FanstRAvaganza Day 2


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FanstRAvaganza Day 2

Yesterday, I posted the first section of the essay exam.  Here today is the second section.  Do your best!  If you are struggling, I recommend you eat some chocolate for a burst of energy and brain power.  🙂

As before, please number your answers and post them in the comments box below. If  you missed yesterday’s essay questions, you can click on the “FanstRAvaganza Day 1” link under Most recent posts in the sidebar.

Richard Armitage Character Photo Essay Exam

3. Can Guy read? With his hair on fire? What is the history of medieval clipboards?

Guy of Gisborne

4. Is Guy a liar?  Why are his pants on fire?

Guy Pants on Fire

### End of Part 2. Part 3 tomorrow! ###

Here is my one and only Guy video, which was posted earlier on this blog: GoGle – Guy of Gisborne Search Engine

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48 Responses to FanstRAvaganza Day 2

  1. Nat says:

    3. Guy can in fact read. He’s looking at his hit list… on his medieval clipboard… because he’s very efficient.

    4. Gizzy took his “hottie pants” nickname too seriously.

    • bccmee says:

      Does he check off his hit list with an “X” or a checkmark, Nat? Are you using the word “pants” with the American or British definition?

  2. Sandra "Xanoquita" says:

    1) Well, if Marion can read an write (which in those days I’m sure would be a rare thing), I think Guy can too. As to the clipboard… maybe he discovered a time machine, LOL! That’s why his hair’s on fire 🙂

    2) How could his pants not be on fire with such hotness inside???? I would be on fire 😀

  3. Amandajane says:

    1 If Guy had training as a knight then I’d assume he’d have learned to read and write.

    The clip board ?
    Well in S3 after Guy’s had a make over chez PJ; he does seem to be able to keep those lustrous locks in great condition even when living rough.
    My theory is that there’s a hollow tree in Sherwood that acts as a Hogwartsesque Ye Olde Roome of Requiremente.
    Guy has discovered it in S2 and was therefore able to get hold of this hitherto unknown piece of kit for holding his daily worksheets.

    2 Well what can one say ? Guy is so hot that combustion is just about inevitable.

    • bccmee says:

      As for Hogwarts, there may be some evidence for that, Amandajane. Many are saying that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) looks like a young Richard Armitage!

      Guy does smolder so much that no doubt he could spontaneously combust at any minute!

  4. Traxy says:

    I can’t think of any answers, I’m too busy laughing at the funny questions! 😀

  5. IngeD3 says:

    1. Well, of course Guy can read – his parents were of noble descent so he probably had a private tutor when he was a boy. Before his whole world went up in smoke (literally) and he was forced into ‘The Dark Side’ in order to survive. As for the medieval clipboard, I have no idea. But do we really care that he’s holding a clipboard? I mean, just look him – he could be holding a dead rabbit and would still look smouldering hot!

    2. Which brings me to question 2. Smouldering hot, doesn’t that just say it all? I thought so.

  6. Riv says:

    3. I should think so, that intense stare proved he was trying to read a person’s mind. All that fire and energy on his head came from deep and intense concentration. (Kids, do not try this at home)

    The history of medieval clipboard dates back to……20 boring minutes later…, maybe watch The Flintstones instead, didn’t they have rock clipboards back then too?

    4. A little white lie never hurt anyone. Lying is not the only cause of pants catching fire, excessive pleather friction also has the same effect. Hold on a second, is that a trick question? Did you mean pants, as in under….?!

    • bccmee says:

      Thank you for your safety warning, Riv. We don’t want anyone’s Little Guy to melt! The Flintstones was a documentary, wasn’t it?

      Pants mean whatever you want them to mean. 😉

  7. mulubinba says:

    #1. Yes, Guy can read and write – he’s had lots of practise issuing death warrants and collecting taxes. The fire over his head is symbolic of his once perfect halo that has been warped by his dastardly deeds. Either that or the hot blooded stare he gives can set the wall sconces alight without the need for fuel. I don’t want to even think what the stare does to maidens who are nearby when he is in a fiery mood :).

    Always practical, Guy has a piece of wood to rest his papers on – a medieval peg ensures they do not blow away.

