FanstRAvaganza Day 5


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FanstRAvaganza Day 5

Here is your fifth and final part of your essay exam.  Please number your answers and if you missed any of the previous sections, they can be found under the Most recent posts heading in the sidebar.  Good luck!

Richard Armitage Photo Essay Exam

9. Where is the largest black market for black hoods? London? Afghanistan? Iraq? Please write a sample business plan to secure a loan to open a black hood boutique. Be sure to explain your niche marketing plans.

Lucas Hood Porter Hood Iraq Porter Hood Afghanistan

10. Bonus question on the subject of tattoology: How did Lucas’ tattoos change position? Will the tattoos appear in a production of The Rover?

Lucas tattoo S7 E1 Tattoo Spooks 9

This concludes your essay exam. Tune in tomorrow for something completely different! For a treat, here is one of my favorite fan videos. It’s Strike Back to the tune of Blazing Saddles. Hope you enjoy.

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19 Responses to FanstRAvaganza Day 5

  1. judiang says:

    Just watched your Blazing Saddle vid and laughing myself sick. Your mind is an awesome place. 😀

  2. mulubinba says:

    #9. Black hoods can be purchased from any black market in the world but are more easily acquired in cities where spies congregate en masse. (ie troublespots).
    #10. The Black Hood Boutique is a select retail outlet which supplies quality well made black hoods to customers worldwide. Generally consumers will fall into groups as follows:
    a) Those who wish to hold prisoners captive – the hood replaces the blindfold and offers far more security by ensuring the priosner cannoy possibly see where he/she is going.
    b) TV and film costume designers. Quality black hoods are needed for many shows of the spy genre and occasionally for comedies. They may also be used on BAFTA red carpet occasions where the actor is too worried about meeting his fans and would like to attempt to enter the building unrecognised.
    The product: The black hood is made of a high quality material that is completely non transparent. It is only open at the bottom to allow access of the head into the hood. There is high demand for the hoods particularly as actor Richard Armitage has been seen to wear one in at least 3 of his series with the result that the majority of people in the fandom now want one.
    Projected costs: Each hood will cost in the vicinity of $20.00. Cost to make – will be approximately 8 dollars making a profit of $12.00 on each hood.
    Business will be open 6 days a week or longer if Richard Armitage has another role requiring our Black Hood. Rumour has it that Thorin Oakenshield will need one. demand will therefore rise.
    Investment in the Black Hood Boutique is highly recommended.

    #10: The wrist tattoo changed direction and size. An MI5 experimental ink was used which fades or brightens according to the needs of the spy ie if he wants to cong=fuse an enemy he can change their position and size.

    The tattoos may not appear in the Rover but they may appear in The Hobbit as Thorin Oakenshield was particularly keen on Blake’s works.

  3. Musa says:

    9. The largest black market for black hoods is not Iraq or Afghanistan but London in the UK and Hollywood in the US. It’s a very exclusive market that caters only to TV program producers. The black hood is very important to TV producers for the “reveal” when the secret prisoner or hostage is brought in to a dangerous or tricky situation, the hood is removed, and an unbelievably gorgeous man is revealed to be under the garment.
    BLACK HOODS R US Marketing Plan:
    1. Given the popularity of black hoods in popular series like Spooks and Strike Back our proposal is to expand the market for black hoods by making it available to the general market at a reasonable price. There is a growing demand for black hoods by fans of both programs and right now no outlet for them to be able to purchase these items.
    2. Our spokesperson for BLACK HOODS R US will be Richard Armitage. We were lucky to be able to secure a contract with him before he left for New Zealand. Though for some reason he may be under the impression that we are a new charity in need of his help.
    3. We’ve managed to secure a confidential product placement deal with Peter Jackson. All the dwarves in the Hobbit will make their entrance in the film wearing our exclusive Thorin Hood from our Orcrist Line.
    4. Our target market is women of all ages, especially Radio 4 listeners in the UK or PBS and BBCAmerica viewers in the U.S.

