Graphic a Day, 4 May 2011

Day 4

Deliciously sexy accountant Harry Kennedy was my first-ever Richard Armitage character when I watched The Vicar of Dibley on Netfix about two years ago.

Today’s Picture of the Day (POD) at RichardArmitageNet.Com is dedicated to Cath:

Picture of the Day, 4 May 2011

Picture of the Day, 4 May 2011

Here is your Graphic of the Day:

The Harry Effect

For today’s graphic, I wanted to use bright primary and secondary colors to make it bold and whimsical.

First of all, I clipped out the POD and then found a good image from the same scene and added that. I started playing around with the hearts and decided to incorporate the happy couple in the graphic. ♥ ♥ The hearts have an inner shadow effect to give the graphic some depth. The phrase “The Harry Effect” was borrowed from a tweet by @RAnetdotcom. The text uses the Impact font and I duplicated the layer several times and applied different color overlays and rotated the various layers. The blue background looked too smooth originally so I added a natural paper texture. Finally, I couldn’t resist adding a sparkle using a brush.

Here are the images I used in addition to the POD, all of which I snaffled from the Vicar of Dibley album at RichardArmitageNet.Com:

Harry Kennedy Crinkles

Vicar of Dibley Promo Picture

Vicar of Dibley Promo Picture 2

Harry Kennedy is such a sweet darling character! I was immediately smitten. 😛

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12 Responses to Graphic a Day, 4 May 2011

  1. Avalon says:

    Oh I love it, how cute!

  2. tyme4t says:

    Colour me Happy!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. CDoart says:

    Harry is not one of my favourites, but I love your hearts and lovely creation!

  4. Ania says:

    The Harry Effect, oh yes indeed ♥
    So Sweet 🙂

  5. Jeannie says:

    I never thought an accountant could be so sexy til I saw Harry:-)))

  6. Lesleyann says:

    Love it. Thank you he’s so scrummy!

  7. Maria Grazia says:

    Incredible but true, I prefer this accountant to a … cotton – mill owner 🙂

  8. phylly3 says:

    I love hearts and Harry so it’s a win-win situation! 🙂 I am lovin’ your Graphic a Day concept!
    I doubt if I could make a graphic a week!! Month? maybe.

  9. Summer says:

    Love the Harry Effect! Very colorful graphic! Thanks B! 🙂

  10. bccmee says:

    Harry is so adoRAble, he makes me smile every time I see him. 😀 Thanks so much for all your comments. They make me smile too!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Sandra "Xanoquita" says:

    Harry was my first RA character and remains my favourite to this day. Just because he’s so sweet and at the same time feels so normal 🙂

    Loved the graphic, snaffled it 😀

    I’ll credit you when I use it, obviously!

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