-captioning:

And if you are interested, here’s a link to a download of the vidlet:

I want to give a massive shout out to everyone who submitted their excellent song recommendations. Wow, I was overwhelmed with your response. Thanks so much for your music suggestions! I truly wish I could make all of them into videos but since I can’t, I encourage you to try your hand at vidding. There are lots of clips and tutorials available from elvirasweeney. Here’s her website: and here’s her forum:

If you start making videos, please post a link or send me a message so I can enjoy your work! 😀   You rock.


Edit: Here’s the transcript as requested by LadyCassia. 🙂

During afternoon tea
There’s a shift in the air
A bone-trembling chill
That tells you she’s there

There are those who believe
The whole town is cursed
But the house in the marsh
Is by far the worst

What she wants is unknown
But she always comes back
The specter of darkness
The woman in black

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65 Responses to cRAy cRAy video challenge – week 3

  1. judiang says:

    Oh, that was creepy. Very Halloween I would think. I was tickled you used DR, he looks like he could be RA’s son or younger brother. 😀 Interesting change here. I liked it.

  2. Awesome thriller fiction video! And casting international stars too.
    I wonder if you could you provide the script for non British viewers? Many thanks!

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow! You have given me chills. Super combination.

    Have you heard that there’s a bit of a hue and cry out there for RA to play Dawsey Adams in the movie adaptation of the novel The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Storey has it that Kenneth Branagh is directing. RA is pretty tied up with The Hobbit but he would make a wonderful Dawsey…….

  4. PV says:

    Loved it! I agree with Judi, its DR looks like RA’s younger self walking about. Soooo creepy…
    RA should probably do a horror movie, would be interesting.

    Again, loved it… you are super talented!

  5. Thaís says:

    This video was a very good surprise!!! Interesting idea, Bccmee! Both RA and DR seem to be in the same film. Congrats!!! Thank you for sharing this one!!! Cheers.

  6. Ania says:

    Wow! Great video. Scary, but at the end caused my smile. Oh, Mrs. Thornton as a Woman in Black. LOL! Was this movie supposed to be a warning to young ladies who want to marry Mr. Thornton?

    • bccmee says:

      Hee hee, Ania. That’s a good analysis, LOL! I intended it to be more funny than creepy, but that’s my twisted brain at work. Margaret might be a good match for Mrs. Thornton though. I think she has powers. 😉

  7. fitzg says:

    Great reference to that classic ghost story! And atmosphere, for whom the bell tolls, Thornton and his ghost-brother! VERY satisfying!

  8. Creepy :S But very creative 🙂
    Now is official: Dan Radcliffe IS the RA’s younger brother 😉
    Can’t wait to watch this movie, by the way.

  9. Aha, your first crossover AU vid! 🙂 Following through how Radcliffe looks like a young Thornton particularly in this role 🙂

  10. Angela Mellor says:

    Just one word … EXCELLENT !!!

  11. CDoart says:

    I saw “The Lady in Black” as a theatre performance in London this year. The suspense really remains long after the play is over. Your video brought that all back. What a great effect of Mrs. Thornton as the lady in black. You mixed the two film elements brilliantly, bccmee!!!

    • bccmee says:

      Then I hope the movie is well-done, CDoart. As soon as I saw the previews for this film, I’ve been wanting to go.

      • CDoart says:

        I am not sure if I dare to watch the film, as I am already cursed for all time since watching the theatre performance. Fortunately your lady in black did not come with further curses, so I can watch your video over and over again ;o)

  12. Musa/Fabo says:

    Double Trouble or Separated at Birth!!
    (As long as they don’t stand next to each other)


  13. fitzg says:

    @Elaine – what a super role from that Guernsey book, for Mr. A! Hope it comes to fruition. We generally think of the Channel Isles as a tax cop-out, but they have a fascinating history.

    Loved The Lady in Black background, bccmee – so perfect.

    • bccmee says:

      Of course as a massive RA fangurl I want him to be in every movie and want to imagine him as a character in every book I read! I just downloaded The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society for my Kindle and will start reading it as soon as I finish my current book.

  14. jazzbaby1 says:

    *Peels self from ceiling.*

    Creepy deepy. I think CDoart talked about this and it involves a haunted doll or toy which is…yeow, I think I need a drink. Great job.

  15. GratianaDS90 says:

    Ooh! Loved it BccMee!

