FanstRAvaganza Day 4


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FanstRAvaganza Day 4

Welcome to section 4 of your essay exam. You’ve held on this far and keep coming back for more! In case you missed any previous days’ exam sections, you can find them in the sidebar under the Most recent posts heading. Have fun. Spelling doesn’t count because I’m too busy proofreading the rest of the internet.  😉

Again, please number your answers and post your responses in the Comments box below.

Richard Armitage Photo Essay Exam

7. What is the purpose of John Porter’s large clunky watch? (click thumbnails for larger images)

John Porter's watch 01 John Porter's watch 02 John Porter's watch 03

8. Why are Lucas North and John Porter handcuffed in the front? What does that say about the IQ of their captors? Extra credit: How and why did Lucas North morph into John Porter in Spooks 9.1? (click for larger images)

Lucas tied in front Porter handcuffed

Please post your answers below. This is a test of your cRiticAl thinking skills, not rote memorization.

### End of Part 4. Part 5 tomorrow! ###

You’ve worked very hard and you deserve a little break. Here are four minutes of the amazing and blazingly gorgeous John Porter in a fan video: John Porter in Strike Back – Pompeii

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25 Responses to FanstRAvaganza Day 4

  1. Ann Marie says:

    7. Oh, that’s an easy one, he’s texting while he’s driving! Doesn’t he know that’s illegal?

    8. Is it all the Khaki?

  2. mulubinba says:

    7. As a boy he was a fan of Dick Tracy and Maxwell Smart (87) and he is trying to emulate them by having his very own two way radio in his watch.

    8.1: They were handcuffed at the front so that they could answer the call of nature more easily. The captors were squeamish about assisting their captives if the bathroom was needed. While personal hygiene was uppermost in the captors’ thoughts, they clearly underestimated the fighting ability of both JP and LN who could engage in combat with their hands tied in any position.
    8.2: Agree with Anne Marie – they are wearing the same shirt 🙂

  3. Amandajane says:

    7 Porters chunky watch.

    Well I think it lets him carry round a mega long life battery for his mobile phone.
    Even when he’s been out in the back of beyond for days it doesn’t run out of power.

    ( I should just say if you don’t know what happens in Spooks S9 the answer below has a spoiler in it. )

    8 It’s one of those unwritten rules that when a hero is captured he has to be able to
    able to escape. It follows then that his captors can’t be very bright and so will make some unbelievably daft error when chaining them up.

    Lucas morphing into Porter. TPTB made a big mistake in the scripts. Lucas is really John Porter ( and yes PTB he’s still heroic ) not John Bateman.

    • Ann Marie says:

      OMG AmandaJane! That’s it! You have discovered the secret of the idiocy that was season 9 Spooks! Its a typo! It was never supposed to be John Bateman, it was supposed to be John Porter! Some writer was probably watching something on TV with Jason Bateman and typed the wrong name. When he discovered his error he was afraid to say anything and thought, “oh, nobody will notice.”

      So, so wrong! But yes, I can actually get my head around this as it makes more sense than anything else they’ve put out there. And yes, Spooks S9 writers, we did want you heads on sticks as well as something else a little more precious to you, if you get my meaning.

  4. Musa says:

    1. Porter’s watch is actually the prototype of the iPad 3. MI6 doesn’t pay enough, so JP works on the side testing equipment before it goes on the market. That’s why he’s always throwing cell phones to the ground to test them for durability.

    2. Obviously the bad guys forgot to read their “Idiot’s Guide to Being a Villain” and thought handcuffs in the front were the way to go. They should have bought the “Extreme Idiot’s Guide to Being a Villain”.
    It’s a deep mystery why Lucas North was dressed as John Porter at the beginning of S9. It’s not well known but at one time they had thought of dressing Lucas North all in black leather, but somehow those scripts were moved to an undisclosed location. The mystery continues, and that’s why its the subject of Dan Brown’s next book.

