FanstRAvaganza Day 1


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FanstRAvaganza Day 1

Woohoo, FanstRAvaganza 2011 is here! Thanks bunches to Servetus who got me involved by asking me to write a guest blog. When I started my own blog unexpectedly, she invited me to join FanstRAvaganza.  Instead of posting my guest blog, Servetus gave me some valuable input and and suggested I post during the week of festivities. Huge applause to all the participating bloggers for welcoming me with open arms too.

Also, I appreciate all of you for the massive support for my fan videos; it means a lot to me. I am constantly amazed and sometimes left speechless at the generous, thoughtful and analytical comments my videos have received.

It seems polite to give you a little biography, but honestly I don’t like to talk about myself as I’d rather make fanvids and look at pretty pictures, usually of Richard Armitage characters. Since I come from a technology education background, I have constructed a quiz for you. Notice how I snuck in a little tidbit about myself right there! You can find me with the username “bccmee” on twitter and under the name “bcc mee” on facebook. Usually I post only Richard Armitage-related items so you have been warned! If you send me a friend request with that knowledge in mind, I will happily accept you as a friend.

While creating videos and graphics, sometimes I notice intriguing little details.  I thought it would be fun to write a photo essay exam.  Please read each question carefully and write your answers in the comments below.  Be sure to number your entries!  😉  I look forward to reading and “grading” your answers.

Fine print: questions and instructions in italics are courtesy of Servetus.

Now, without further ado, here is your Richard Armitage essay exam.

Richard Armitage Character Photo Essay Exam

This exam is designed to evaluate the acuity of your observation when observing pictures of Richard Armitage. Can you concentrate on assessing and evaluating the important details while your heart rate is increasing and a big grin is spreading across your face?

Answer the questions to the best of your abilities in the comments. This is a test of your  cRiticAl thinking skills, not rote memorization. This is an open-book exam: you may use the textbook and your notes to aid your answers.

Part One: Discrete visual analysis. Short Answer. For each question, explain your  answer in four sentences or fewer.

1. Are Harry Kennedy’s jeans too tight? Why or why not?

Harry Kennedy

2. Did Harry Kennedy pose for the construction warning sign? How would you design a “wet floor” health & safety sign using Harry Kennedy as your model?

Harry Kennedy Safety

### End of Part 1. Part 2 tomorrow! ###

If you would like to watch one of my fan videos, here is one of Harry Kennedy: Trouble is a Friend

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58 Responses to FanstRAvaganza Day 1

  1. Musa says:

    OK – here goes. Hope you grade on the curve 🙂

    1. Well, since we can’t see the jeans from the pic you’ve posted, sadly so, I’ll have to go by my memory of Harry wearing those jeans. The answer really is, I can’t tell from the pic. No Harry Jasper Kennedy’s jeans are not too tight. No jeans or any other piece of clothing are ever too tight on RA. I think there’s a law about this somewhere. As a matter of fact, Harry wears too many clothes.

    2. It does look like he posed for the sign 🙂 I would have a photo of Harry wearing those tight jeans and one of his stripey sweaters, with glasses. Oh, and he would be all wet from having slipped on the floor and fallen into a small creek somewhere in Dibley.

  2. phoebe says:

    1. Not tight enough. Must include spandex in denim fiber for better viewer satisfaction. (BTW I had make a further investigation of other photos of Harry to verify this.)

    2. No again. This sign is rated ‘FFO’ or For Fans Only- If I were a director I would have Harry partially wrapped in a white towel – upper torso exposed of course, dripping wet from the shower with a puddle of water on the floor.

    • bccmee says:

      Perhaps Harry Kennedy could wear jeggings. Would they be tight enough, phoebe? Would Harry have any scars like John Porter or roving tattoos like Lucas North? Even if not, he could still deserve tender loving care!

  3. Riv says:

    1. Not too tight or loose, just right for a guy like Harry. His jeans are frequently covered up by long coats or jumpers, but that’s not a problem. His smiles and charm would do the trick.

    2. No, Harry is a modest guy; modelling would not be his cup of tea. To cater to the right demographic, height of the sign should be designed based on the average height and eye range of RA fans. Taking into account Harry’s exact body-to-leg ratio would be best. Shocked expression of the screaming man slipping should include a glimpse of the sparkle on his pearly whites.