    #2. This photo is an example of how Guy has managed to work out a clever way to warm himself by the fire on a cold night. By standing where the heat rises, he ensures full benefit from the heat thus preventing frost bite to the more vital parts of his body. But yes, he has been known to lie although he was redeeming himself when this photo was taken and therefore he cannot be accused of setting his pants on fire by telling untruths 🙂

    (You did want an essay didn’t you Bccmee? Time for bed for me !)

    • bccmee says:

      You are clearly a writer, mulubinba! Yes, Guy is exceptional in so many ways, it does take an essay to touch on all his complexes and complexities. Well-done, you!

  8. Musa says:

    3. It’s a little known fact that clipboards were introduced in medieval times by Ye Olde Office Merchants in Nottingham. The Sheriff kept making Guy do all this useless paperwork, and he hated it so much his brain would catch on fire every time he had to fill out forms in triplicate.

    4. We all know Guy is HOT and that makes his pants catch on fire through spontaneous combustion all the time.

    • bccmee says:

      You really did your research, Musa. I do wonder if Ye Olde Office Merchants offered free delivery? How did they collect sales taxes too?

      Spontaneous combustion is a good description of Guy’s hotness. It’s a wonder TVs around the UK did not explode when he was onscreen.

  9. Ann Marie says:

    I cannot comment…I am laughing too hard. You will get voted best blog because you told us we could, legally, eat chocolate!

    I am going to be remembering “Pants on fire” all day today and giggling…

    Medieval clipboards…fire the props department…

  10. tyme4t says:

    3. He is currently reading the fire safety instructions from his medieval board which has a convenient “clip” which keeps his papers from getting messed up.

    4. There is no lying here…He is channelling his inner Elvis…”A hunka hunka burning love…”

    • bccmee says:

      Good points, tyme4t. It does seem that the fire safety instructions should have been studied before his hair caught on fire.

      Maybe one day Guy will be on a postage stamp like Elvis too. Then we can lick the backside. Of the stamp.

  11. Avalon says:

    Well, this just goes to show that he is a hottie:)

  12. Ania says:

    3. Of course, that Guy can read, he was reading my shopping list, which is why you see the fire in his hair 😉
    But seriously, he was of noble descent, I am convinced that his mother taught him to read as well as French language

    4. Yes, Guy was a liar. But his transformation into a positive hero lets me forget about his lies
    A pants, hmmm oh well it’s invention on cold days 🙂
    After all, everyone knows that he is he is a hottie

    • bccmee says:

      Oh la la, Ania. The writers missed a great opportunity. They should have had Guy speak French once or twice.

      We do need ways to keep warm on a cold night!

  13. OneMoreLurker says:

    3. As said before, Guy can read. Probably his parents paid for him to learn, there’s also the possiblity Vazey made him learn…Guy does lots of ‘administrative’ work for him.
    4. Simple answer: He is on fire! Figuratively and literally.

    OML 😉

  14. mesmered says:

    Love all the answers. I’ve always felt there is a hidden scholar in Guy (see Gisborne on mesmered’s blog) and especially love the burning halo idea (BUT, he is redeemable), as to the smoking pants. What sort of diet did they eat in Sherwood? Fibre makes for much methane!

  15. Alfie says:

    3. Of cause Guy can read – other wise he couldnt read his favorite magasin ” decor with leather”. Every fire makes Guy hotter.The medieval clipboards was invented together with the medieval stapler (at first a toture instrument;))

    4. Yes he is a liar – but he mostly lies to him self:(
    Fire in pants? – I couldn´t go there;) – your blog is not rated “only adults”.

  16. pi says:


    #3. Sure he can read! The fire helps him see what he’s reading.

    #4. I don’t think he’s a liar. The fire in his pants gives him night vision.

    Guy was ahead of his time.

  17. Summer says:

    3. Can he read? I sincerely hope so, otherwise he’s very good at faking it 😉
    Hair on fire..Men hair spray in Medieval times?! They probably didn’t know it was highly flammable back then. Poor Guy he stood too close to the torch.
    Clipboards..So clipboards were introduced in Medieval times as was well as the hairspray..Hmm very educational visiting your blog B 🙂
    4. Liar, liar Guy’s pants on fire? LOL It’s not because of his lies.. It’s because of his hotness his pants are on fire!!! 😉

    • bccmee says:

      Yes, I too always learn new and interesting thing when studying Richard Armitage characters, Summer.