    Dread, uncertainty, suspicion, and evil lurking in the shadows … beware of Mother Thornton! All I can say is “Something wicked this way comes”–a rustling menace in black silk taffeta. Ha! Well Done!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. And as someone else suggested, Daniel Radcliff would make a good younger version of Richard Armitage were RA to film a multi generational epic spanning several years. I don’t know about RA doing an all out horror movie. I think Mother Thornton was enough. That ending with her at the window really creeped me out. Ha!

    • bccmee says:

      LOL re: Mother Thornton, GratianaDS90! Yes, she can be a bit intimidating. This was a fun video to piece together. Didn’t need many special effects at all.

  16. Kathleen Evans says:

    Loved it! I must not scare very easily. It did not scare me, I thought is was funny.

    • bccmee says:

      Until reading the comments, I didn’t realize this would scare anyone, Kathleen. Like you, I don’t frighten easily at all and I made this video for laughs! 😀 Oops, my bad. 😉

  17. Well, I scare very easily and this absolutely creeped me out. Pretty impressive you can get your audience to feel something in such a short amount of time! Another wonderful job, bccmee. Can’t wait for next week!

    caregiving. family. advocacy.

  18. Maria Grazia says:

    Creepy, spooky, scary! I get easily frightened but you were incredibly good at creating haunting tension. Very well done, bccmee!

  19. beengizzied says:

    Afternoon tea will never be the same. Edgar Allan Poe eat your heart out. All the cake you are eating is really getting the results.
    I’m sending you a big piece of treasure cake: (scroll down past the frisbee).
    I wonder what diabolically wonderful thoughts profiteroles embedded in mud cake might unleash?
    P.S I loved this (if you couldn’t tell), even though there was no top hat. But my sideburn love was sated with the screen cap.

  20. Carolyn says:

    Wow, Bcc! Fantastic, I love it. I don’t scare easily, love horror movies. I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about the lady in black with Richard and Daniel.

  21. Eileen says:

    Another winner! Very cleverly done, B. I’m a coward when it comes to scary movies, and this short video gave me chills. How do you think Mrs. Thornton would react to your portrayal of her as the lady in black? I wonder.

  22. love4ot says:

    Just a little creepy on several levels, lol! I love it!

  23. Wow, you are full of surprise! But of course, you won’t make just an ordinary romantic vid!
    How clever of you, and it was a new revelation that RA and DR could be brothers!
    Thanks for sharing, and the script is helpful, too.(^_^)b

  24. phylly3 says:

    I thought it was funny AND scary! So funny it’s scary? or so scary it’s funny? Hmmm… Nope! — just a balance of both! If I hadn’t already seen the real trailer (I was pretty creeped out by that) I would have been more scared, but because I had… I was relieved and thought it quite clever. I had to stop the video and rewind to see Mrs. Thornton over poor Daniel’s shoulder!
    You are always so full of surprises! 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Maybe I should link to the original trailer. 🙂 Delighted you saw the humor even if it frightened you, phylly3! Yeah I did the ending really fast on purpose, just like in the actual trailer.

  25. jules says:

    mmmm the first ever RA vid my daughter has shown an interest in…I wonder why??? This was brilliant even though I watched it from behind the chair…I scare very easily ever since watching Physco with the dead mother…your end sequence just reminded me of it…oh stop it I’m scarying myself again…it’s back behend the chair for me..Thanks B, so sad we have only one more to go though…are you sure you wouldn’t like to do these until December 2012

    • bccmee says:

      *giggle* Maybe you and your daughter can go see The Woman in Black together, jules! Hope you can read this from behind that chair! 😀 Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is another horror classic! Thanks for your comment.

  26. Pamela says:

    I really like the vid. It is definitely thinking “outside the box” but to tell the truth I can’t peel my eyes away from that screencap of RA/John Thornton’s perfect profile!

  27. Ana Cris says:

    So great, Bcc,
    The childish voice associated with dark images can sometimes be so scary! Sometimes I get scared with things can be real, how to see ghosts, but the skydiving is fantastic and as easy as to fall in love by Mr.Thornton.
    I made two double jumps in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is so beautiful and pure adrenaline, as RA.

  28. fabi says:

    It’s probably the first creepy RA video ever made? I liked it, very creative. Mrs Thornton was born to that role, LOL!

  29. ayyp says:

    Cool video, bccmee… 🙂

  30. Calexora says:

    Super creepy!!!! So well done! Bravo! … But I should not have watched this right before going to bed. I think I’ll have nightmares now… especially that last scene after the credits! Yikes! My hats off to you – this is better than most ‘film previews’ I’ve ever seen!

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