    • bccmee says:

      Riv, it seems that your answer is based on the Goldilocks fairy tale. Perhaps if there is a follow-up episode of The Vicar of Dibley, Harry can try on different pairs of jeans until he finds the ones that are “just right.” It might not be suitable for all audiences, but it could be rated “FFO” (for fans only) from phoebe’s post.

      Perhaps someone could convince Harry Kennedy to be a model, but who would volunteer to take his measurements I wonder?

  4. Amandajane says:

    1 Definitely not too tight. They allow freedom of movement for Harry’s love of walking;
    and of course for folding those endless legs for sitting on Geri’s rather low sofa.

    2 Wet floor. Well that has to mean wet Harry doesn’t it ? Fresh from bath or shower.
    It would include a towel round the waist, water drops clinging to his bare torso and legs; and his hair adorably tousled from being rubbed dry.

    • bccmee says:

      Harry Kennedy does seem to be a walkoholic, much like his beloved Geraldine is a chocoholic. They are a match made in heaven!

      I would like to see your mock-up for a sign design. It sounds very lovely and better than the safety signs currently on the market, Amandajane!

  5. janiwi says:

    #1 Are you kidding? The jeans show off those wonderfully long legs to perfection. Also, I think “too tight” is an oxymoron when applied to RA.

    #2 No, the guy on the sign doesn’t have legs that are long enough to have been modeled after RA.

    • bccmee says:

      True that there is no such thing as “too tight” on a Richard Armitage character, janiwi! It may leave me breathless, but as long as he can breathe, I am happy.

      Perhaps the sign could be lengthened to better represent Harry Kennedy’s proportions. Then the sign would be taller and more visible. As long as it doesn’t obstruct the view of the obstruction, that could be more safe.

  6. OneMoreLurker says:

    1. Although we can’t see his jeans in this picture, from memory *image Harry at the other side from Geri of the livingroom watching her write on the church’s diary*, I would say they fit him well or maybe a little loose which fits his personality.

    2. I don’t think so, the figure legs are not long enough ;). If I had to create a sign I guess I would put a pic of Harry with drops falling from his wet hair to the floor.

    OML 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Harry Kennedy looks very comfortable in his outfits, I agree, OML! Some have criticized the jumpers but I think they look adoRAble. I would like to see some sketches for your safety sign. Would it be in silhouette?

  7. Alfie says:

    1. NO. Can jeans be too tight?LOL:

    2. No, Harry is taller:) – Wet floor? – Maybe Harry who is wringing the water out of his sweater (then of cause he had to take it off;))

    • bccmee says:

      With legs that length, I doubt there can be such a thing as too-tight jeans, Alfie. Harry Kennedy wringing out his sweater would make an effective sign!

  8. Nat says:

    1. His jeans look like just the right fit to me! (We don’t want them riding up where they shouldn’t, do we? Don’t answer that, people.) I like his shoes too.

    2. I like everyone else’s answers, especially Amandajane’s. 🙂
    Just to switch things up a bit and go the humorous route, my “wet floor” sign would feature a picture of Harry in mid-air with a surprised look, just after he slipped on a wet floor. (Maybe Geraldine and a few other Dibley folks could be in the background with an open-mouthed “oh no” look.) ~Construction/safety signs don’t have photographs, but we could start a new trend. 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Harry Kennedy is indeed fit from head to toe, Nat! As for your idea of a construction sign with photos, that would be a great new safety sign fashion. We could wear the signs as sandwich boards in a fashion show.

  9. Summer says:

    1. His jeans can never be tight enough 😉 As a matter of fact the ones he wears on their second date look a little bit loose fit, but he seems to be rather comfortable wearing them. 🙂

    2. He’s not actually posing, but he’s so gorgeous and quite natural in front of a camera that gives that impression.
    About the safety sign..Hmm definitely Harry wrapped in a navy blue towel after showering leaving a trail of dripping water all over the floor on his way to get the front door open for me 😉

    • bccmee says:

      When he is holding hands with Geraldine, I didn’t notice his jeans, but his demeanor, Summer. I’ll have to watch the video again. Such a burden! 😉

      I’m sure the navy blue towel will bring out the color of his eyes. It would take about a dozen viewings of that scenario to really internalize it, but I would be willing to make the sacrifice.

