Graphic a Day, 5 May 2011

Day 5 – First actual Richard Armitage Picture!

Today’s Picture of the Day (POD) at RichardArmitageNet.Com comes from a 2005 photoshoot:

Picture of the Day, 5 May 2011

Picture of the Day, 5 May 2011

Here is your Graphic of the Day:

Magazine Siggie

Since the graphic was a promo picture, I decided to create a magazine spread. As it turns out, that 2005 photoshoot was indeed used for a magazine article. I snaffled the other two pictures from that shoot from RichardArmitageNet.Com. I played around with the colors and then placed the photos atop a stock image. Using the Edit / Transform / Warp command, I adjusted the images to bend like a magazine. I added some shine to the magazine with a large soft brush.

Using the Horizontal Type Mask Tool, I created the reverse text in Engravers MT font. Like many magazines, I used a catch phrase for the article. I coined the nickname “Britchard Armitage” so the British actor won’t be confused with the American politician. 😉 The remaining text was written in Times New Roman. I lowered the opacity of all the layers except the background to blend it together better.

Here are the images I used in addition to the POD. The Richard Armitage photos come from the 2005 Promo Album at RichardArmitageNet.Com. The background is modified from a blank book stock image from PSD Graphics. I removed the cover to change the book into a magazine.

2005 Vivid Magazine Photoshoot 1

2005 Vivid Magazine Photoshoot 2

Blank open book

I’m not sure why it looks like Richard Armitage is levitating in one of the pictures, but I like it! Reminds me of the painting La Mariée by Marc Chagall.

La Mariée by Marc Chagall

Does anyone remember that scene from the movie Notting Hill? Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) says, “Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin-playing goat.”

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28 Responses to Graphic a Day, 5 May 2011

  1. NovemberBride says:

    Ooooo, this just screams “scrapbook page layout”!!! Love love the color scheme! That POD at RAnet is one of my favorites! This is beautiful, bccmee! My scrapping fingers are itching now….

  2. RavenRoseBeetle says:

    You could have put the Chagall in place of the pic he is jumping next to. Love these pics and this graphic. Well done!

  3. Meryl says:

    erm… are great as usual B, but I know quite a lot of happy people, and none of them have a goat, never mind one that plays a violin!!!

  4. Meryl says:

    ps. wonder if Mr A would like to levitate on over to my place some time~ he would be more than welcome…………………………….

  5. Ania says:

    Seeing this morning POD wondering what you do with this picture and I must admit that your creativity is unlimited. I love it!

  6. Lizzie says:

    I know the guy who did that interview – lucky, lucky man! Although I don’t think he quite appreciated it half as much as I would have done!!

  7. tyme4t says:

    So glad May has 31 days!!!! :clapping:

  8. Summer says:

    Great idea for the graphic; I always liked that photoshoot and love the graphic you made of it! 🙂
    I do remember the painting and quote from Notting Hill 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Thanks, Summer. It’s an interesting photoshoot. He looks quite different from shot to shot. And I love the movie Notting Hill. 😀

  9. LadyCassia says:

    I like your graphics, your quotations and explanations of the process of creating them. First thing I check your website from work. Your post cheers me up!
    I am eager to see today challange! Thanks a lot

  10. NovemberBride says:

    Burning questions:
    How did they take that levitating pic?
    Who’s the guy in the painting on the wall?

    Comment: LOVE that yellow and black wallpaper behind him. And the screen in the first pic. Anyone notice the square patch on his jeans. Adds to the “Vintage” look!?

    • bccmee says:

      I’m curious about the same things, NovemberBride. Does anyone have the answers? Yes, the jeans are very classic. 🙂

      • Lizzie says:

        had a word with the guy who did the interview. He said that Richard was “a good sport” but “not very comfortable with having his photo taken” and as far as he can remember (6 years ago!!) Richard was jumping up and down for the “levitating” pic!!

        • bccmee says:

          Hahaha, that’s a great story. Thanks for sharing, Lizzie. Can’t imagine how else they could’ve done it unless it was Photshopped, or he was lying down against a wall that was a floor, or they used stunt pulleys, LOL!

  11. Avalon says:

    I love your May graphics:)

  12. NovemberBride says:

    Let’s see…don’t think any are online right now, but will have a double page layout soon on the site. Doing one for a raffle. I’ll let you know when they’re up. I do have some pics of last year’s. If nothing else, I can email them to you?

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