    10. The special ink in the tattoos allows Lucas to change their position depending on what he’s wearing, or not wearing. It’s a formula developed by a secret Russian program during the Cold War, though no one can remember why.
    The tattoos will appear in The Rover, but hidden under the costume. Lucky fans will be able to go up on stage at the end of the performance and try to discover if they are indeed under Richard Armitage’s clothes.

  4. Riv says:

    9. None of those. The biggest market for black hoods is actually in ihadbetternotoffendcountrieswithnuclearweaponstan. I can’t tell you where it is on the map because I’d have to kill you, if they haven’t already.

    Business Plan: The most profitable niche market I will target is captors/abductors(dumb or otherwise). Securing a ‘loan’ will be easy because I can follow in my customers’ footsteps and hold my premium quality black hoods hostage. I will then demand (provided I’m still alive at this point) the capital I need to start my boutique and agree to provide them with a continuously supply of MPQBH(TM) at a fee. The market in the aforementioned country is already saturated, so I am looking to start my business in its neighbouring country, webehooliganssoontan.

    10. The wrist tattoo shifts as a spy transform from a loyal puppy(wrist) into a rogue agent(elbow). It’s MI5 ink technology; pretty complicated nonsense but something to do with how the ink responds to brain signals and chemical changes in the body. By the looks of it, Harry should be informed real soon…!

    Note: The other tattoos used normal Russian prison tattoo ink.

    The Rover: I don’t think so, were tattoos invented then?

  5. CDoart says:

    To 9: Certainly London is lead in black hoodies. All women hide their husbands, friends, etc. under those hoodies, hoping, when they take them off a copy of Richard Armitage will appear ;o)
    Marketing? – Broadcasting Strike Back and Spooks 7.1 will do all the marketing for us.

    To 10: The tattoos changed place as Lucas feared to attract too many women when showing them too often. So he just stretched his arm and looked gorgeous and the tattoos did what he wanted them to do (they are female ;o)

  6. tyme4t says:

    9. The black hood market is just the beginning….think of it cammo & khaki colour for your desert kidnappings, green & autumn colour ones for forest takeovers, black leather ones for….well that’s a different market.

    10. Ah yes, the moving tattoo…Malcolm continually coming up with brilliant spy toys developed the special formula to erase and move tattoos – he could tell us the formula but then he’d have to kill us and Malcolm doesn’t enjoy that part of the services. Bad side effect however, this special erasing & re-inking formula causes delusions of former lives in the recepient….which explains Series 9 😉

    • tyme4t says:

      Oh…forgot The Rover part of question…No is my answer, however, do we get to check under the costumes to confirm or deny 😉

  7. Meryl says:

    well B, black hoods are sooo yesterday darling! Now, your Guy of Gisborne in “Robin Hood”~now you’re talkin’!!
    As for the moving tattoo~well I find Mr Armitages arms {never mind the rest of him!!!} very moving, so who can blame them for roaming?

  8. Ania says:

    9. Well, I think that such a black hoods, worn especially (albeit temporarily) by RA to buy every female fan and I dare say that the price will have no meaning (and thus costs will be recouped and it is profitable).
    10. the truth is that tattoos don’t change their position, because LN has a twin brother (unless his name John B. 😉 who wants to steal the identity of LN), they differ from each other only in the tattoo

  9. Jen J says:

    9. The largest black market for black hoods is in all these countries and there should be a black hood boutique in the centre of the main city in London, Afghanistan and Iraq. BHB’s (black hood boutiques) will be a global company.

    As for a business plan, the laptop needs charging, there’s only enough power left to answer the bonus question. 😉

    10. Lucas’ tattoos changed position because of the increase/decrease in his muscle sizes. The skin got stretched, went back to normal, thus making his tattoos appear to move.

  10. Alfie says:

    9. I dont know where the best market is for black hoods, but I know it isn´t in Denmark, because here we got a hood ban. Maybe there is a market for white gags? I think it is allowed to be silence:)

    10. Dont you know *WHISPERS* : it is not a real tatto, and sometimes the makeup assistant is in a hurry:(
    Im sorry to say, but I dont know much about the play “The Rover”. I am confused about the question: Should the tatoo appear on one of all the women in the play?

