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High quality Captain America promo download

Hello again!  Chances are you have seen the latest Captain America trailer.  Richard Armitage has a line of dialogue too!  I don’t know about you, but my Google alerts really kicked in for this.  I probably received over a hundred … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 7

FanstRAvaganza Day 7 The end of the festivities is near! Tomorrow is the last official day, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to post anything so I urge you to visit the other blogs and show them some love. … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 6

FanstRAvaganza Day 6 We’re coming into the home stretch of fanstRAvaganza and I am very pleased with your work on the quizzes. A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the Richard Armitage Photo Essay Exam! As a reward, … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 5

FanstRAvaganza Day 5 Here is your fifth and final part of your essay exam.  Please number your answers and if you missed any of the previous sections, they can be found under the Most recent posts heading in the sidebar.  … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 4

FanstRAvaganza Day 4 Welcome to section 4 of your essay exam. You’ve held on this far and keep coming back for more! In case you missed any previous days’ exam sections, you can find them in the sidebar under the … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 3

FanstRAvaganza Day 3 This is the third section of your Richard Armitage Photo Essay Exam. Do your best and have fun! As before, please number your answers and post them in the comments box below. If you missed any of … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 2

FanstRAvaganza Day 2 Yesterday, I posted the first section of the essay exam.  Here today is the second section.  Do your best!  If you are struggling, I recommend you eat some chocolate for a burst of energy and brain power.  … Continue reading

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FanstRAvaganza Day 1

FanstRAvaganza Day 1 Woohoo, FanstRAvaganza 2011 is here! Thanks bunches to Servetus who got me involved by asking me to write a guest blog. When I started my own blog unexpectedly, she invited me to join FanstRAvaganza.  Instead of posting … Continue reading

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I’m very excited to have been invited to become a last-minute participant in the 2nd Annual FanstRAvaganza festivities! It’s a special honor to be in the company of these fine bloggers. Please visit them early and visit them often and … Continue reading

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Mini-interview of Richard Armitage for Spooks DVD

This 30-second interview is available on but some of my friends couldn’t view it there, so I took the liberty of uploading it to YouTube. I have also close-captioned the video and you can find a transcript below. Thanks … Continue reading

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