  10. IngeD3 says:

    1. Are Harry Kennedy’s jeans too tight? Is he wearing jeans? I’m sorry, I’m too distracted by those mesmerizing blue eyes and that shy-but-oh-so-charming smile…As long as has those, he’s fully dressed as far as I’m concerned 😉

    2. No, Harry did not pose for that ‘construction warning’ sign, that was John Porter 🙂
    A ‘Caution, wet floor’ sign starring Harry Kennedy would show him at Geraldine’s front door. She almost slips on the wet floor, but he was just about to kiss her hand and so he saves her from danger by firmly holding onto her hand an then pulling her close for an embrace that makes her feel safe again… Who wouldn’t feel safe in the arms of Harry *Jasper* Kennedy? *sigh*

    • bccmee says:

      He is fully dressed, IngeD3. But should he be? 😉

      Since Richard Armitage does so many voiceovers and narrations, I believe he should take over as the default model for safety signs. You’re so right that all is well in the world in the arms of Harry Jasper Kennedy!

  11. squid says:

    1. Jeans “too tight” LOL that’s a good one, bccmee!

    2. “Wet Floor” would be the result of too much drool while seeing Harry in person. Not what you asked though. Guess I failed the quiz! 🙂

    Loved reading everyone’s creative answers!

    • bccmee says:

      *giggle* It seems to be the consensus that there is no such thing as “too tight” when it comes to Harry Kennedy, but rather “just right” followed by “just married,” squid.

      Yes, the drool factor must be considered! Why oh why are there no safety signs for such a hazard?

  12. bccmee says:

    Just a quick note: I will post my “grades” Saturday! I need to check the grading rubric and the answer sheet and compare notes with my fellow profesoRAs. In the meantime, feel free to add your answers if you have not done so already. 🙂

  13. mulubinba says:

    I had to do some gratuitous study of Harry in jeans before answering question # 1. (… and I have one or two screencaps that helped in my final decision making 🙂 ).

    # 1. His jeans are definitely not too tight – they show off the contours of his er… legs nicely (not that I was looking closely, you understand). He still has enough room to place both hands in the front pockets and sit on a low box in his own living room when he welcomes Alice and Geraldine. (Note: Alice and Geraldine have to keep their eyes a little too fixed on his face in first scene for risk of being caught with eyes straying to the legs in jeans).

    #2. Health and safety sign: I would agree with everyone above – Harry did not pose for that sign as the figure’s legs aren’t long enough. I’m not sure if a safety sign with Harry featuring would work for me as I would be so busy looking at it, I would neglect to watch my step and quite possibly trip over any hazards. The same would apply if Harry were to operate one of the roadwork’s “Stop/Go” signs (traffic control) … or if he was to help out at the village school by stopping traffic to let the children cross the road 🙂

    Great questions, BTW. (Excellent topic !!)

    • bccmee says:

      Yes, of course we can’t help but notice the length of his legs, mulubinba! Thank goodness Harry Kennedy was born after the Great Denim Shortage of the 1930’s.

      There is always the danger of falling into a hazardous area while looking at any Harry Kennedy-related signage. We must wear our padded suits and drool bibs to avoid any mishaps.

  14. tyme4t says:

    1. I don’t care as long as he is wearing his glasses.

    2. see answer above.

  15. servetus says:

    I think it’s definitely time for us to inaugurate a degree in Armitage Studies. You should be the professor for Visual Studies, bcc mee. 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      I will gladly accept that position, servetus. I once read a book entitled Do What You Love, the Money will Follow. However, if that were true, many of us would be very rich doing Richard Armitage-related work.

  16. I’m sorry I cheated and read all your answers hence can only irritirate: “duh, duh, duh, ..” due to all the imagery in my head!
    I’ve always thought the safety sign: “slippery when wet” when first spotted upon my entry in the US was most SHOCKING! Depending on the company in a good way *wink* “duh, duh, duh, ..”
    And that is why I failed I Latin! 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      Did the “slippery when wet” signs sound a bit naughty, Fanny? What do you have instead in your country of origin? This quiz is very educational, even for the instructor! 🙂

  17. abigail says:

    Harry’s jeans are far too tight………he should remove them at once for his health’s sake…….. mwahaha

    Health and safety? With Harry in the room? Does not compute!


    • bccmee says:

      That is a great solution, abigail! I am sure everyone would agree that Harry Kennedy’s health should be first and foremost! Is anyone safe with a handsome stranger in the room?

