Richard Armitage fan video challenge

Richard Armitage as John Porter
Richard Armitage as John Porter – screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

After clipping all the footage from Richard Armitage’s body of work, I thought it would be fun to create a few more fanvideos.  After my Graphic a Day in May, I have not had a regular schedule for posts.  I only blog when there is some Richard Armitage related news or I complete a piece of work.

Since the RA drought seems to be upon us officially, I would like to challenge myself to complete one fan video per week for the month of September.  Do any of you have a clever name for the new challenge?  If so, please post your suggestion(s) in the comments or send me a message through the Contact bccmee form if you’d prefer.

So I hereby declare that starting on September 5, 2011, I will complete one fan video each week to be posted on four consecutive Mondays.  It’s not a  coincidence that I picked a day of the week that only occurs four times in the month!  😉

While I have a few song ideas already, I’m always open to new possibilities.  Keep in mind that if you do make a suggestion, please don’t be offended if your song isn’t used in a fanvideo.  It’s got to be a perfect storm and it is very subjective.  I have to listen to the song 100 times during the editing process so it has to be my style — and even I don’t know what my style is! — and it cannot have been used in a previous Richard Armitage character fan video.  Very importantly, the music has to generate at least a germ of an idea either visually or story-wise.  I won’t rule out any genre. I’ve used many forms of music: hip-hop, rockabilly, hymns, classical, metal, rock, showtunes, and more.  Feel free to have fun!  If you can visualize a Richard Armitage character looking beautiful to the background of a song, then it’s a candidate.  🙂

Polls are fun. Even though I don’t know which character will appear in my September 5th fan video, it will be one of the characters below.  Maybe you’ll guess correctly!  There’s no prize but you can brag to your friends that  you have ESP if you are correct.  😉

By the way, my Band of Horses – Strike Back fan video from three weeks ago was unblocked and now  you can watch it on YouTube where it’s closed-captioned:

And finally, I would like to send a massive thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support to my Richard Armitage 40th birthday fanvid! Wow, I can’t begin to tell you how much your kind messages mean to me.

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67 Responses to Richard Armitage fan video challenge

  1. LadyCassia says:

    I can’t wait September 5!!
    I would like a GoG fanvid with XII Century music. I am not sure this has been done already, but could be very suggestive.
    What do you think?

  2. Of course I would love a ‘Guy’ vid. One can never have too much Guy, but I’ll bet it’s John Porter:-)

    • bccmee says:

      I don’t know yet, Jeannie! It will be a surprise to all of us, LOL! But it will not be influenced by the poll one way or another. 😀 Thanks so much for participating!

  3. Laure says:

    My favorite character is Harry Kennedy, and I love “Dancing in the Moonlight” from Toploader then if possible a small video with Harry,
    Otherwise if you want to know a little French music I can try to find you the titles fun and tell you what it is talking about.
    Super project! bisous

    • bccmee says:

      Thank you for your suggestion, Laure! 🙂 I visited France many years ago and bought some music, but I don’t have it any more since I’ve moved several times since. Any more song recommendations will be welcome.

  4. Elaine Dale says:

    Music suggestion: Duffy’s “Mercy” for Guy or Lucas. I’m looking forward to Mondays like NEVER before. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. gratianads90 says:

    Hi BccMee!

    Great idea! And what a challenge to put those vids together so quickly each week!

    Has anybody done a multi RA character video yet set to “I’m walking on Sunshine”? You could have Richard’s various characters and their walks, strolls, meanders, or even sprints, etc–as well as Richard walking to an interview as one 18 sec YouTube video shares. Be sure to get him coming and going. Ha! You know me, I like the upbeat videos.

    Cheers! Gratiana ;->

    P.S. Let me know if you don’t use my video idea and I might just try it myself. I haven’t done moving video clips yet in the three vids (one for family) that I’ve created so far. So, I would have to figure out where to get the clips from first. Ha!

  6. Summer says:

    As Harry would say..Splendid! 😀 Can’t wait for September to start! Please, please a Guy video *begging* LOL
    About music, I’m really out of the loop, so I blindly trust your good taste in Music!
    Thanks for all the videotheRApy during this long drought! *hugs*

    • bccmee says:

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, Summer! I really hope I do a Guy vid too. With four videos in quick succession, I’d say the chances are pretty good…eventually. 😉

  7. Thaís says:

    I’m sure the next four Mondays are going to be the best Mondays of this year!!! =D
    I trust your good taste in music too!!! And your incredible talent! But if I have any suggestion I’ll send it .

  8. Laure says:

    For example: Eddy Mitchell “Je suis en manque de toi” for a video with Guy and Marian, I will try to make a translation of your words but I will send it by private message, another of Eddy, which I have used (my did it) I’m sure you can do much better “j’ai oublié de l’oublié” Or Julien Clair “made ​​me a place” is more romantic, I try to make this move ..!

  9. Great idea, Bcc Mee!
    I’m going to love to check out every single one of your fanvids.
    I wish you all the luck 🙂
    If it occurs to me any idea about music, I’ll let you know.
    Oh, and I voted for the lovely Harry Kennedy. 😉

  10. Ania says:

    What a splendid idea 🙂 I can’t already wait for September. I know, that any of characters played by RA you will choose it will be great. But somehow, I miss for Guy of Gisborne and he got my vote. My proposal song, Lauri’s “Heavy” a song which recently it’s still in my head 😉

  11. Carolyn says:

    YAY! YAY! Four new great videos from you! Next month will be great, something RA to look forward to!

