FanstRAvaganza Day 3


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FanstRAvaganza Day 3

This is the third section of your Richard Armitage Photo Essay Exam. Do your best and have fun!

As before, please number your answers and post them in the comments box below. If you missed any of the previous essay questions, you can click on the “FanstRAvaganza Day 1” and “FanstRAvaganza Day 2” links under Most recent posts in the sidebar.

Richard Armitage Character Photo Essay Exam

5. How does Lucas protect his hearing when he’s in a gun battle in the middle of London? (click image to super-size)

Lucas Earplug

6. Multiple choice: Where does Lucas North purchase his camouflage clothing?

A.) Sainsbury’s
B.) Asda
C.) M&S (that’s Marks & Spencers, not Morth & South)
D.) Harrods
E.) The DIY Spy Shop

Choose the correct answer and write at least one sentence justifying it.

Lucas Camouflage

### End of Part 3. Part 4 tomorrow! ###

Watch how well Lucas can camouflage himself in this fanvideo I made right after Spooks 9 began: Lucas North – New Fang Fan Video

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42 Responses to FanstRAvaganza Day 3

  1. judiang says:

    LOL!!! You are hysterical, lady. That’s a very cool fading effect in that video. May I ask how’s that done?

    • bccmee says:

      Thanks for your kind words, judiang! For that photo manipulation, I used a different brick wall, pasted in the Lucas character and used special effects to blend his clothing in with the background.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Is that ear protection for noise or an erwig for communication? And young lady, why are we looking IN his ears?

  3. Musa says:

    5. I don’t think that’s his ears he’s protecting?!? Unless those cute crinkles provide some sort of sound barrier?

    6. The correct answer is none of the above. Lucas wears Prada. He wouldn’t set foot in any of the shops on that list, except maybe Harrods in a clothing emergency.

    • bccmee says:

      Aaaah, don’t get me started on the crinkles, Musa! ♥ They definitely add a nice touch to a beautiful bloke.

      How did you get a look at the label in his clothing to determine it is Prada? Or dare I ask? 😉

  4. IngeD3 says:

    5. I guess the earplug protects his hearing, but his facial expression is what will really save him: his mouth slightly open to allow for enough air circulation through his nose, ears and mouth. The fact that it makes him look absolutely beautiful at the same time, is a nice plus! 🙂

    6. I agree with Musa: Lucas wears Prada. Only the best is good enough for our favourite Spook! And he wears it so well… *sigh*

  5. mulubinba says:

    I’ve decided I need to start at a different part of the FantRAvaganza list to arrive here fresh with ideas instead of arriving at bedtime 🙂

    #5. I think he wears the Malcolm invention of streamlined silicon implant for his ears. Not only does it cancel out noise that may hurt his eardrums but it is a transmitter keeping Lucas in touch with The Grid at all times.

    #6. None of the above. I think he buys his clothes from this place:

  6. Riv says:

    5. By maintaining a specific amount of earwax in his ears, yuck but it’s harder to maintain than you’d think by just cleaning it all. The things he did for his country…

    6. The DIY Spy Shop because there is a brick wall at the back of the shop which leads to Diagon Alley. He was last seen buying invisibility cloak there by Maya the busybody before disappearing for a long time.

  7. abigail says:

    5 He doesn’t need to….he’s perfect and it happens automatically!

    6 None of the above…..a little old lady painstakingly hand-stitches it to his own personal design after numerous precise, exacting, private measurement sessions… mwahaha

  8. tyme4t says:

    5. A wonderfully clever little device, that while keeping him in touch with his colleagues and protecting his hearing, during the quiet times plays lovely music…which I have to believe Lucas still hears!

    6. Who cares….as long as the clothes accentuate all of his “assets”!

  9. CDoart says:

    To 5: Lucas North gets his instructions via chip in his ear. It also enhances his hearing for him to immediately be aware of someone approaching him in stealth.
    To 6: He normally uses the MI-5 offer of doing the purchases for him. For high range stealth equipment he goes to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter ;o)

    • bccmee says:

      That’s a great idea, CDoart! I want one of those ear devices too, just like one of your gold cards! 😉 I’m glad his clothing keeps him safe too.

  10. Ania says:

    5. I am impressed by your perceptiveness bccmee!
    Lucas as a spy-hero doesn’t need protection, what you see in his ear is a chip in order to hear instructions from Harry.
    However, Richard Armitage as the most need to protect their ears.
    6. I have no idea where Lucas buys clothes, but I’d like to know the address of this shop for my brother 😉

    • bccmee says:

      I think it’s very intelligent that RA protects his ears on the job, Ania! Are you sure you want to know the location of Lucas’ clothing store for your brother? How selfless of you! 😉

  11. Alfie says:

    5. I think it is fantastic that Lucas in the heat of the gun fire managed to put his earplugs in and then run for cover:)

    6. Defently the Spy shop – as we can see on the picture, it is not only WALL ( special brand) clothes you can get, but also WALL skin (mask) and WALL wig.

