Graphic a Day, 12 May 2011

Today’s Picture of the Day at RichardArmitageNet.Com is dedicated to Pauline:

Picture of the Day, 12 May 2011

Picture of the Day, 12 May 2011

Here is your Graphic of the Day:

John Thornton Animated Siggie

For this siggie, I focused on the lighting. In the original image, I noticed the candle behind John Thornton’s head and also the glow on the right side of his face. For that reason, I decided to add a candelabra which I borrowed from another screenshot. The trick was to blend the two images, which I did with the Match Color effect in Photoshop and then using the Smudge tool between the two layers together to remove any obvious border.

Here is the screenshot I used for the candelabra:

North & South Screencap

After merging the layers into one, I duplicated this layer three times. Using the Filter / Liquify effect, I moved the flames a little bit in each layer. Then I created an animation by going to Window / Animation and setting the timing to 0.2 seconds between layers. Finally, I saved it for the web as an animated gif.

The quote is from the book North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and I used the Rage Italic font to which I added an outer glow and a 1 pixel stroke (outline) at 40% opacity.

Note: Depending on your browser settings, you may not be able to see the flickering flame animation. It’s subtle but it is there. If you really want to see it, I suggest you try different browsers. 🙂

P.S. The month is almost half over, but there may still be time to send an email request for a POD over at RichardArmitageNet.Com.

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21 Responses to Graphic a Day, 12 May 2011

  1. Lizzie says:

    Oh wow! Love the flickering flame!!

  2. Ali says:

    The flicking flame is very clever & it’s interesting to read how it’s done as I’ve never tried to create an animated gif before.

    Another lovely graphic B.

  3. PoliCBA says:

    BccMee, I’m completely in love with that graphic! Stunning!

    Loved the flickering flame too, but everything is gorgeous. The pic, the light, the quote…

    And John Thornton… aw, my favourite Richard’s character! ♥

    I said it yesterday to Kadamanja and I say it again: Richard lovers are so talented! And I love this! ;D

  4. Kaprekar says:

    Really nice but I think you need some more John Porter pics for inspiration over the rest of the month…

  5. Jeannie says:

    Very nice! I love that you used the quote from the book! JT is my second favorite character of Richard’s. Lovely!

  6. LadyCassia says:

    Excellent, as usual! Today Photo of the Day was not the best quality, too dark, and a little dull too (if I can say!). You did a wonderful job adding light everywhere.
    I could not comment on yesterday Guy Graphic, but it was really lovely, lovely, lovely!
    Thanks so much!

  7. kadamanja says:

    hahaha I didn’t notice the flames at first. Was too busy looking at another part of the image, I suppose. But once you pointed it out to me I was like WOW! Very nicely done 😀

  8. Lynn says:

    I have been checking out your graphics daily but did not notice until today that you were explaining how you did it. Very interesting. Thank you.

    The flicker is very subtle and at first I did not notice it but can see it with Google Chrome.

    Thanks for all the lovely graphics and little lessons.


  9. tyme4t says:

    Love the use of the Gaskell quote! Very clever indeed!
    Noticed the flickering candles – nice effect.
    Love the look in his eyes in this one too – a little sparkle & mischief & a little smoulder – has me all “aglow” :blush:

  10. Ania says:

    Lovely graphics B., I really like the idea of ​​adding flickering flames. I can’t take my eyes off it and not just because Mr Thornton is my favorite character.
    You have incredible talent.

  11. RavenRoseBeetle says:

    Faboo, lady! You got it going on. I picked a few POD for May so you could play with them.

  12. CDoart says:

    When I first saw the picture of the day, I thought – oh, it’s too dark. But then, bccmee will still make something wonderful out of it. And indeed you did!!! It is gorgeous, absolutely phantastic what you did with this dark screenshot. Bravo! I love the slight knowing smile, which only comes out in your editing and is mostly lost in the dark scene in the film. The candles are an ideal addition illuminating this lovely scene beautifully. Thank you for all your work!

  13. Alfie says:

    This is beautiful. Fantastic detail with the flickering candles.

  14. Pamela says:

    He just slays me with that look and what an ingenious use of that quote. You have such an artistic gift!

  15. phylly3 says:

    DeLIGHTful! Love it so much! A work of genius! 🙂

  16. Meryl says:

    love the flickering flame, and the quote B, very clever and subtle~ no suprise there then as we are talking ’bout yourself!!!!

  17. NovemberBride says:

    Let me just say…you knocked this one outta the ballpark! Love the quote. Love the pic. ADORE that flickering flame! You rock girl!!!!!!!

    PS JT is ok too!! =0)

  18. Nat says:

    I’m just catching up on the RA online scene, and what a treat to click on your site and have 12 days of awesome graphics for my viewing pleasure! It feels like Christmas! 🙂 I especially love this and the Glove one. (And I like how you show/explain how you created them! Very interesting.)

  19. AnaKris says:

    The flickering flame it’s the one detail that makes the graphic look “alive”. You rock B!!

  20. bccmee says:

    Thanks again, everyone. I’m overwhelmed by your lovely responses. Once more, this graphic was a pleasure to make. John Thornton is known for his smolder and I was delighted to find that quote in the book. Even though it is out of context, it definitely applies, especially to Richard Armitage’s portrayal.

  21. Summer says:

    Wow Love this graphic!! My dear Mr. Thornton looks fantastic! Adding the candelabra, the light and the quote created the perfect effect!!! Thanks so much for another gorgeous graphic 🙂

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