  11. pi says:

    #9. Under the bonnet of a car. I wasn’t aware that there was a market for that sort of thing. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to talk to Death who seems to have cornered the market.

    #10. The tattoo is not moving. You are.

  12. Summer says:

    9. Definitely failing today’s quiz LOL It’s Friday!! Can hardly organise my thoughts in my native language 🙂 Do you think Mulubinba or Musa would mind if I paste their answers? They’re sure to get a 100 score! LOL
    10. Tattoology hahaha His tattoos did keep changing position! I assume it had to do with the poor quality of the ink, after all the production of Spooks was forced to work on a lower budget 😉
    About the Rover there shouldn’t be Tattoos at least not till Act 4, that’s as far as I’ve read, but I wouldn’t mind a modern take of the Rover with a shirtless tattooed RA *Thud*

  13. Teuchter says:

    9. How dare they put a hood over that beautiful head anyway!! The nerve of them!! BTW, did you notice “Katie’s” expression when they took his hood off in that scene where she sees who her fellow captive is?? I think we too would react in much the same way if we saw him emerge from a black hood like that!!

    But to answer the question, the largest market has to be in North America! All the hundred of thousands of women who absolutely love RA have to wear one constantly to hide their blushes not to mention glazed and sometimes goofy expressions as they have him constantly in their minds!! When I think of “hoodies” I sure don’t mean those who were fans of JA in RH!! Well we all know it was “Guy” who was the hands down favourite character in THAT show!! As I don’t have a business mind and couldn’t sell stuff to save my life I will have to leave those parts of the questions unanswered!!

    10. The arm tattoo moved because anyone involved in producing Spooks 9 were so out of their minds that they could get nothing right. They obviously had never watched series 7 or 8 for that matter or they would have known that Lucas couldn’t possibly be John Bateman. Maybe they were all too distracted by Lucas’ body and his other tattoos to concentrate on what they were doing!! I mean to say how stunning is he, even in something as simple as a black tank top and black training pants! And when he moves in that scene where he finds his glass door open he reveals his past dance training. Poetry in motion!!

  14. IngeD3 says:

    9. Black hoods are the new jeans – we will soon see them on the catwalk! My shop would sell the exclusive version: extra black! 🙂

    10. The tattoos are magic, they do whatever RA wants them to do. He can make them appear or disappear whenever and wherever he likes. It’s just another one of his many talents!
    So, yes, they’ll be there when he’s in The Rover. Wheter we’ll get to see them, that’s another question…

  15. abigail says:

    9 Black hoods are currently only available from my eBay store. Any found on sale elsewhere are fakes and should be avoided. My own black hood design is subject to worldwide copyright, and any infringement will be pursued to the full extent of the law in that country. Black hoods as worn by Lucas North and John Porter were the result of extensive research and development

    I am unable to answer your supplementary questions as to do so would amount to supporting industrial espionage.

    10. It is a little known fact that Lucas North had to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery after sustaining horrific injuries in the explosion in 8:8. When adjusting his skin to free surplus skin for grafting, the surgeon unfortunately pulled too hard causing all his tattoos to appear in slightly different positions.

    According to his agent, Lucas has undergone laser treatment for removal of his tattoos since leaving the series, so they are unlikely to appear again..

  16. OneMoreLurker says:

    Question become harder and harder!

    9. In the last years, with internet reaching places and people that did not before, there isn’t a specific country with the biggest hoddie market, there’s been a proliferation of lots of new places where to buy them and adapt to each culture that has taken away many clients. Most of all, you can always search how to make your own hoddie blogs or web pages.

    10. Just as RA’s eyes can change color, his tattoos can change location! So in the Rover, most lileky, it won’t appear because it’ll be changed into a palce that will be not see with the outfits.

    OML 🙂

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