New Captain America Trailer 23 June 2011

Well it’s a busy day. New photos from the Hobbit appeared on the Entertainment Weekly site. And now another trailer for Captain America has been released with some new glimpses of Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger.

Here is the Captain America trailer with closed-captioning:

Here are some screencaps. Click to enlarge to full size (1920×800 pixels).

Richard Armitage in Captain America

Captain America Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage in Captain America

Also, here is a download link for the theatrical trailer if you want a copy of your own. It’s 179 MB.

A transcription is below and closed-captioning is now on the YouTube video.

A busy day in Armitageland!  🙂

Here’s the transcription.

Steve Rogers: I know this neighborhood. I got beat up in that alley.

Bully: You just don’t when to give up.

Steve Rogers: I can do this all day.

Peggy Carter: You have something against running away?

Steve Rogers: Start running, they’ll never let you stop.

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes: You really gonna do this now?

Steve Rogers: There are men laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them.

Abraham Erskine: I can offer you a chance.

Col. Chester Phillips: Our goal is to create a new breed of super-soldier.

Col. Chester Phillips: When you brought a 90-pound asthmatic onto my army base, I let it slide.

Abraham Erskine: I am looking for qualities beyond the physical.

Col. Chester Phillips: You win wars with guts. Grenade!

Soldier: Everybody down!

Steve Rogers: It’s a test?

Col. Chester Phillips: He’s still skinny.

Abraham Erskine: Whatever happens, stay who you are. Not just a soldier, but a good man.

Steve Rogers: Is it too late to go to the bathroom?

Howard Stark: We actually did it.

Steve Rogers: Who the hell are you?

Heinz Kruger: The first of many.

Peggy Carter: HYDRA is the Nazi deep science division led by Johann Schmidt.

Col. Chester Phillips: He thinks he’s a god and is willing to blow up half the world to prove it.

Howard Stark: We’re not even close to this technology.

Col. Chester Phillips: I asked for an army and all I got was you.

Senator: Congratulations, you just got promoted.

Steve Rogers: Mr. Stark, I had some ideas about the uniform.

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes: (voiceover) You’re gonna get so many girls.

Red Skull: Captain, we are much alike.

Steve Rogers: I don’t know if I can do this.

Peggy Carter: You won’t be alone.

Red Skull: What makes you so special?

Steve Rogers: Nothing. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.

Peggy Carter: Hey!

Steve Rogers: You’re late.

Peggy Carter: Nobody’s perfect.

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16 Responses to New Captain America Trailer 23 June 2011

  1. Calexora says:

    Thanks Bccmee for the video and the great screencaps!

  2. RAFrenzy says:

    Gorgeous stuff. I didn’t know you were screencapping until I was done. I think I earned my name today. LOL!

  3. servetus says:

    Thanks for the DL and caps!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Thank you, B! What a day today has been! Great caps!

  5. Ana Cris says:

    Thanks Bccmee. Now I’ll have a good dream with
    all these images (AC and Hobbit)!

  6. bccmee says:

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments! RAfrenzy, we posted our blogs and our tweets at the very same minute and we chose the same screencaps. Scary, eh? 😉

    I was busy juggling. Downloading the trailer, capping it, uploading it to YouTube and MediaFire, transcribing and captioning it. Still managed to spend a little time working on my fanvid.

    I’m so EXCITED! Also, I love the Thorin pictures on RichardArmitageNet.Com. I keep going back for a peek. Yes, I’m squeeing over a dwarf. Richard Armitage looks simply amazing as Thorin. Can’t wait for more pictures to be released.

    I’ll be at the showing of Captain America for sure. I’ll buy my tickets in advance for a Times Square movie theater as soon as they’re available. 🙂 Look for me in the front row.

  7. Ania says:

    Thanks Bccmee ♥

  8. Tedgirl says:

    Thank you very much for the vids, captions & screencaps

  9. CDoart says:

    Thank you very much, Bccmee!!! What a wonderful treat !

  10. PoliCBA says:

    I’m late, but I have to say: thanks A LOT, dear Bcc Mee!
    I’ve said before, and I say it again: I’m a big fan of yours 😉
    I’m going to share your blog post with friends of mine here from Brazil.

  11. Debra says:

    Thanks so much for the download, captions, and screencaps, Bccmee!

  12. phylly3 says:

    Fabulous! Your screencaps are huge! LOVE IT! I am really getting excited about this movie. It’s probably a good thing RA only has a small role in this big screen movie. I need time to get used to seeing him so BIG. I may pass out from the extreme pleasure of finally seeing him up where he belongs!

  13. Kaprekar says:

    That trailer is a lot lot better than the first one – I’m getting quite excited about this movie now, aside from the Richard thing. Thanks bccmee!!

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