  12. Teuchter says:

    This is a really great idea, bccmee and I will be looking forward to watching the results!! The song I chose is Jully Black’s “Seven Day Fool” I know this is a rather wild suggestion but it was on the radio this morning (Monday!) and made me think of Richard!! 😀 I couldn’t choose any one character as I’ve no idea how you would go about finding screencaps or video clips to go with the words! 😉

  13. Oh, I’m sooooo looking forward to this! I normally don’t like September as it heralds the onset of winter (rain, sleet, snow & ice…. and endless delays on the commute to work due to ‘the wrong type of rain/sleet/snow/ice on the rails’.. brrrr!) but you’ve instantly made my September a million times better 🙂

    Perhaps you could use Stone Sour’s ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’ for a Lucas North fan-vid? Or would that be too creepy???

    • bccmee says:

      Oh that’s an interesting song, Christianne! I found it on YouTube and the video is also intriguing with some cool special effects. Thanks so much for your recommendation!

      • Glad to be of help. I’ve always thought that song is crying out for a fan vid but I wouldn’t know how to do one, so I really hope you can use it for one of your inspiring creations – if not now, perhaps in future 🙂

        PS: Not wanting to influence your choice of character for any of the fan vids of course, but the final series of ‘Spooks’ is set to be broadcast in the UK somewhere in September and I don’t know about anyone else but I will sooooo miss Lucas (although not evil ‘John’ of course!) in this series. Perhaps a nice Lucas North fan vid may cheer us up?

        • bccmee says:

          Good input, Christianne! I didn’t really know when Spooks 10 was going to air since I’m in the states and I haven’t been keeping up with the news since RA left the show.

  14. beengizzied says:

    Well bccmee,
    since my suggestion of “Racking Up RA” was rejected for one of our gang’s new blog, I offer it as a possible name for your video challenge.
    One a week hey? Sure you didn’t decide this while on a massive chocolate buzz? LOL
    Get to work!

  15. darlingdarling says:

    Challenge name ideas: “Fall”ing with RA? An Armitage Autumn? Clearly, I’m having too much fun with this.

    For this song: Guy or Lucas? Hard to pick. 🙂

  16. Jael says:

    I’m just checking out the blog for the first time today but what a coincidence! I was thinking that I’d love someone to do a RA fan vid to Asia’s Heat of the Moment, I’m thinking Guy but a medley would be great as well (kind of cheesy I know, but IMO a good cheesy). Looking forward to videos!

  17. Heather says:

    Sounds like a September to Remember! I can’t wait for the first video. I am hoping for John Porter personally, but with an inspiration like RA how can you go wrong!

  18. Teuchter says:

    Sizzling Septembers or Momentous (or Memorable) Mondays?

  19. A September to look forward to!

    My guess – John Thornton.

  20. jules says:

    I thought about Richard the first time I heard Maroon 5’s Moves like Jagger. I can’t get his sexy walk out of my head everytime I hear it…I’d love to see a vid with this song the only problem may be the beat is a little too fast….Anyway no matter what you choose I’m sure it will be brill!!! Thanks bccmee for giving me something to look forward to you’re a star, Oh I’ve just thought of a name but it’s a little english…Armitage Autumn…

  21. Jael says:

    Here is another song (totally different feel than the other one), Ray LaMontagne’s Let it Be Me. I think the feel of the song would be great for John and Margaret.

  22. BETH says:

    Hola I really like the video fan and when I hear a song I like, I imagine to Richard at different times. When I see him in the character of Sir Guy … aahh “Bring me to life” by Evanescence is a good song to try. I hope you understand, my english is very poor. Besos from Argentina.

    • bccmee says:

      Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion, BETH! That song is great but it’s already been used in other RA fanvideos. Do you have any other recommendations? I’d love to hear them!

  23. gg7772 says:

    I love your work. How about calling your new project “The Charmitage Weekly”? Looking forward to seeing it whatever you call it. Cheers!

  24. helen says:

    I have been listening to Leonard Cohen’s song “in my secret life”, and I cannot help think ing of Lucas North, and how the lyrics seems particularly fit for him. Can you do a vid for him and using this song. I am pasting some lyrics below so that you can see what I mean:

    “I smile when I am angry,
    I cheat and I lie
    I do what I have to do
    To get by
    But I know what is wrong
    And I know what is right
    And I would die for the truth
    In my secret life”

    Looked through the paper.
    Makes you want to cry.
    Nobody cares if the people
    Live or die.
    And the dealer wants you thinking
    That it’s either black or white.
    Thank G-d it’s not that simple
    In My Secret Life.

    I bite my lip.
    I buy what I’m told:
    From the latest hit,
    To the wisdom of old.
    But I’m always alone.
    And my heart is like ice.
    And it’s crowded and cold
    In My Secret Life”

  25. Elaine Dale says:

    @gg7772 – I LOVE your idea for the title “The Charmitage Weekly” has a certain cache! Brilliant idea.

  26. Teuchter says:

    How about Shania Twain’s “I’m Gonna Getcha Good”? I was just listening to it then decided to check out the lyrics! Woah!! Sounded good to me!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 My imagination was running riot. 😀

  27. Joanna says:

    Maybe Natasha Bedingfield song “I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES”;):]

  28. Lady Prisca says:

    Wonderful idea bccmee. I love your work (your video for the Richard’s birthday was great). If i would be abble to make vid like you I “used” the song “Lady” by Lionel Ritchie and the characters of Guy of Gisborne and Marian.
    other suggestion of song : “crush” by Garbage with the same characters.

    Lady Prisca

  29. Elaine Dale says:

    Dang! I’ll have to look up the Guy – Mercy version. It can’t possibly be as good as the ones you do. Cheers!

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