    • bccmee says:

      If he gets shot, perhaps he can plug the bullet hole too, Alfie. Then he won’t even be slowed down!

      Yes, you noticed that even his face and hair are camouflaged. Good job!

  12. Jonia says:

    HAHAHAHAAAA!!! He is like Ninja. Even in real…Look at Hobbit press conferency photos.

  13. pi says:

    #5 A wad of chewing gum (Juicy Fruit) he keeps in his pocket. It’s a bit linty now. After all, he’s Lucas McGyver!

    #6. None of the above. He buys it at the magic shop, of course!

  14. Amandajane says:

    6 The ear plugs ? Well being a lad from Cumbria/ The Lake District he always carries a local delicacy called Kendal Mint Cake. It’s hard but quite crumbly and comes in a block.

    He has a handy cutting tool on his trusty MI5 issue penknife that lets him cut out pieces to use as ear plugs.
    The rest he can keep to hand for those energy boosting moments during chases.

    7 I’ll go for D…Lucas does love his Belstaff but Spy Camo Wear’s a specialised area.
    He goes to Spies R Us.

    • bccmee says:

      Good thinking, Amandajane! Lucas runs so fast, he can stop and nibble on his cake in the underground tunnels when he’s chasing the bad guys.

      I would like to shop at Spies R Us myself! Perhaps we should have a field trip there.

  15. OneMoreLurker says:

    5. He just got used to those sounds. (That explains how he put up with Ms. Caulfield)

    6. I agree, none of the above. Malcom gives him his camouflage clothes!

    OML 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Most excellent point, OML! Lucas definitely had a device to allow him to tolerate Sarah’s voice.

      Malcolm was very talented to think of camouflage clothes. I hope they weren’t actually made of brick material though!

  16. bccmee says:

    Totally brilliant responses so far. I’m reading them “catch as catch can” and I look forward to the weekend when I’ll have some free time to post grades and answers. Please keep them coming!

  17. 5. He listened to his grade teacher; and “tunes” it out! Or perhaps his secret ops earpiece has built-in mufflers 😉
    6. I say M&S! The Belstaff was wardrobe malfunction!! For the real undercover operations he has to blend it!

  18. Summer says:

    5. Too busy drooling over this picture to have noticed he’s wearing an earplug LOL
    I think he’s wearing it to give you an excuse to super-size the pic!! LOL

    6. Hahaha B, Only you could come up with this pic of his camouflage clothing!!
    We know our Devil, ooops I mean, our Lucas wears Prada, so they must be part of the Camouflage Spy PRADA clothing collection 😉

    • bccmee says:

      It’s an amazing but true fact that drooling can affect the eyesight, Summer. I wish I could supersize a Lucas picture up to billboard size!

      I would love to attend the Camouflage Spy PRADA fashion show. Lucas could definitely be a model.

  19. Nat says:

    5. Those are not earplugs… they’re special hearing aids that let Lucas listen in on the enemy’s conversations. He’s very tricky like that.

    6. Don’t all spies have camoflage clothes that let them blend in with the background and make them look like a floating head?

    • bccmee says:

      And he speaks many languages too so he’s multi-talented, Nat. Good point!

      A floating head would be good camouflage. No one would suspect a thing! 😉

  20. Jen J says:

    5. Lucas has made ear plugs from the bubble gum he always carries with him. Bubble gum is very versatile and Lucas has utilised this to his advantage. He has to protect those delicate ears of his.

    6. Most definitely the DIY Spy Shop. Lucas has a loyalty card with the store and he likes to build up his points total which he will spend at Christmas buying gifts for all his colleagues.

    • bccmee says:

      Perhaps the gum can be molded into bullets if he runs out too, Jen. Lucas is a very clever man!

      Oooh, I wonder what kinds of gifts Lucas gives?

  21. Teuchter says:

    5. When the picture is enlarged he does indeed have some ear protection and/or a communication device in there. Hopefully the bad guys are firing blanks so no harm ban come to his dear person (for “dear person” read ANY part of that glorious body – not just his ears). Being so amazing he is maybe like some mammals where a piece of skin inside his ear automatically closes over to protect his ears to keep water and loud noises out!!
    6. I had intended to answer “D” there as I was always led to believe that you could buy ANYTHING in Harrods!! But as we know he already owns a Prada shirt and a D&G suit, I will go along with the others who believe Prada is what he is wearing. But lets face it, he could be wearing a sack and look gorgeous.

    • bccmee says:

      No matter how close you zoom, Lucas does indeed look gorgeous. I also believe the stubble grows in more heavily on the North side of Lucas. 😉

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