  5. Riv says:

    7. Glad you asked, it’s a radar deflection unit. The round-like indentations were precisely engineered to deflect any signals such that his location can never be tracked. There were rumours that it also came in handy to prevent African middle-age radio 4 listeners from tracking him down in the dessert (business only trip, I’m afraid). Oh, I heard it tells the time too, pretty high-tech, huh?

    8. Common sense dictates that it is the only way JP can launch a pre-emptive attack on his captors. But, (since I don’t seem to be having any such sense), the real reason is the captors did first try to handcuff him at the back, but JP has a rare condition where both his hands can not be positioned behind his back at the same time, so smart captors as they were, they didn’t have a choice. Btw, his useful condition was also the reason why he was accepted into MI6.

    Extra credit: Bloody budget cuts. “%£&($)&$%

  6. NovemberBride says:

    It’s such fun reading y’all’s hilarious comments!! Entertainment at its best! Loving your pics, bccmee. Love all these details. BTW, I had never noticed that watch. So Dick Tracyish of John Porter!

  7. Ania says:

    7.There are lots of reasons to have clunky watch, I’ll focus on a few:
    – easy to see what time it is (particularly useful for people who use reading glasses, like me 😉 )
    – this watch is also a compass,
    – a perfect storage for the maps,
    – there are hidden: metal cutting equipment, dental floss, headache tablets and other things needed guy (only) 😉
    8. LN and JP are handcuffed in front, because the film production in the current crisis had to cut costs. We all know that if they would be handcuffed in the back of the LN and JP also would win, only that it took to make it a little longer.

  8. IngeD3 says:

    7. JP’s watch is his very own version of Mary Poppins’ bag: it holds all of life’s essentials and everytime he uses it, you’re in for a surprise… And it’s always good to know what time it is!

    8. JP and LN are handcuffed in the front because they both remember rule number 1 in the ‘Sexy Hero Handbook’: Never turn your back on your enemy!! 🙂
    Hey, LN did try to morph into JP, but the transformation was not complete: the shirt is the same, the facial expression is the same, but the hair is different! But that’s OK, ’cause they both have their very own specific charm! (And that’s extra credit for ‘our man’ RA – he manages to make two very similar characters look very different – That’s talent, right there!)

  9. CDoart says:

    To 7: John Porter hides some bomb components in the watch to let everything around him explode. It also hides a gadget to let him out of every explosion unscathed.

    To 8: John Porter an Lucas North are handcuffed in the front, because as small and harmless looking guys nobody takes them as a serious threat ;o)
    The beige shirt in both roles is just there to support this impression of absolute harmlessness and the budgets for film productions are tight nowadays.

  10. Nat says:

    7. and 8. JP’s watch is like Megamind’s watch- when he presses a button, he is morphed him into someone else, like Lucas North… which means his hair lengthens a bit, and wha-la! Instant Lucas!

  11. bccmee says:

    Beautiful responses! Can’t wait to strike back comment back at all of you this weekend! Till then, please keep them coming!

  12. tyme4t says:

    7. If you look really close you can see that it was ingraved by RA to help him remember which John he was playing…”Yes my name is John….(flip open watch to read) John Porter”

    8. Handcuffed in front – oh those silly captors…they just skipped that class.
    And isn’t the other way around…didn’t John morph into Lucas or more accurately steal Lucas’ identity when John killed him…..oh yeah other John … right….boy I was confused…good thing RA had that watch to keep it all straight 😉

  13. Summer says:

    7. Ooops Dick Tracy’s watch got busted!!! LOL

    8. No idea, but both look so tough and may I add HOT aiming and beating the bad guys handcuffed!!! 😉
    Lucas tried to morph into John Porter but something went wrong and ended up as a John but John Bateman 😉

  14. Alfie says:

    7. The hidden room under the watch is exactly the same size as a Nintendo DS game.

    8. The handcuffed in the front issue has to do with the producers – they are afraid of the lawsuits from women, who would swoon if they saw Lucas and John handcuffed with their hands behind their bags. Because when you are handcuffed that way, your breast and muscles are much more visible – and what a sight that would be. *SWOON*
    EC: I think that Lucas read Chris Ryans: “Strike Back” and thought that John was one hell of a guy and therefore Lucas wanted to copy him. How he did it: A good spy can be anyone he chose to be.

