Clearly, I need help! Here’s a new graphic I made. When I looked at the word “Hobbit” for the zillionth time, my warped brain saw “HotBrit.”

While I consider my thing for Richard Armitage’s beard an obsession, a friend told me it sounds more like a fetish. What do you think?

Richard Armitage the HotBrit

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37 Responses to HotBrit

  1. Jonia says:

    YAY!!! Wonderful Bccmee!!!

  2. Lol! I like the messages your subconscious sends you!

  3. Traxy says:

    Well, he’s hot and he’s British so HotBrit sounds like a given! 😀

  4. Musa says:

    He’s a HotBrit to me too! Love it.

    Obsession or fetish? Do you feel this way about any other man’s beard,or just RA’s?

  5. Summer says:

    “The HotBrit sounds just right! Great graphic B! Obsession/fetish? No big difference if that gorgeous beard has become a fixation LOL

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  7. SaraD says:

    *raises her hand” Yes yes… I have an obsession for the HotBrit’s beard, too!!!! And I think it is absolutely healthy! Not having one would seem very strange 😉

  8. PoliCBA says:

    I love it!

    “The HotBrit” sounds perfect! ^^

  9. Carolynd1 says:

    I definitely have an obsession with this HotBrit! Love the graphic, Bccmee!

  10. kaprekar says:

    Nice gag!

  11. Goodlaura says:

    I’m definitely in your team, B! Obssesion, fixation or fetish… Whatever it may be but always with this Hotbrit!!!
    Love it!

  12. loriBear says:

    Great site BccMee… I look forward to watch the site (wooray for RSS feeds!)

  13. The HotBrit!!!! Yes! I love that!!! Keep feeding your brain with whatever you are giving it ’cause it works perfectly!!!

  14. The HotBrit, that’s pure brilliance! Great ‘surprise’ graphic, no problem if you don’t mention it’s gonna be a RA-beardy graphic as long as it is one in the end! LOL

    OML 🙂

  15. Kandy Merric says:

    oh, you are so right

  16. mesmered says:

    I just know I want bccmee to do a vid when ‘Gisborne’ (and yes, G can have a beard if you like!) is released and I want you all to be my cheer squad!

  17. jules says:

    He’s getting hotter every day!!! The Reconise photo shoots are on fire…I can’t wait until August, bucket of water please somebody….

    • bccmee says:

      Same here, jules. Recognise Magazine can’t come soon enough. Maybe they should include a bucket of water or ice packs with every copy.

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