Graphic a Day, 10 May 2011

Day 10

Today’s Picture of the Day (POD) at RichardArmitageNet.Com:

Picture of the Day, 10 May 2011

Picture of the Day, 10 May 2011

Here is your Graphic of the Day:

Lucas Model

At least one television reviewer stated that Lucas North seems like a model. I have to agree! He is very gorgeous. For that reason, I decided to make a siggie that looks like a fashion spread. Awhile ago, I learned from Hedgeypig that the jacket is Belstaff. Apparently the gun is a Glock 17 according to Jonia. I found the Omega watch mentioned on a Spooks forum.

For this graphic, I incorporated the closest matches as possible to the items the character wore and used on Spooks. For the POD, I used the clone tool this time to get rid of the busy background but keep the gray. I did have to clip out the gun from the image I found on Jonia’s blog. The jeans and shirt were not the shade I wanted so I made them bluer and I changed the watchband from brown to black. Then all that remained was to add the dotted line and the borders to the individual fashion items. The font is Nyala.

Here are the images I used in addition to the POD, from various sources:

Blue Shirt




Coffee Mug

Balstaff Jacket


Now you can dress your man like Lucas too! 😀

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17 Responses to Graphic a Day, 10 May 2011

  1. Calexora says:

    Fun! And yes, he could be a model. But thank goodness with his mind and talent, he chose to go another way 🙂

  2. AnaKris says:

    You should the opposite …. meaning one for us to undress LN

  3. Ania says:

    He is really very gorgeous, even (perhaps especially) without these gadgets 😉

  4. Jeannie says:

    Nice job! I like the way you set it up to look like a fashion photoshoot! But I must agree with Calexora that I’m glad he did not choose to be a model!:-))

  5. RavenRoseBeetle says:

    Love this! My favorite one so far. You are so ingenious.

  6. CDoart says:

    You are wonderful, bccmee. I love the advertisement idea, though I cannot imagine anyone else wearing the Belstaff jacket. RA has raised my expectations concerning the wearer and every other man must fall short ;o)

  7. Maria Grazia says:

    Actually, my husband wears a black jacket just like Lucas’s. Well, I’ve never told him. He bought it by himself. “Good choice!” , that’s all I told him 🙂
    Thanks for another brilliant post!

  8. tyme4t says:

    Glad to see the dark blue Lucas shirt! Great one especially since I can create my own caption for this one…
    Thought bubble above Lucas “I hope I don’t miss MY tyme4t” 😉

  9. kadamanja says:

    HAHAHA I love this

  10. IngeD3 says:

    Another great graphis Bcc mee – my favourite so far!
    Lucas is such a handsome man… almost as beautiful as RA himself!! 🙂

    • IngeD3 says:

      Wow, I can’t even type properly anymore… :-§
      graphic, with a c, not an s

      Sorry, I guess I’m a bit overwhelmed by the beautiful man in the picture 🙂

  11. Meryl says:

    when is your “Little Lucas” figure going to be on sale B? you are really enjoying yourself now I think, and we all get to benefit from you letting your clever imagination run amok!!

  12. Summer says:

    Cool siggie! Not a very good taste for women but the gorgeous spy knows how to dress!!!
    Great job! 🙂

  13. bccmee says:

    I’m loving and laughing at your comments! *GROUP HUG* Thanks again! You are a funny funny bunch.

    Yes indeed Lucas is lovely. However, if you want a sig of him without his clothes, you’ll have to request a POD because I’m not so talented that I can remove them with Photoshop. 😉

  14. Alfie says:

    Fantastic – you should make a clothes/ embellishment catalog for all RA´s characters 🙂

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