    • CDoart says:

      Sorry to be nosy or anything, but you just made my day and made me laugh that I really lost my coffee all over my scripts in front of me. I know, bad timing to read your comment and drink coffee at the same time.
      But your idea about their hands behind womens bags just is too congenial to overlook.

  15. Jen J says:

    7. John Porter’s clunky watch is a sat-nav, DVD Player/recorder and television, backup mobile phone all in one. The Clunky Watch is ultra portable, plus it saves space in his rucksack when he is deployed on a mission.

    8. I don’t think Lucas North is there at all. It’s a mirage created by the heat of the desert.

    John Porter was actually handcuffed with his arms at the back originally, but what his captors didn’t know is that John does yoga every day, so he was limber and flexible enough to bring his arms to the front whilst his captors were filling up the jeep with petrol.

  16. Jen J says:

    8 (continued) Sorry I forgot this bit!
    I have no idea how or why Lucas North morphed into John Porter. By magic?!

  17. Jen J says:

    9. The largest black market for black hoods is in all these countries and there should be a black hood boutique in the centre of the main city in London, Afghanistan and Iraq. BHB’s (black hood boutiques) will be a global company.

    As for a business plan, the laptop needs charging, there’s only enough power left to answer the bonus question. 😉

    10. Lucas’ tattoos changed position because of the increase/decrease in his muscle sizes. The skin got stretched, went back to normal, thus making his tattoos appear to move.

  18. pi says:

    I haven’t read the others, Thanks to RL, am late to this party, damn it!

    #7. He’s a man of his time.

    #8. Actually it says more about my IQ than the captors because I haven’t a clue. Or maybe it says more about the IQ of the writers.

    I think Lucas North morphed into John Porter because he had nowhere else to go.

  19. OneMoreLurker says:

    7. It was a non very liked gift from a friend and when he prepared for this dangerous operation John decided that if anything happened to it, he wouldn’t miss it.

    8. Simply, their captors weren’t in their brightest moment. EC: I agree that JP is really LN. We saw JP escaping in that jeep, we didn’t what happened after that, how he managed (and how long it took) to arrive to that port where we saw him in Spooks S9E1. That’s why you can see Lucas wears the khaki but his hair is longer ;).

    OML 🙂

  20. Teuchter says:

    7. His clunky watch holds all sorts of minute weapons and electronic devices, emergency rations, an extra SIM card and a tiny specially built I-pod. JP does love his music and it helps to block out Gerry Baxter’s singing.

    8. Both LN and JP absolutely refused to put their hands behind their backs. They said it was NOT in their contracts and that it was imperative they be able to respond to a “call of nature”!! Yes I know they did it to JP when he allowed himself to be captured in order to rescue Katie but did you notice how he managed to wriggle out of THAT position so he could recover the knife he had hidden. That always made me cringe!!! OUCH!! On a more sober note it would have brought their characters to an abrupt end if they hadn’t been able to defend themselves the way they did. Their captors were brainless twits of course. No-one can possibly be as smart as LN or JP!!

    I think that Lucas morphed into JP because he knew what those crazy Spooks writers had in mind for his character and wanted nothing more than to get the heck out there and distance himself from the bad guy they wanted him to become. We ALL know he was a hero, loyal to his country and could NEVER have done any of that bad stuff!!

  21. abigail says:

    These are getting difficult……

    7. To remind anyone who’s forgotten, that size does matter, and that he has a big one!

    8. (i) see answer to 7 above
    (ii) IQ of their captors – genius level, because they worked out how to focus my mind
    (iii) Lucas needed to morph into JP because he realised that while he’d been away recovering from the explosion in 8:8 many of his admirers may have been infatuated with JP. He needed to entice them back onto the straight and narrow. This was achieved by clever use of protocol number 52 in the MI5 Spy Disguise Manual

  22. Traxy says:

    7. Because it looks manly (supposedly). Alternatively, what abigail said. ^^ 😉

    8. Well you don’t need much IQ to follow the story of Strike Back, so … *polite cough*

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