Graphic a Day, 29 May 2011

Today’s Picture of the Day (POD) at RichardArmitageNet.Com is dedicated to Ania:

Picture of the Day, 29 May 2011

Picture of the Day, 29 May 2011

Here is your Graphic of the Day:

Richard Armitage as Claude Monet Siggie

Since I’m openly shallow, I was initially a bit reluctant to see The Impressionists because I was first exposed to the screencaps.  Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in that wig and beard was not really a turn-on.  But then I watched it and loved the program so much that I was inspired to make my first-ever fan video.  Also, he doesn’t look so bad in the earlier scenes, such as this one.  😉  He looks pretty good actually.  Check out the emotion in his eyes.  I won’t give away what is happening in this scene because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but as usual, Richard Armitage gives a tour de force performance!  Notice how I slipped a little French in there?

For today’s graphic, I decided to go for a painterly look.  In the process I learned a new technique.

But first I extended the width of the background by copying and pasting pieces and using the clone tool to cover up the seams.

Then I created a sketch effect.

Monet Sketch

To get the texture, I used a canvas image layered on top using the Multiply blend mode at 100% opacity.

Blank Canvas

Next I created two Impressionist layers.

Monet Bright Impresionist Effect Monet Less Bright Impressionist Effect

When I layered these with varying opacity and blend modes, I ended with this:

Monet base

It was pretty close to finished but I wanted to see the paint strokes. This is where my new technique came in.  Using the eyedropper to pick up the proper colors, I used the Oil Heavy Flow Small tip brush after loading Photoshop’s Web Media Brushes. And I painted over much of the background and a bit of Monet’s hair and clothes.  Then comes the cool trick: I applied the Filter/Artistic/Rough Pastels filter which is built into Photoshop. This made my strokes look a little more like actual paint.

Here are my paint strokes against a black background so you can see them better:

Paint Strokes

Then all that remained was to add the image of Monet’s signature on top to which I applied the Linear Burn blend mode so the white background would disappear.

Claude Monet painting signature

I duplicated this layer so it would look less purple and more black.

Now I feel like watching The Impressionists again! I promised myself I’d make another Monet fanvid someday.  However I have far more ideas than time, LOL.  It could be a few years.  😉

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, Richard Armitage has sent a new message to his fans and it’s posted here:

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23 Responses to Graphic a Day, 29 May 2011

  1. CDoart says:

    Merçi beaucoup, bccmee !!!
    Your technique is stunning and the result absolutely fabulous. It itches in my fingers to try it out and follow your steps, but I do not have Photoshop and have to find work arounds with different other programs. As I just fight with my new version of video editing program, that is battlefield enough for me right now ;o)
    I very much like the soft brown colour of Monet’s hair, perhaps because it is close to my own. RA plays the painter in such a sweet and caring way.

  2. Ania says:

    Thank you for today’s graphics Bccmee! ♥ It is so lovely ♥
    I asked for a picture for three reasons. First: I love the impressionist painting, and secondly: the recently re-watched the “The Impressionists” (and as usual RA charmed me, this time as Monet, and frankly does not bother me even his ridiculous beard). And thirdly: very much wanted to see yours graphic in this topic.

  3. Jeannie says:

    You have really made this graphic look like an Impressionist’s painting. Brava!

  4. phylly3 says:

    Absolutement magnifique! You know how I love “The Impressionists”, so this one is an immediate favourite. Merci! 🙂

  5. kitty says:


  6. RavenRoseBeetle says:

    Oh, that’s lovely!! Really lovely. One of my favorites. You are so clever! Thanks, BccMee.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Awesome technique! Lovely siggie!

  8. tyme4t says:

    WOW – that’s a top five for me easily! Just so wonderful. 🙂

  9. Musa says:

    Lovely! It’s perfect for RA and the series, and his wonderful face.

  10. Maria Grazia says:

    Guess what? This is my favourite so far! Number one in my list. Amazing.
    I love Monet, Ilove RA, I love the colours you’ve chosen and … look at his face, his eyes in this pic… everything’s incredibly beautiful.

    • bccmee says:

      I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this siggie, Maria Grazia! RA as Monet is one of my top 5 characters. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  11. NovemberBride says:

    Wonderful texture! I haven’t seen this movie so my appreciation is limited? But just lovely graphic!

  12. I don’t know how you do what you do, bccmee! I’m totally lost with the technique but love the results. 🙂

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