      I wonder if the Brits used the childhood chant “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” It would take on a different meaning there. That might require further research.

  18. Ann Marie says:

    Can’t you please please please please please do another GoG video in that inimitable style of yours?

    Pretty please with sugar on top? I’ll even sit through all the credits, I promise!

    • bccmee says:

      The answer is: probably not, Ann Marie. I have too many new ideas and too little time. But if you want to make one, feel free with my blessing!

  19. Teuchter says:

    1. I ALWAYS said he can read but not many believed me! If Robin and Marion can read and write he can do things way better than them. He is so HOT himself (just looking at that leather does it for me) that he is unaware the effect it is having!! Torches are burning all around him. The clip boards are a necessity for him because he always has to be ready to sign autographs!

    2. Even though he had to lie at times his pants aren’t actually on fire. That isn’t actually smoke you are seeing there. Because he is so hot (did I mention that before??) all the moisture in the leaves on the ground is turning into steam!!

    • bccmee says:

      Perhaps Blackadder can go back in time and collect Guy’s autograph, Teuchter. That would pay for the time machine if it was put up for bid on eGuy eBay.

      I never thought of the leaves smoldering just by being in close proximity to Guy’s hotness! Good thinking.

  20. abigail says:

    3 Can Guy read? Of course……he’s smarter than the average henchman….maybe he’s reading the RH audio books on ye olde i-pad that he’s holding. (special offer this week, 50 ducats from Ye Olde Office Workes)

    4 Pants on fire? Hot though he may be, it might well be nasty exhaust gases…..well, he is a bloke isn’t he…..

    • bccmee says:

      That sounds strikingly similar to Yogi Bear, abigail. Someday Richard Armitage can do the voice for a cartoon version of Robin Hood. Good thinking on the i-pad and RH audiobooks. The medieval i-pad probably runs on solar energy during the day and smolder energy after sunset.

      As for exhaust gases, you could have a point. It was mostly an all-male cast!

  21. CDoart says:

    To 3: Guy of Gisborne had been in Venice lately and they were known to be very inventive where script, book-publishing and literature was concerned. So he had the newest invention, a clipboard with ‘internal’ lighting for reading at all times of day.
    To 4: Guy of Gisborne is proving his magical abilities by letting his pants seem on fire though not burning him alive.

    • bccmee says:

      Yes, that’s true. Guy was very well-traveled for a medieval henchman, CDoart. Of course he’s going to do some trade (or steal).

      Guy was a magic man!

  22. bccmee says:

    Don’t stop the madness! These entries are brilliant! I will be giving some kind of input over the weekend. Real life is chaotic, but luckily I thrive in chaos. Still that doesn’t mean I have extra hours in the day. 🙂 Thanks for all the laughs so far!

  23. 3. Certainly Guy can read in fact that fire overhead is his inspiration for a poem he’s about to write for .. Marian. In fact he will use his writing slate which has been used as a writing surface through the ages!

    4. Guy is steaming as he’s fresh out of a hot bath with one of his wenches called F… That explains the longing look on his face btw 😉

  24. Jen J says:

    3. Yes Guy can read.

    His hair being on fire is a slight distraction when he is reading about urgent Castle business, but he perseveres.

    The medieval clipboard was, in fact, invented by Sir Guy. Fiddling about making things in his medieval shed is his favourite hobby. He holds the patent on the clipboard and it has worked out to be quite a nice little earner for him on the side. He is building up a nice nest egg and there is just a few more days before he gets enough money to be able to tell Vasey what he can do with his job.

    4. Yes Guy is a liar. He is always lying to get what he wants.
    His pants are on fire, because he is just a gorgeous looking hunk of manliness and he does tend to smoulder many times throughout the day and night.

    • bccmee says:

      Guy certainly could remain focused even under duress, Jen. I’m glad to know that he earned an income from his inventions. I didn’t realize that before!

      It must have been difficult for Guy to keep buying clothes when his became smokey or charred. Luckily he was able to afford them.

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