  18. Sandra "Xanoquita" says:

    1. His jeans are too tight because you can see in his hand the mark of the pocket 🙂

    2. No idea whatsoever, LOL!

    • bccmee says:

      Well done, Sandra “Xanoquita!” *applause* When I saw that mark on Harry Kennedy’s hand, I realized it was caused by putting his hands in his pockets. But how tight is too tight? That is the question. Shakespeare would have written about it if he were alive today.

  19. RAFrenzy says:

    #1 I’m conflicted. On one hand, I think they’re not tight enough, and on the other hand, they’re just right since they’re loose enough… oh never mind.

    #2 My sign would have to be Harry standing looking head with his hands on his hips. Then again, there would have to be a hazard sign for the hazard sign.

    • bccmee says:

      Loose enough for what, RAFrenzy? Don’t stop there! We need details. 😉

      Using Harry Kennedy in our health & safety signs could boost the economy with the need for hazard signs for hazard signs.

  20. kaprekar says:

    1. Not tight, just snug. I would say that they show off his legs and other assets, shall we say, rather nicely but without constraining movement.

    2. No he didn’t pose for the sign. For a wet floor sign, I would have him pose elegantly sidestepping a large (and deep!) muddy puddle – I’m sure he could manage that very well!

    • bccmee says:

      I like the way you slipped in the word “assets,” kaprekar!

      With the health & safety sign, I suspect if Harry Kennedy jumped into the same puddle as Geraldine, the water would only come up to his thighs! 😉

  21. pi says:

    #1. His jeans are a perfect fit.

    #2. A long legged stick figure ( not mentioning names) jumping over a wet area.

  22. Teuchter says:

    1. Definitely NOT too tight. They do however show off his looooong legs to perfection.

    2. Pose for that sign? Don’t think so. However, agree heartily with those who see him in just a towel – white looks good on him, don’t you think judging from other times we’ve seen him in one. (Oh sorry!! That was Lee and Ian!!) He’d had to take a shower because the caution sign was facing the wrong way and he missed it, slipped on the grass and got quite messy!!

    • bccmee says:

      You definitely spelled “looooong” correctly in this instance, Teuchter!

      Someone needs to contact the writers and producers so that there is a towel scene in the reunion episodes of The Vicar of Dibley!

  23. CDoart says:

    To 1: I would say, his jeans are too tight, at least to put his hands into his pockets, but I do not very much care for that posture anyway. Everything he wears is fine with me, even old and scrumpy stripes (I must add I hate stripes and dotty points ;o).
    To 2: RA here reminds me much more of the green little man in the former East German street lights, just the little hat is missing ;o) The little man on the sign reminds me more of RA digging the grave in Strike Back 2.

    • bccmee says:

      CDoart, it’s amazing how Richard Armitage can change our minds about our preconceived notions. He definitely has expanded my horizons!

      Perhaps there should be a hazard sign around John Porter during Strike Back 2…not because of the grave, but because of the shirt off!

  24. Ania says:

    1. Harry Kennedy’s jeans are ideal. The truth is that no matter what he is dressed he is unearthly handsome.
    2. definitely, Harry in a white towel 🙂

    • bccmee says:

      He does look fanstRAstic no matter what he wears, Ania! There are a lot of votes for Harry Kennedy appearing in a white towel. Richard Curtis, are you reading this? 😉

  25. Jen J says:

    1. Harry’s jeans are tight, but only in a couple of areas. However, wearing them doesn’t seem to cause him discomfort when climbing over stiles and gates when he is striding about in the Dibley Countryside, so that’s the main thing. So the short answer is yes they are tight, but not overly so. 😀

    2. No, I don’t think he did. As for the wet floor health and safety sign, ermmm, I think I’ll have to pass on that question.

  26. phylly3 says:

    I think it would only be fair if they could make a sequel where Harry has to jump in the puddle (as Geraldine did). Then we could really see if his jeans are too tight.
    Afterwards the Dibley Town council would vote that they need a warning sign by the puddle (which would have a stick figure with a very close resemblance to Harry)!

    • bccmee says:

      Instead of a hurling contest, the villagers could have a wet jeans contest, phylly3. However, I’ll fast-forward until Harry Kennedy appears onscreen.

      The warning sign specific to the Village of Dibley sounds like a great idea!

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  29. Jonia says:

    OMG!!! Guys on FB scared me posting this! I was thinking that this si tomorrow already! …Too much work :/ 😀

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